Resilience Recipes : Making space for wellbeing that works - Fleur Heazlewood
2022 Australian Business Book Award Winner

Resilience Recipes

Making space for wellbeing that works

By: Fleur Heazlewood

Paperback | 25 January 2022 | Edition Number 1

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A simple, quick-start, evidence-based guide for finding wellbeing that will work for you.

You can t help others if you don t help yourself. To function as our best selves, we need to make space for our own wellbeing.

Resilience Recipes is for real people facing real-time challenges every day. If you are feeling overworked and overwhelmed, this book will teach you the strategies to manage stress, find more balance in your life and bounce back.

Starting with a wellbeing self-assessment test, readers remind themselves about what is important to them, before they can dive into the resilience recipes that will improve their wellbeing. The chapters that follow focus on rebuilding emotional resilience, practising mindfulness to increase mental adaptability and finish with strategies to re-energise and remain stronger going forward.

The reality is that wellbeing isn t a nice-to-have it is necessary. It is necessary for our health, energy, connection, creativity, relationships, performance the list goes on.

Fleur Heazlewood is a resilience expert who has trained and mentored over 1000 people in positive leadership, mental health mastery and future-fit resilience building. Sharing her proven strategies to help you take back control and make choices that are healthy and helpful, Resilience Recipes is your simple, quick-start, guide to wellbeing that will work for you.
Industry Reviews

This book is an immensely valuable resource for anyone wanting to take control of their wellbeing. Fleur Heazlewood uses her 20 years of experience and draws together some of the latest scientific evidence to provide a collection of self-guided strategies to help people to build their resilience. The book is practical and short, yet full of carefully designed activities that are both insightful and enjoyable to complete. It would make an excellent companion resource for workplace training programs aimed to enhance employee wellbeing.

Gavin Slemp, Senior Lecturer, Centre for the Science of Wellbeing, University of Melbourne

Resilience Recipes is the first book I have read that allows me to tailor my path based on what's important to me. It is like having your own mentor guiding you to transform on your terms. This book proves that with the right wisdom and guidance we can all become master chefs of our own wellbeing.

Barry Hemsley, Leader, Australian Public Service (APS)

Resilience Recipes is important because, frankly, wellness is exhausting! I love the simplicity of the tools and the connectivity with Fleur's personal experiences and vulnerability. I have had the pleasure of working with Fleur for over ten years and have found her to be my go-to for advice and coaching and a great source of energy. Fleur's passion for helping and challenging people to truly be their version of the best they can be shines brightly through this book.

Kim Cheney, Head of HR - fintech, wine and fast-moving consumer goods

In this post-pandemic era, when wellbeing is top of mind for so many of us, this is a much-needed book that could not be more timely. Fleur has worked across a multitude of organisations and improves the wellbeing of everyone she encounters. She leaves a lasting positive impact. This collective wisdom has culminated in this book, which brings years of work and learning into an easy to reread, practical guide. Resilience Recipes is a must-read for anyone in need of practical advice on where to start their wellbeing journey.

Colleen O'Connor, Head of HR, Goodman Fielder

After the challenges we have all faced, wellbeing - both physical and mental - should be top of everyone's agenda. Fleur's book is a really great mix of philosophies, simple frameworks and practical tools to assist anyone leading teams through periods of change and uncertainty. The strength of the message is the practical application and examples shared through her lived experience with many businesses. Fleur continuously rolls her sleeves up to support teams as they work through the challenges they face. It is this hands-on and delivered support that makes Fleur such a strong thought leader in this area.

Gavan McKenna, Group President at ITW Construction Products Asia Pacific

Resilience is the critical ingredient to living a balanced and rewarding life. Fleur is the right person to bring this book to the world as she has

powerful lived experience to share. I found this book a pleasure to read. It had a good measure of case studies and theories with practical tips for building resilience. You will finish the book with a sense of lightness and new insights into wellbeing that will work.

Simone Allan, Founder, Women's Resilience Centre

Fabulous! So easy to read, with simple and practical exercises that don't make you feel like you're taking on the world or trying to implement such large-scale transformations. We need a common-sense book like this that helps us to take back control and prioritise our own health and wellbeing.

Tammy Love, APS leadership program

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