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Remarkable Times

Australian Politics 2010-13: What Really Happened



A record of the most turbulent political times told by Australia's most trusted political commentator.

From June 2010 to the September 2013 federal election, Australia went through its most remarkable, tumultuous, toxic and confrontational political era in modern history. They say history is written by the victors and this collection reminds us of what it takes to become one. From the very first days of the Gillard government to the carbon tax issue; and from the return of the ever-present Kevin Rudd to the machinations of the 2013 election campaign and its results, Remarkable Times is both a record of, and a guide to, a unique time in Australian politics. See what makes Tony Abbott tick, read about life inside the Rudd bunker and understand the realities of Labor s crippling loss of competence, purpose and direction they are all detailed here.

Laurie Oakes is respected across the political spectrum as the most trusted and independent commentator in the country. This collection of his columns, all written with his unbeatable combination of perspective and access, gives an unbiased and authoritative account of the turbulent times since June 2010, and looks at what the results of the 2013 federal election mean for the victor and the vanquished.

About the Author

Laurie Oakes is widely respected for his impartiality and experience and for so often getting the story before anyone else. He has been a reporter for almost 50 years and has spent the last 45 years covering federal politics in Canberra. His previous books include Power Plays (2008) And On The Record (2010), both published by Hachette Australia.

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