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Relativity in Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry : High Precision Dynamical Theories and Observational Verifications - Jean Kovalevsky

Relativity in Celestial Mechanics and Astrometry

High Precision Dynamical Theories and Observational Verifications

By: Jean Kovalevsky (Editor), V.A. Brumberg (Editor)

Paperback Published: 28th February 1986
ISBN: 9789027721907
Number Of Pages: 426

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The driving idea, in organizing this Symposium on "Relativity in Celestial Mechanics . and Astrometry" was that, in recent years, the ac- curacy of several Astrometric techniques has so much increased that re- lativistic effects are no more marginally mentioned in academic presen- tations but have become an intrinsic part of the interpretation of all the positional data. Techniques such as V. L. B. I. , space probes, lunar lasers, etc . . . have greatly contributed to reduce the accuracy level to an angular equivalent of a few milliarc-seconds. HIPPARCOS will extend this trend to stellar astrometry and new proposals aim at gaining ano- ther one or two orders of magnitude in observing precision. In paral- lel, great progress has also been made in the theories of motion of ce- lestial bodies and more rigourous treatments within the frame of general relativity become necessary. The definition of reference frames and of various coordinate times become also a major problem in the intercompa- rison of observations produced by different methods. This Symposium gave to people using relativistic corrections in reducing their measurements or in constructing various theories of mo- tion a chance to exchange their experience in the field and to confront it with theoreticians in general relativity. The Symposium was approved by the IAU in 1983 and it was organi- zed by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy of the USSR Academy of Sciences on May 28-31, 1985.

Introductory Remarks.- Introductory Remarks.- Dynamical Effects in General Relativity.- Present Problems in Relativistic Celestial Mechanics.- Equations of Motion for Isolated Bodies with Relativistic Corrections Including the Radiation Reaction Force.- Post-Newtonian Treatise on the Rotational Motion of a Finite Body.- Planetary Perturbation Equations Based on Relativistic Keplerian Motion.- On the Dominant Relativistic Terms in the Lunar Theory.- Dynamical Effects in General Relativity.- Algebraic Manipulations on Computers for Lunar and Planetary Theories.- A Relativistic Theory of Motion of the Inner Planets.- Construction of a Planetary Solution with the Help of an N-Body Program and Analytical Complements.- Numerical Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides: Present Status, Precision and Accuracies.- Polynomial Expansion of the Planetary Secular Terms: Relativistic and Lunar Perturbations.- The Theory of the Motion of Halley Comet.- Systematic Differences between Planetary Observations and Ephemerides.- Simulation of General Relativistic Corrections in Long Term Numerical Integrations of Planetary Orbits.- Predictions of Occultations by Minor Planets as a Test of Accuracy.- The Possibility of Estimating Tidal Perturbations of Jupiter's Galilean Satellites.- Theoretical and Observational Efforts in order to Obtain High Precision Positions of the Galilean Satellites of Jupiter.- The Precision of Modern Theories of Galilean Satellites as Derived by Their Comparison with Photographic Observations Made with the 26? Refractor at Pulkovo Observatory.- Developing High Accuracy Numerical Theories of Motion of Outer Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn.- Libration of the Moon: Shape of the Earth and Motion of the Ecliptic Plane.- Reference Frames and Astrometry.- Coordinate Systems in the General Relativistic Framework.- Relativity in Astrometry.- Reference Frames and Gravitational Effects in the General Theory of Relativity.- System of Astronomical Constants in the Relativistic Framework.- Local Measurements and Cosmological Background.- Relativistic Interpretation of Astrometric Data.- Relativistic and Perspective Effects in Proper Motions and Radial Velocities of Stars.- On Observations in Schwarzschild Background.- Numerical Effects of Gravitational Light Deflection on the Determination of the Equinox and Equator.- A Formal Approach to Stellar Positions in Solar Barycentric Coordinates.- The Relativistic Effects in Localization of Gamma-Burst Sources.- Relativistic Effects Included in the Apparent Positions of Fundamental Stars (APFS).- Techniques for Dealing with Discordant Observations.- Relativistic Effects Near the Earth.- Local Frames.- Relativistic Effects in Geodynamics.- Relativistic Effects in Earth Based and Cosmic Long Baseline Interferometry.- Spacetime Coordinates in the Geocentric Reference Frame.- Relativistic Effects in Geodetic VLBI Measurements.- On Calculation of Relativistic Effects in Numerical Prediction of the Artificial Satellite Motion.- Relativity Effects in the Rotation of the Earth and the Motion of Atmospheric Masses.- The Motion of a Geosynchronous Satellite.- Time Scales.- The International Atomic Time, Definition, Realization.- Coordinate Time in the Vicinity of the Earth.- High Precision Observations and Relativity.- Relativistic Effects from Planetary and Lunar Observations of the XVIII-XX Centuries.- Application of the Deep Space Network (DSN) to the Testing of General Relativity.- The Sun's Gravitational Quadrupole Moment Inferred from the Fine Structure of the Acoustic and Gravity Normal Mode Spectra of the Sun.- General Relativity Confronts Experiment.- Future Observations of Relativity Effects.- Space Astrometry Prospects and Limitations.- Prospects for Observations of Relativistic Effects in the Solar System.- Accuracy Estimates for the Determination of the Solar Space-Time Metric by HIPPARCOS.- Proposals for an Experiment to Detect the Earth's Gravitomagnetic Field.- New Relativistic Effects in the Motion of the Moon.- Gravitational Time Delay of Signals in the Kerr Metric.- Does the Energy Density of the Vacuum Influence Planetary Motions?.- General Discussion and Index.- General Discussion.

ISBN: 9789027721907
ISBN-10: 9027721904
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 426
Published: 28th February 1986
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 2.31
Weight (kg): 0.62

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