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Reindeer Don't Fly : Exploring the Evidence-Lacking Realm of Evolutionary Philosophy - Michael Earl Riemer

Reindeer Don't Fly

Exploring the Evidence-Lacking Realm of Evolutionary Philosophy

eBook Published: 23rd October 2018
ISBN: 9781732906112
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What will the reader learn from the thought-provoking, comprehensive, and compelling new book Reindeer Don’t Fly by Michael Earl Riemer? They will uncover the numerous shortcomings and misconceptions of evolutionary doctrine. But most importantly, for those who are pastors, preachers, parents, high school and college students, and all others who need answers to the excess of false evolutionary dogma paraded before them (“science falsely so called” I Tim. 6:20), the reader will learn the answer to questions such as: 

·         Scripture records that there was a world-wide flood, so where did the water come from?

·         Where did the water go after the flood?

·         Is there enough water to cover Mt. Everest?

·         Is there a reliable method scientists can use to date the age of the earth?

·         Is there life in outer space?

·         Did people really co-exist with dinosaurs?

·         What was the pre-Flood world really like? 


·         Can animals evolve; change from one kind of creature into another species? 


·         If the theory of evolution is invalid and worthless, why do so many scientists and others promote this teaching?


What others are saying:

“The objective reader cannot ignore or dismiss the heartfelt passion, laser-like logic, and well-reasoned arguments posited throughout this book.” – Freelance editor Bruce Victor Zatkow

“I've been reading your book and really enjoying it. It’s refreshing to read something from a more intellectual viewpoint…Such a treasure trove of great information and logical illustrations” – Columnist Chris McMahan

“…your book! I thoroughly enjoyed it, was challenged by it, learned from it, and grew from it.” – Researcher, writer, and speaker, Michelle Smallback

“…having read books similar in topic as yours and comparing them, I found Reindeer Don’t Fly involving the reader while some of the others were very hard to read. You make the book personal with stories and experiences you had. The stories allowed the reading to not become cumbersome.” – Director of Headwaters Christian Youth, Mike Prom

“I read the first 60 pages and then scanned through the rest of it. Looks really good…You dealt with the fundamental impotency of evolutionism—its inability to explain the origin of organic life... Well-documented and convincingly argued…I am definitely interested in carrying this book as one of our titles in our website bookstore.” – Edward E. Stevens, International Preterist Association

ISBN: 9781732906112
ISBN-10: 1732906114
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 430
Published: 23rd October 2018
Publisher: Elder Mike
Edition Number: 1

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