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Reiki Healer : A Complete Guide to the Path and Practice of Reiki - Lawrence Ellyard

Reiki Healer

A Complete Guide to the Path and Practice of Reiki

Paperback Published: 28th January 2004
ISBN: 9780940985643

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Now you can learn the essential teachings of Reiki. This complete manual, in conjunction with traditional training, is an excellent guide to understanding Reiki and its spiritual practices that heal the body and mind. Revealing for the first time many of the original Reiki secrets, this book sheds new light on such topics as the Reiki attunements, Reiki Symbols, the Chakra System and Distance Healing.

A great resource for understanding reiki


Wanted to learn more about reiki and it has really helped me understand its origins and to consider further information on the topic and possible training in the field.

Melbourne Australia


A must for all Reiki Teachers !!!


I use this book frequently to help me remember the simplicity of Reiki and its application.

On the Road in OZ


Reiki Healer

4.5 2


Author's Notep. viii
Prefacep. ix
Forewordp. x
p. 1
History of Reikip. 1
The life story of Dr. Usuip. 2
The Reiki Gakkai Reiki's Chronologyp. 11
Hayashi Reikip. 12
Takata Reikip. 14
New Revelationsp. 19
The Reiki Alliancep. 20
The Radiance Techniquep. 23
Other Reiki Stylesp. 24
p. 27
What is Reiki?p. 27
Divine Intelligencep. 28
Who is the Healer?p. 28
Reasons to Learn Reikip. 29
p. 31
The Attunementsp. 31
The Correct Formulap. 33
What Initiation Bringsp. 34
p. 37
How to Prepare for First Degreep. 37
Reiki First Degreep. 37
Results of the Four Attunementsp. 38
Pre-Attunement Guidelinesp. 38
Purification and the Attunementsp. 39
The Way of Self-Healingp. 40
How We Heal Othersp. 41
Experiences While giving Reikip. 42
Cause and Effect and Metaphysicsp. 43
Responses to Reikip. 44
Hands-On Healing Treatmentsp. 45
Hands-On Healing Proceduresp. 45
Guidelines for Reiki Treatmentsp. 47
How to Find a Reiki Teacher and What to Look Forp. 48
Reiki and Moneyp. 50
p. 53
Other Applications of Reikip. 53
Reiki for Pregnancyp. 53
Reiki for Childrenp. 54
Attuning Children to Reikip. 55
Reiki for Animalsp. 55
Reiki and Dreamingp. 56
Reiki for Meditationp. 57
Reiki and Group Healingp. 58
How to Let Go with Reikip. 58
How to Manifest with Reikip. 59
The Use of Reiki in Daily Lifep. 60
p. 63
Healing and the Cause of Illnessp. 63
Reiki and Allopathic Medicinep. 65
Factors Determining Wellnessp. 66
The Environment of an Ill Personp. 66
The Element of Water and our Physical Directionp. 67
Exercisep. 67
Diet, Alcohol, Drugs and Healingp. 68
Keeping the Right Company, a Positive Outlookp. 68
Incorporating Other Modalitiesp. 69
Preventative Medicinep. 69
Reiki for First Aidp. 70
Practice and Supportp. 70
Practical Practicep. 71
Practice Requirements for First Degreep. 72
21 days Integrationp. 73
Keeping a Journalp. 73
Requirements for a First Degree Workshopp. 74
p. 75
Reiki--Frequently Asked Questionsp. 75
p. 81
Reiki Second Degreep. 81
The Result of the Second Degree Attunementp. 81
The Decision to Learn Second Degreep. 82
What is a Booster Attunement?p. 82
Reiki Symbologyp. 83
The Union of Body, Speech and Mindp. 84
The Second Degree Reiki Symbolsp. 85
Signing the Second Degree Symbolsp. 87
Non-Traditional Reiki Symbolsp. 87
Modes of Perceptionp. 88
Tuning Ones' Perceptionp. 88
Accessing our Current Statep. 89
Negative Transferencep. 90
Establishing Personal Boundariesp. 91
Clearing Energyp. 92
Other Methods of Cleansingp. 93
Cleaning Rooms or a Location with the Reiki Symbolsp. 94
Bringing Healing Energy into a Roomp. 95
Purificationp. 96
Accumulating Power and Protectionp. 97
p. 99
Hands-on Healing for Second Degreep. 99
Second Degree Hands on Healing Techniquesp. 101
Traditonal Hand Positionsp. 101
Intuitive Healingp. 101
Scanningp. 101
Seeingp. 102
Beamingp. 102
Clearing and Extractingp. 102
Transmutingp. 103
Infusingp. 104
Smoothing and Raking the Aurap. 104
Internal Dialoguep. 104
p. 107
Absent Healingp. 107
The Quantum Universep. 107
The Universal Law of Correspondencep. 109
How to Send an Absent Healingp. 109
Methods for Absent Healingp. 111
Sending Healing Energy to a Situationp. 112
Sending Healing to More Than One Personp. 112
The Reiki Boxp. 113
Sending Healing to our Inner Childp. 114
Sending Healing to Past Issuesp. 115
Sending Healing Energy Into the Futurep. 116
Sending Healing Energy to Situations of Conflict & Crisesp. 116
Sending Absent Healing to Two People at the Same Timep. 117
Combining Absent Healing with Hands on Healingp. 118
p. 119
Reiki and Crystalsp. 119
Purification of the Crystalp. 120
The Programming of the Crystal for Absent Healingp. 120
Care and Maintenance of an Absent Healing Crystalp. 121
How to Use Crystals for Absent Healingp. 121
p. 123
The Chakrasp. 123
The Chakra Systemp. 124
Chakra Balancingp. 125
Chakra Balancing as a Self-Treatmentp. 126
Life Mapping Through the Chakrasp. 126
p. 129
Setting Up Your Own Reiki Practicep. 129
Creating a Space Conducive to Healingp. 130
Being a Living Example of Reikip. 130
How Much Should I charge for Reiki?p. 131
Requirements for a Second Degree Workshopp. 132
p. 133
Advanced Reikip. 133
The Quantum Healing Bankp. 134
The Second Degree Booster Attunementp. 135
Releasing the Ties That Bindp. 135
The Reiki Healing Triadp. 137
p. 141
Reiki and Buddhismp. 141
Using Mantras with Reikip. 142
Buddhist Archetypesp. 144
Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healingp. 144
Medicine Buddha Meditationp. 145
Medicine Buddha and Absent Healingp. 147
Medicine Buddha and Hands-On Healingp. 148
Death and Dyingp. 149
The Blessing of the Pure Realm, Dewachenp. 153
Bringing It All Togetherp. 155
p. 157
Reiki Third Degree--Level 3Ap. 157
The Reiki 3A Attunementp. 158
The First Degree Temporary Alignmentp. 158
Self-Attunement Proceduresp. 158
Absent Initiationsp. 159
Group Initiationsp. 159
The Third Degree Reiki Symbol - The Great Light: Dai KouMyop. 160
Reiki Initiation, a Pathway to the Removal of Obstaclesp. 161
p. 163
Reiki 3B Teacher Training Programp. 163
What is a Reiki Master?p. 165
How Long Does It Take to Become a Reiki Teacher?p. 166
The Seminarsp. 167
Self Masteryp. 167
Teacher Training Requirementsp. 169
The IIRT Teachers Codep. 170
Pre-Requisites for 3Bp. 170
Progressive Training Prior to Completion of 3Bp. 170
Personal Life Mapping Assessment Questionnairep. 171
p. 173
Advanced Teacher Trainingp. 173
About the International Institute for Reiki Trainingp. 174
The IIRT Mission Statementp. 174
The IIRT Code of Ethicsp. 174
The Ten Aspirations of Mindfulnessp. 175
Dr. Usui's Reiki Principlesp. 179
Reiki Healing Clinicsp. 179
The Futurep. 180
Want to Know More?p. 181
Bibliographyp. 183
Reference Manualsp. 185
Glossaryp. 186
Contact Detailsp. 192
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ISBN: 9780940985643
ISBN-10: 0940985640
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Published: 28th January 2004
Publisher: Lotus Press
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 20.96 x 13.34  x 1.27
Weight (kg): 0.25

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