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Reflections Of Our Past : How Human History Is Revealed In Our Genes - John H. Relethford

Reflections Of Our Past

How Human History Is Revealed In Our Genes

Paperback Published: 3rd September 2004
ISBN: 9780813342597
Number Of Pages: 271

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Where did modern humans come from and how important are the biological differences among us? Are we descended from Neanderthals? How many races of people are there? Were Native Americans the first settlers of the New World? How can we tell if Thomas Jefferson had a child with Sally Hemings? Through an engaging examination of issues such as these, and using non-technical language, "Reflections of Our Past " shows how anthropologists use genetic information to test theories and define possible answers to fundamental questions in human history. By looking at genetic variation in the world today, we can reconstruct the recent and remote events and processes that created the variation we see, providing a fascinating reflection of our genetic past. "Reflections of Our Past"is a W. W. Howells Book Prize Winner and "Choice" Outstanding Academic Title.

* Preface: A Time Machine * The History in Our Genes * In Search of History * Genetics and Human History * The Naked Ape * Our Place in Nature * Who Is Our Closest Living Relative? * Genetic Comparisons of Apes and Humans * Dating the Split * What Is the Real Family Tree? * Hominids or Hominins? * Do You Know Where Your Ancestors Are? * A Quick Summary of Human Evolution * How Many Species? * The Origin of Modern Humans * The Fossil Record * Mitochondrial Eve * Gene Trees and Human Ancestry * Patterns of Human Genetic Diversity * Population Size, Genetic Drift, and Human Evolution * How Many Ancestors? * Mostly Out of Africa? * The Fate of the Neandertals * The Fossil Record of Neandertals * The Discovery of Neandertal DNA * More Neandertal DNA * Neandertals: Different Species or Different Subspecies? * Where Did All the Neandertal Sequences Go? * European Affinities of Neandertal DNA * Where Did They Go? * The Palimpsest of the Past * Measuring Human Genetic Diversity * Global Genetic Diversity and Isolation by Distance * Genetic Diversity Between Populations and Individuals * The Palimpsest Revisited * The First Americans * Where Did the First Americans Come From? * The Genetic Link Between Asia and North America * How Many Migrations? * When Was the New World First Inhabited? * Kennewick Man * Past and Present * Prehistoric Europe: The Spread of Farming or the Spread of Farmers? * Origins of Agriculture * The Origin of Agriculture in Europe * Cultural Diffusion Versus Demic Diffusion * Genetic Evidence for Demic Diffusion * The Genetic Contribution from Neolithic Farmers * What Else Was Happening in Europe? * Peeling Away the Layers * Voyagers of the Pacific * Where Did the Polynesians Come From? * Genetic Distances and Polynesia * What Does Mitochondrial DNA Tell Us? * The Evidence from Y Chromosomes * Where in Asia? * Consensus? * A Thought about Expansions * Three Tales from Ireland * The Origin of the Irish Travellers * English Gene Flow in the Aran Islands * Invasions, Settlements, and Irish History * Admixture, History, and Cultural Identity * The Genetics of Admixture * Admixture in Mexicans and Mexican Americans * Admixture in African Americans * Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings * Genetic Admixture and the Jewish Diaspora * Genetic Ancestry and Cultural Identity

ISBN: 9780813342597
ISBN-10: 0813342597
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 271
Published: 3rd September 2004
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Inc
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 21.59 x 14.61  x 1.91
Weight (kg): 0.4
Edition Number: 1