Red Sand Green Heart : Ecological adventures in the outback - John L. Read

Red Sand Green Heart

Ecological adventures in the outback

By: John L. Read

Paperback | 31 January 2020 | Edition Number 3

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Australia's arid outback is teeming with life ... when you know where to look.

From taipan snakes and pelicans to hippie activists and hardline miners, John Read brings to life the characters, creatures and cultures of the outback. Through vivid, personal stories he shares his experience as an ecologist making new discoveries; challenging comventional approaches to pastoralism, mining, tourism and environmental management; and witnessing the precarious balance of nature as species are pitted against the harsh climate of the outback.

Written in an accessible and non-scientific style, Red Sand Green Heart: Ecological adventures in the outback evokes a humorous, entertaining and informative picture of Australia's desert region and the environmental issues that affect us all.

About the Author

John L. Read is the author of Red Sand Green Heart, praised by Outback Magazine as 'the rare insight of an ecologically educated writer with a flair for language', and The Last Wild Island: Saving Tetepare, 'a journey to one of the last wild specks of land left on Earth by an author every bit as readable as Tim Flannery - a page turner' (Sydney Morning Herald).

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