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Recent Developments in Toxicology : Trends, Methods and Problems - Meeting Proceedings : Archives of Toxicology - P. L. Chambers

Recent Developments in Toxicology : Trends, Methods and Problems - Meeting Proceedings

Archives of Toxicology

By: P. L. Chambers (Editor), C. M. Chambers (Editor), W.D. Wiezorek (Editor), Siegfried Golbs (Editor)

Paperback ISBN: 9783540514220
Number Of Pages: 323

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This proceedings of the European Society of Toxicology Meeting held in Leipzig, September 12 - 14, 1990 deals with the following topics; - Neurotoxicology of different noxious compounds, - New aspects and methods intoxicopathology, - Cardiovascular toxicology, - Toxic effects on haemostasis, - Toxic effects on liver and kidney, - Miscellaneous toxic effects.

Neurotoxicology of different noxious compounds.- In vitro assessment of antidotes to organophosphorus toxicity.- Primary cultures of adult mammalian sensory neurons and other in vitro systems of use in neurotoxicological studies.- Animal models in behavioural toxicology and teratology.- Cytotoxic brain oedema as a model in the examination of cerebroprotective substances.- Neurochemical characterization of hexachlorophene induced brain oedema.- The effects of organophosphorus compounds on the central nervous system of rats.- The effects of n-hexane and its metabolites on erythrocyte and synaptosome membrane acetylcholinesterease in vitro.- New Aspects and Methods in Toxicopathology.- Assessment of toxicopathological effects in ageing laboratory rodents.- New microtechniques in toxicopathology.- Tumor Registry Data Base: Systematized nomenclature of preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions in rat gonads.- Mortality and neoplastic lesions in untreated Sprague Dawley rats.- Investigations on the sensitivity of several biochemical and histological methods after liver intoxication induced by pentachlorophenol and carbon tetrachloride.- The glutathione system in rat liver chronically injured by thioacetamide.- Hitherto unknown additive growth effects of fluorene and 2-acetylaminofluorene on bile duct epithelium and hepatocytes in rats.- Morphological lesions of pancreas and bile ducts in rats induced by dibutyltin dichloride.- Toxic action of platinum coordination complexes on the endocrine pancreas of the rat.- Investigations of myelotoxic effects in rats.- The effect of aluminium loading on bones of mice.- Cobalt particles, identified by energy dispersive X ray microanalysis, in diamond polisher's lung.- Density of gastroendocrine cells in cynomolgus monkey and other species.- Computerised analysis of pathological findings in longterm trials of phenylmercuric acetate in rats.- Cardiovascular Toxicology.- Preclinical assessment of the cardiotoxic potential of anthracycline antibiotics: N-L-leucyl-doxorubicin.- Hypertension is not exacerbated by chronic carbon monoxide exposure, with or without added salt, in the borderline hypertensive rat.- Cardiovascular system and kidney as specific targets of chronic exposure to vanadate in the rat: functional and morphological findings.- Acute effects of dichloromethane on arrhythmia development during the early phase of myocardial ischemia and reperfusion in the rat.- Pharmacokinetics of total and free digoxin and Fab fragments in five intoxicated patients after administration of specific anti-digoxin Fab fragments.- Use of spontaneously beating heart muscle cells differentiating from pluripotential embryonic stem cells for testing of chronotropic agents.- Characterization of the hypotensive side effects of macrolide antibiotics in animals.- Toxic Effects on Haemostasis.- Toxic influence on platelet system.- Hereditary and acquired disturbances of haemostasis in animals.- Effects of snake venoms on tissue-type plasminogen activator release.- Metabolic and toxicological studies on the anticoagulant rodenticide, flocoumafen.- Influence of natural humic acids and synthetic phenolic polymers on haemostasis.- A comparison of the thrombogenic activity of prothrombin complex concentrates using stasis and non-stasis models.- Inhibition of platelet aggregation and thromboxane A2 production by chlorophenoxy acid herbicides.- Toxic Effects on Liver and Kidney.- The effect of paracetamol on the hepatic uptake of microparticles in vivo and in vitro.- Influence of iron chelators, 1,2-dialkyl-3-hydroxypyridin-4-ones, on the lipid peroxidation and glutathione level in the liver of mice.- The influence of cytochrome P 450 inducers on carbonyl-reduction in mouse liver.- Influence of inducers of cytochrome P 450 on dealkylation of 7-alkoxycoumarins.- The effect of monoclonal antibodies on dipyrone-induced rat liver cytochrome P 450.- Antipyrine metabolism in coke oven workers.- Influence of bile acids on the development of hepatic transport of organic anions.- Comparative nephrotoxicity studies of cisplatin and its iodinized derivative in rats.- Inhibitory effects of a platelet activating factor antagonist 48740 RP in cyclosporin-induced nephrotoxicity in the rat as assessed by renal glutathione metabolism parameters.- The urinary excretion of specific proteins in workers exposed to lead.- Miscellaneous Toxic Effects.- Reduction of arsenic trioxide toxicity in mice by repeated treatment with glucose.- Effect of oral treatment with BAL, DMPS or DMSA on arsenic in organs of mice injected with arsenic trioxide.- Cyanide antagonism in a rodent model.- The quantitative determination of cadmium in turkish cigarettes.- Modifying role of plasma glucose in acute carbon monoxide poisoning.- Effect of pyrazole on dichloromethane metabolism to carbon monoxide.- Ethylene oxide distribution in human blood.- Distribution of methylene chloride in human blood.- Acute experimental exposures to acetone and ethyl acetate.- Toxic effects of carbon tetrachloride during short and long term ethanol intake in rats.- Effects of pyridinium-1 {[(4-carbamoyl-pyridinio )methoxy ]methyl}-2-(hydroxyiminomethyl) dichloride monohydrate (HI 6) and atropine on the circulation and respiration of anaesthetized guinea pigs.- The mechanism of the anaesthetic action of organic solvents studied with different membrane models in vitro.- An in vivo method to assess the local tolerability of intranasally administered drugs.- Studies on the penetration of tetanus toxoid through the nasal mucosa.- Stobadine toxicity and transplacental movement.- Some effects of furazolidone, humic acid and a combination of both on male reproduction in rats.- Residues of carbadox metabolites in edible pork products.- Pharmacological-toxicological investigations with a furan derivative produced from sugar cane on laboratory animals.- Influence of the degree, position and nature of halide substitution on the rate of photobleaching of xanthene dyes.- Toxicological investigations of waste products from the plasma etching process in the semiconductor industry.- Sister chromatid exchanges in furniture workers exposed to unsaturated polyester resins.- Acute intoxication as a cause of wild bird mortality in the Netherlands from 1975-1989.- Author Index.

ISBN: 9783540514220
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