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Rebel Talk : The art of powerful conversations - Jane Hutcheon

Rebel Talk

The art of powerful conversations

By: Jane Hutcheon

eBook | 25 February 2022

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Rebel Talk gives an excellent opportunity to learn new skills — both in business, and in life. Developing fascinating insights into how we can improve conversation and cultivate our powers of persuasion while getting along better. No small feat! Especially as we emerge from COVID and have to relearn social skills. The book is timely and practical — not to mention entertaining.

'I'm absolutely delighted Jane's now sharing some of her observations and secrets about the craft of conversation, listening and interviewing in this book, Rebel Talk.' —Sir David Suchet CBE

'If you ever have to conduct a formal interview, if you are ever likely to be interviewed (for a new job, perhaps), or even if you want to have more meaningful conversations with your kids, Jane Hutcheon's Rebel Talk will be an invaluable guidebook. Engaging, amusing and illuminating, the book draws on Jane's rich experience in the art of guided conversations and distils the wisdom acquired from her brilliant career in journalism.' —Hugh Mackay AO

'Have you ever tried slicing the top off a soft-boiled egg? The eggshell splinters and separates. It never looks as neat as you intended and the yolk starts to drip over the edge. It's a bit like that when a conversation goes wrong; it's unpredictable and messy ...'

What does it mean to communicate well, and how do we do it? With a bit of reflection and practice, we can all elevate our conversations to a new realm: solving complex problems, producing inspiring ideas, adding value ... and even preventing space-flight disasters. This is what Jane Hutcheon calls, Rebel Talk.

In Rebel Talk: the art of powerful conversations, one of Australia's best-known communicators lifts the lid on what it takes to have powerful conversations. Full of memorable anecdotes and short, sharp, practical advice, this gem of a book will help you find your inner rebel and transform your conversations.

About the Author
Jane Hutcheon is a journalist, author and former China correspondent who's reported from some of the most volatile, exotic and fascinating places on Earth. From 2010-2019 she was creator and host of ABCTV's One Plus One conducting in-depth conversations with more than 500 celebrities, authors, thinkers and everyday heroes. She's written several books. Her latest book is Rebel Talk: the art of powerful conversations.


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