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Real Talk About Sex and Consent : What Every Teen Needs to Know - Cheryl M Bradshaw

Real Talk About Sex and Consent

What Every Teen Needs to Know

By: Cheryl M Bradshaw

Paperback | 1 October 2020

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Sex is complicated. Like, really complicated. And as a teen, you need trusted resources to help you navigate sexual issues without shame, guilt, or judgement. But if you're like many teens, you may not have someone in your life that you can talk to openly about complicated sexual situations, and what consent really means-and this information is crucial for your health, safety and happiness. Real Talk About Sex and Consent is a comprehensive guide with essential information about setting boundaries, coercion, reciprocity, and communication. You'll also find hard facts about sex and trauma, the effects of pornography and cultural expectations, and much more. With this book, you'll learn how to make sexual decisions that honour your sense of values and cultivate rewarding and emotionally supportive relationships throughout your life. This book goes past simple definitions of sex and consent and explores the hidden pressures, misrepresented expectations, and realities of sex--and what to do about it all. It's time to get informed and take control of your sexual self. This book will give you the tools you need to make decisions that are right for you.

Industry Reviews
"This comprehensive guide to the legal, emotional, social, and physical aspects of consent shows teens that this issue is much more complicated than just saying 'yes' or 'no.' Bradshaw, who is a registered psychotherapist, focuses on creating healthy relationships that are safe and respectful, have boundaries, and involve enthusiastic consent. Readers are given the skills to communicate effectively and clearly. Bradshaw provides many examples of scenarios and scripts that depict what consent looks and sounds like. Aimed at all genders and all sexualities, chapters examine getting to know yourself and your desires, identities, and attractions; gendered stereotypes and dynamics; pornography, nudes, and sexting; laws regarding age, power dynamics, and the ability to consent; warning signals; solutions and approaches to conflict; factors that may affect consent; and how to recognize sexual assault and get help. Conversational, honest, and accessible, with an emphasis on consent as a complete way to approach intimacy, this resource is invaluable. Repetition and summaries drive home which aspects are involved in total consent. The text makes it clear that all people deserve respect and the ability to be in control while emphasizing that consent is an ongoing component of healthy, happy, safe, and respectful relationships. Back matter includes resources (books, videos, articles), sexual assault intervention training and programs, and where to find support. VERDICT: A truly vital and nuanced guide that is as empowering as it is educational."
--Library Journal (starred review)-- "School Library Journal" (9/15/2020 12:00:00 AM)
"Real Talk about Sex and Consent is a current and engaging guide for teens using language they understand and stories they can relate to. Bradshaw's skillful use of metaphors and acronyms makes key concepts about consent easy for readers to understand and put into action. It is also an invaluable tool for parents and other caring adults in the lives of young people who want to have meaningful conversations with them about this important topic. My stepdaughters will definitely be getting a copy!"
--Saleema Noon, BA, MA, OBC, sexual health educator, and coauthor of Talk Sex Today--Saleema Noon, BA, MA, OBC
"Real Talk about Sex and Consent targets a deep and painful gap in our understanding of sexual intimacy. With her inviting style, Cheryl Bradshaw goes beyond the yes/no, providing depth and dimension to a topic we have only touched on at a surface level. Every teen should have the opportunity to move through apprehension to greater confidence in communicating needs and developing healthy and more fulfilling relationships. A true gift."
--Erin Lipsitt, MSW, RSW, therapist, and mother of two teens--Erin Lipsitt, MSW, RSW
"A ray of hope for our next generation! This book provides a clear and in-depth discourse on sex and consent, and meticulously walks the reader through the 'who, what, when, where, why, and how' of total consent. Bradshaw demystifies the often misunderstood experience of survivors of sexual assault. A crucial read in the time of the #MeToo movement. It's a must-read for teens, parents, counselors, health care practitioners, lawyers, judges, and educators."
--Kanchan Kurichh Keigher, MA, RP, registered psychotherapist; Ontario College Counselor at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON, Canada; and yoga teacher--Kanchan Kurichh Keigher, MA, RP
"Cheryl Bradshaw does a deep and important dive into the murky waters of teen sex and consent in her book, Real Talk about Sex and Consent. Not only does she bring clarity to the topic, but also empowers the reader in the process. Cheryl compassionately and effectively guides teens through the basics of sex, communicating with consent, boundaries, alcohol and drugs, and sexual assault. This is a must-read for every teen, parent, caregiver, and educator of teens."
--Michelle Skeen, PsyD, and Kelly Skeen, coauthors of Just As You Are--Michelle Skeen, PsyD, and Kelly Skeen
"I spend a lot of time discussing complex and sometimes uncomfortable issues with teens and their families, and I admire the inclusive and accessible language Bradshaw uses to speak to young people. She provides clear and up-to-date information around the use of contraception and protection from sexually transmitted infections. I would recommend this book to teens and anyone who cares for them who is looking to start a conversation about healthy relationships!"
--Gabrielle Salmers, FRCPC, general pediatrician--Gabrielle Salmers, FRCPC
"In Real Talk about Sex and Consent, Cheryl Bradshaw goes beyond simple slogans and gets to the root of why consent matters. Not only does this book help teens understand what true consent looks and sounds like, it's a compassionate guide that teaches youth to better understand their desires, boundaries, and relationship needs."
--Nadine Thornhill, EdD, sexuality educator, speaker, and cohost of Every Body Curious--Nadine Thornhill, EdD
"This book is an easy read that navigates through the fundamentals of consent. Using real examples that are clear and appreciable, the reader can understand consent and all the problematic avenues that an individual may face when applying consent skills. The reader is provided with an opportunity to reflect on the points presented to develop their confidence and values."
--Lisa Perizzolo, MEd, SHEC, school counselor, and certified sexual health educator--Lisa Perizzolo, MEd, SHEC
"This book is timely, inclusive, and incredibly comprehensive. We have been teaching youth about their bodies, relationships, and their sexual health rights for over forty years--and this book effectively addresses their most asked questions and demystifies the topic of consent. This is a great resource for youth and their parents to start the conversation about consent, healthy relationships, and preventing sexual violence. We would highly recommend this book!"
--Centre for Sexuality, organization in Calgary, AB, Canada, that has been providing relationship and sexual health education to youth in Alberta since 1975--Centre for Sexuality
"Written in a way that is honest, informative, and engaging, Cheryl Bradshaw's book, Real Talk About Sex and Consent, is an important read for all teenagers, educators, and parents. In order to shift often unsafe societal views around sex and relationships, our young people need to know and understand their rights regarding consent and intimacy. This book provides life-changing information, as well as practical ideas and scenarios so teenagers can feel empowered and safe as they head into adulthood."
--Jayneen Sanders, educator, and author of Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect--Jayneen Sanders

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