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Quantum Mechanics - Phillip James Edwin Peebles

Hardcover Published: 12th April 1992
ISBN: 9780691087559
Number Of Pages: 440

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P.J.E. Peebles teaches the often counterintuitive physics of quantum mechanics by working through detailed applications of general ideas. A principal example used in the book is the hyperfine structure of atomic hydrogen (the 21 cm line): the computation of the energy splitting and the induced and spontaneous transition rates. Peebles makes room for such calculations by omitting unneeded elements that can be readily found in the standard treatises after one fully understands the principles of quantum mechanics. To give a flavor of the discovery of the remarkable world picture of quantum mechanics, the author presents a set of examples of physics that are well worth knowing even aside from their historical interest. Then the general principles of quantum mechanics are stated first in terms of wave mechanics and then in the standard abstract linear space formalism. Measurement theory, an essential part of quantum mechanics, is discussed in some detail. The book also emphasizes the art of numerical estimates. And, lastly, a large number of problems are presented, some easy, some challenging, but all selected because they are physically interesting. The book is designed for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students in physics.

"Peebles applies quantum theory, often in simple, approximate ways, to a variety of interesting problems ... [It] could prove quite a rewarding book for the more able and motivated student."--New Scientist

Historical Developmentp. 3
Energy Quantization and Heat Capacitiesp. 4
Blackbody Radiationp. 18
Photonsp. 22
Spectra and Energy Quantization of Atomsp. 23
Matter Wavesp. 26
Schrodinger's Equationp. 30
Remarks on Motion in One Dimensionp. 41
Probability Interpretationp. 48
Cold Fusionp. 52
Momentump. 60
Expectation Values and the Momentum Operatorp. 70
Many-Particle Systemsp. 73
Problemsp. 82
Wave Mechanicsp. 91
Linear Space of Wave Functionsp. 91
Principles of Quantum Mechanicsp. 104
Parityp. 115
Linear Momentump. 120
Orbital Angular Momentump. 123
Single Particle in a Central Potentialp. 139
Particle in an Electromagnetic Fieldp. 146
Problemsp. 159
Abstract Linear Space of State Vectorsp. 175
Bras, Kets, and Bracketsp. 175
Principles of Quantum Mechanicsp. 188
Recovering Wave Mechanicsp. 192
Spinp. 196
Single Spin 1/2 Systemp. 204
Two Spin 1/2 Particlesp. 214
Problemsp. 223
Measurement Theoryp. 231
Quantum Measurement Theoryp. 232
"Paradoxes" of Quantum Physicsp. 242
Hidden Variablesp. 252
Summaryp. 255
Perturbation Theoryp. 259
Time-Independent Perturbation Theoryp. 259
Zeeman Effectp. 264
Quadratic Stark Effectp. 266
Degenerate Perturbation Theoryp. 271
Hyperfine Structure in Atomic Hydrogenp. 273
Time-Dependent Perturbation Theoryp. 283
Induced Transitions between the Hyperfine Levels in Atomic Hydrogenp. 288
Spontaneous Transitions between the Hyperfine Levels in Atomic Hydrogenp. 291
Problemsp. 304
Atomic and Molecular Structurep. 323
Energy Variational Principlep. 323
The Ground State of Heliump. 326
The Lowest Excited States of Heliump. 329
Pauli Exclusion Principlep. 333
Lithiump. 337
Beryllium to Carbonp. 343
Molecular Hydrogenp. 347
Problemsp. 351
Scattering Theoryp. 359
Scattering Amplitude and Scattering Cross Sectionp. 360
Optical Theoremp. 366
Born Approximationp. 369
Rutherford Scattering Cross Sectionp. 375
Partial Wave Expansionp. 377
Phase Shifts and Cross Sectionsp. 380
Resonant s-Wave Scatteringp. 387
Problemsp. 393
Dirac Theory of the Electronp. 401
Electron Spin, Magnetic Dipole Moment, and Spin-Orbit Couplingp. 401
Indexp. 417
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ISBN: 9780691087559
ISBN-10: 0691087555
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 440
Published: 12th April 1992
Country of Publication: US
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