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Quantum Mechanics : A Conceptual Approach - Hendrik F. Hameka

Quantum Mechanics

A Conceptual Approach

Paperback Published: 19th March 2004
ISBN: 9780471649656
Number Of Pages: 208

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A unique introductory text on quantum mechanics, from basic principles to historical perspective.<br> * Includes description of the historical developments that led to the discovery of QM, often left out of other textbooks.<br> * Emphasizes basic concepts that were essential in this discovery, placing them in context and making them more understandable to students.<br> * Written in an easy-to-understand style and assuming no prior knowledge of the topic, this book provides a solid foundation for future study of quantum chemistry.<br> * Includes problem sets for student use.

Industry Reviews

"...the treatment of individual topics and concepts is very good and informative..." (Journal of Chemical Education, January 2005)

"...this book serves as a skeletal summary of arguments presented in class..." (CHOICE, October 2004)


1. The Discovery of Quantum Mechanics.

I Introduction.

II Planck and Quantization.

III Bohr and the Hydrogen Atom.

IV Matrix Mechanics.

V The Uncertainty Relations.

VI Wave Mechanics.

VII The Final Touches of Quantum Mechanics.

VIII Concluding Remarks.

2. The Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics.

I Introduction.

II Differential Equations.

III Kummer?s Function.

IV Matrices.

V Permutations.

VI Determinants.

VII Properties of Determinants.

VIII Linear Equations and Eigenvalues.

IX Problems.

3. Classical Mechanics.

I Introduction.

II Vectors and Vector Fields.

III Hamiltonian Mechanics.

IV The Classical Harmonic Oscillator.

V Angular Momentum.

VI Polar Coordinates.

VII Problems.

4. Wave Mechanics of a Free Particle.

I Introduction.

II The Mathematics of Plane Waves.

III The Schrödinger Equation of a Free Particle.

IV The Interpretation of the Wave Function.

V Wave Packets.

VI Concluding Remarks.

VII Problems.

5. The Schrödinger Equation.

I Introduction.

II Operators.

III The Particle in a Box.

IV Concluding Remarks.

V Problems.

6. Applications.

I Introduction.

II A Particle in a Finite Box.

III Tunneling.

IV The Harmonic Oscillator.

V Problems.

7. Angular Momentum.

I Introduction.

II Commuting Operators.

III Commutation Relations of the Angular Momentum.

IV The Rigid Rotor.

V Eigenfunctions of the Angular Momentum.

VI Concluding Remarks.

VII Problems.

8. The Hydrogen Atom.

I Introduction.

II Solving the Schrödinger Equation.

III Deriving the Energy Eigenvalues.

IV The Behavior of the Eigenfunctions.

V Problems.

9. Approximate Methods.

I Introduction.

II The Variational Principle.

III Applications of the Variational Principle.

IV Perturbation Theory for a Nondegenerate State.

V The Stark Effect of the Hydrogen Atom.

VI Perturbation Theory for Degenerate States.

VII Concluding Remarks.

VIII Problems.

10. The Helium Atom.

I Introduction.

II Experimental Developments.

III Pauli?s Exclusion Principle.

IV The Discovery of the Electron Spin.

V The Mathematical Description of the Electron Spin.

VI The Exclusion Principle Revisited.

VII Two-Electron Systems.

VIII The Helium Atom.

IX The Helium Atom Orbitals.

X Concluding Remarks.

XI Problems.

11 Atomic Structure.

I Introduction.

II Atomic and Molecular Wave Function.

III The Hartree-Fock Method.

IV Slater Orbitals.

V Multiplet Theory.

VI Concluding Remarks.

VII Problems.

12 Molecular Structure.

I Introduction.

II The Born-Oppenheimer Approximation.

III Nuclear Motion of Diatomic Molecules.

IV The Hydrogen Molecular Ion.

V The Hydrogen Molecule.

VI The Chemical Bond.

VII The Structures of Some Simple Polyatomic Molecules.

VIII The Hückel Molecular Orbital Method.

IX Problems.


ISBN: 9780471649656
ISBN-10: 0471649651
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 208
Published: 19th March 2004
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Country of Publication: US
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