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qmail : An Alternative to Sendmail - John R Levine


An Alternative to Sendmail

Paperback Published: 2nd April 2004
ISBN: 9781565926288
Number Of Pages: 248

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qmail has quietly become one of the most widely used applications on the Internet today. It's powerful enough to handle mail for systems with millions of users--Like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail, while remaining compact and manageable enough for the smallest Unix- and Linux-based PC systems. Its component design makes it easy to extend and customize while keeping its key functions secure, so it's no wonder that adoption of qmail continues at a rapid pace.

The downside? Apparently none. Except that qmail's unique design can be disorienting to those familiar with other popular MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents). If you're coming from sendmail, for instance, you might have trouble recasting your problems and solutions in qmail terms. qmail first helps you establish a "qmail frame of mind," then explores the installation, configuration, administration, and extension of this powerful MTA. Whether you're installing from scratch or managing mailing lists with thousands of users, qmail provides detailed information about how to make qmail do precisely what you want

qmail concentrates on common tasks like moving a sendmail setup to qmail, or setting up a "POP toaster," a system that provides mail service to a large number of users on other computers sending and retrieving mail remotely. The book also fills crucial gaps in existing documentation, detailing exactly what the core qmail software does.

Topics covered include:

  • Installation and configuration, including patching qmail
  • Moving from sendmail to qmail

  • Handling locally and remotely originated messages

  • Managing virtual domains

  • Logging qmail activity

  • Tuning qmail performance

  • Running multiple copies of qmail on the same computer

  • Mailing list setup and management

  • Integrating the qmail MTA with POP and IMAP delivery

  • Filtering out spam and viruses
If you need to manage mailing lists, large volumes of mail, or simply find sendmail and other MTAs too complicated, qmail may be exactly what's called for. Our new guide, qmail, will provide the guidance you need to build an email infrastructure that performs well, makes sense, and is easy to maintain.

Prefacep. ix
Introduction to Qmail
Internet Emailp. 3
Mail Basicsp. 3
Mailstorep. 6
The Structure of Internet Mailp. 8
How Qmail Worksp. 10
Small Programs Work Togetherp. 10
What Does a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Do?p. 13
The Pieces of Qmailp. 13
Installing Qmailp. 16
Where to Find Qmailp. 16
Creating the Users and Groupsp. 19
Configuring and Making the Softwarep. 21
Patching Qmailp. 25
Getting Comfortable with Qmailp. 27
Mailboxes, Local Delivery, and Loggingp. 27
An Excursion into Daemon Managementp. 28
Setting Up the Qmail Configuration Filesp. 30
Starting and Stopping Qmailp. 31
Incoming Mailp. 35
Procmail and Qmailp. 40
Creating Addresses and Mailboxesp. 41
Reading Your Mailp. 41
Configuring Qmail's Control Filesp. 42
Using - aliasp. 48
fastforward and /etc/aliasesp. 49
Moving from Sendmail to Qmailp. 52
Running Sendmail and Qmail in Parallelp. 52
User Issuesp. 53
System Issuesp. 55
Converting Your Aliases Filep. 58
Trusted Usersp. 60
Handling Locally Generated Mailp. 61
Qmail-queuep. 61
Cleaning Up Injected Mailp. 63
Accepting Local Mail from Other Hostsp. 68
Distinguishing Injected from Relayed Mailp. 68
Accepting Mail from Other Hostsp. 70
Accepting Incoming SMTP Mailp. 70
Accepting and Cleaning Up Local Mail Using the Regular SMTP Daemonp. 70
Dealing with Roaming Usersp. 74
SMTP Authorization and TLS Securityp. 74
POP-before-SMTPp. 79
Delivering and Routing Local Mailp. 84
Mail to Local Login Usersp. 84
Mail Sortingp. 85
Filtering and Rejecting Spam and Virusesp. 90
Filtering Criteriap. 90
Places to Filterp. 90
Spam Filtering and Virus Filteringp. 91
Connection-Time Filtering Toolsp. 92
SMTP-Time Filtering Toolsp. 96
Delivery Time Filtering Rulesp. 102
Combination Filtering Schemesp. 103
Advanced Qmail
Local Mail Deliveryp. 107
How Qmail Delivers Local Mailp. 107
Mailbox Deliveriesp. 111
Program Deliveriesp. 112
Subaddressesp. 115
Special Forwarding Features for Mailing Listsp. 115
The Users Databasep. 116
Bounce Handlingp. 117
Remote Mail Deliveryp. 120
Telling Local from Remote Mailp. 120
Qmail-remotep. 120
Locating the Remote Mail Hostp. 120
Remote Mail Failuresp. 123
Serialmailp. 125
Virtual Domainsp. 127
How Virtual Domains Workp. 127
Some Common Virtual Domain Setupsp. 128
Some Virtual Domain Detailsp. 138
POP and IMAP Servers and POP Toastersp. 140
Each Program Does One Thingp. 140
Starting the Pop Serverp. 142
Testing Your POP Serverp. 145
Building POP Toastersp. 147
Picking Up Mail with IMAP and Web Mailp. 157
Mailing Listsp. 164
Sending Mail to Listsp. 164
Using Ezmlm with qmailp. 168
Using Other List Managers with Qmailp. 174
Sending Bulk Mail That's Not All the Samep. 175
The Users Databasep. 177
If There's No Users Databasep. 177
Making the Users Filep. 178
How Qmail Uses the Users Databasep. 180
Typical Users Setupp. 180
Adding Entries for Special Purposesp. 181
Logging, Analysis, and Tuningp. 183
What Qmail Logsp. 183
Collecting and Analyzing Qmail Logs with Qmailanalogp. 184
Analyzing Other Logsp. 189
Tuning Qmailp. 189
Tuning to Deal with Spamp. 192
Looking at the Mail Queue with qmail-qreadp. 193
Many Qmails Make Light Workp. 195
Tools for Multiple Computers and Qmailp. 195
Setting Up mini-qmailp. 197
A Compendium of Tips and Tricksp. 201
Qmail Won't Compilep. 201
Why Qmail Is Delivering Mail Very Slowlyp. 201
Stuck Daemons and Deliveriesp. 202
Mail to Valid Users Is Bouncing or Disappearingp. 204
Mail Routingp. 205
Local Mail Delivery Tricksp. 205
Delivering Mail on Intermittent Connectionsp. 206
Limiting Users' Mail Accessp. 207
Adding a Tag to Each Outgoing Messagep. 209
Logging All Mailp. 210
Setting Mail Quotas and Deleting Stale Mailp. 210
Backing Up and Restoring Your Mail Queuep. 211
A Sample Scriptp. 213
Online Qmail Resourcesp. 220
Indexp. 223
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ISBN: 9781565926288
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Series: O'Reilly Ser.
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 248
Published: 2nd April 2004
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Publishers
Country of Publication: US
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