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Pulsation, Rotation and Mass Loss in Early-Type Stars : Proceedings of the 162nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins, France, October 5-8, 1993 : International Astronomical Union Symposia - Luis A. Balona

Pulsation, Rotation and Mass Loss in Early-Type Stars : Proceedings of the 162nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins, France, October 5-8, 1993

International Astronomical Union Symposia

By: Luis A. Balona (Editor), Huib F. Henrichs (Editor), Jean Michel Le Contel (Editor)

Paperback ISBN: 9780792330455
Number Of Pages: 550

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In this Symposium, researchers specializing in pulsation, rotation, magnetic fields and stellar winds are brought together for the first time in order to broaden our understanding of O and B stars. Thanks to advances in digital spectroscopy, new types of pulsating B stars have been discovered. The pulsations can be understood in terms of the recent revision of metal opacities, but the effects of rapid rotation and magnetic fields need further study. Observations in the UV and X-ray regions demonstrate that many B and Be stars show other activity, besides pulsation which is not yet understood. The reason for the enhanced mass loss in Be stars is a question which dominates the Symposium and which remains unanswered, although it is surely to be found in activity at or near the photosphere coupled with rotation. It is shown that the geometry of the circumstellar envelopes around Be stars is indeed a flattened disk as they can now be optically resolved. The variability of radiatively-driven winds from O and B stars are likely related to the rotation of the star. This underlines the central theme of the book: that the various phenomena seen in these stars cannot be studied in isolation.

The SOC and LOC
List of Participants
Observations of Pulsating OB Starsp. 3
Nonadiabatic observables in [beta] Cephei star modelsp. 15
Multiwavelength studies of [beta] Cephei starsp. 17
Nonlinear pulsational behaviour of BW Vulpeculaep. 19
Stability of the pulsation of 12 (DD) Lacertaep. 21
Period variations in the [beta] Cep star [alpha] Lupp. 23
Period variations in the [beta] Cep star [beta] Crup. 25
High-resolution spectroscopy of [beta] Cephei starsp. 27
A search for [beta] Cephei stars in LMC and SMCp. 29
Photometric variability in early B stars 1. 53 Arietisp. 31
Multiperiodicity in light variations of 53 Persei: results from optical photometry in 1990 October - 1991 Januaryp. 33
NRP mode typing for 53 Persei: results from Voyager photometryp. 37
Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the 53 Per stars: [sigma] Casp. 39
HD 37151: a new "slowly pulsating B star"p. 41
The peculiar binary system HR 8891 (ET And)p. 43
Spectroscopical analysis of [delta] Scuti starsp. 47
STACCp. 49
TAMS companions of classical cepheidsp. 51
Pulsation of Wolf-Rayet stars: WR40p. 53
The New Opacities and B-Star Pulsationsp. 55
Convective zones in the envelope of massive starsp. 67
g-Mode instability in the main sequence B-type starsp. 69
OP versus OPAL opacities: consequences for B star oscillationsp. 70
The stability of massive starsp. 73
Mode Identification in Pulsating Starsp. 75
Amplitude variations in rotationally split multipletsp. 87
Line Profile Variations in Be Starsp. 89
Pulsations of Be stars: time series analysis of He I [lambda]4921p. 100
Activity of the Be star 28 Cygni: 1985 - 1991p. 102
Seismology of southern Be starsp. 104
Rapid spectroscopic and photometric variability in the Be star [alpha] Eridanip. 106
A survey of line profile variations in non-emission line B0-B5 III-V starsp. 108
MUSICOS 92 observations of [theta][superscript 2] Taurip. 110
Time-series analysis of the O4 supergiant [sigma] Puppisp. 112
Photospheric and circumstellar variability of the rapidly rotating O star HD 93521p. 114
Pulsation in Rapidly Rotating Starsp. 117
Overstability of nonradial pulsations in rotating early type starsp. 128
The Evolution of Rotating 15 [actual symbol not reproducible] Starsp. 131
Rotationally induced turbulent diffusion in early B-type stars: theory and observationsp. 145
Effects of rotation on the main sequence evolution of a [actual symbol not reproducible] starp. 147
The abundance anomalies in a rotationally evolved [actual symbol not reproducible] OBN star modelp. 149
Main-sequence broadening, Be stars, and stellar rotation in h and [chi] Perseip. 151
Observations of Magnetic Fields in B Starsp. 155
Mass loss, magnetic field and chemical inhomogeneities in the He-weak star HD 21699p. 167
The He-strong star HD 96446: oblique rotator or pulsating magnetic variable?p. 169
The circumstellar environment of [sigma] Orionis Ep. 171
The Magnetic Fields of the A and B Starsp. 173
Fossil magnetic fields and rotation of early-type starsp. 184
ROSAT Observations of B and Be Starsp. 189
X-ray properties of early-type starsp. 200
Effects of X-rays on the ionization state of Be star windsp. 202
Infrared spectroscopy of Be/X-ray binariesp. 204
Multiwavelength observations of the Be-star/X-ray binary EXO2030+375 during outburstp. 206
EXOSAT observations of the Be/X-ray binaries 2S0114+65 and 4U2206+54p. 208
Photometric and H[alpha] observations of LS [actual symbol not reproducible]p. 211
Be star disk structure as implied by X-ray observationsp. 213
Recent Results from Ultraviolet and Optical Spectropolarimetry of Hot Starsp. 219
Spectropolarimetric determination of circumstellar disc inclinationsp. 230
The polarization of H[beta] in [gamma] Casp. 232
Long-term spectroscopic and polarimetric variations of the Be star [kappa] Drap. 234
Common properties of some Be stars optical polarization parametersp. 236
Photospheric Activity in Selected Be Stars: [lambda] Eri and [gamma] Casp. 241
Rapid variability of H[alpha] emission line in Be starsp. 254
Emission-like feature due to a latitudinal differential rotationp. 257
Study of the HeI [lambda]4471 line-profile of Be starsp. 259
The HeI [lambda]4471 line behaviour of 31 Pegp. 261
The FeII [lambda]5317 line profile of nine Be starsp. 263
FeII line widths as tracers for the geometry of Be stars envelopesp. 265
FeII, FeIII and MgII spectra of Be starsp. 267
Spectroscopy of Be stars in NGC 330p. 269
Be stars in young LMC clustersp. 271
Puzzling problems of He I line formation in early B starsp. 273
Be stars in the ultraviolet spectral classification systemp. 275
UV spectral classification and stellar winds in a sample of Be and standard starsp. 277
Analysis of IUE spectrograms for Be starsp. 280
First results of an international multisite multitechnique campaign on o Andp. 282
Results from six multiwavelength campaigns to study short-term FUV flux variability and phase-dependent mass loss in Be starsp. 284
Periodic Variations and Mass Loss in Be Starsp. 287
Photometric studies of Be star variabilityp. 299
Photometric characteristics of the Be stars: almost twenty years of UBV monitoring at the Hvar observatoryp. 301
Photometry of early type stars in open clusters (NGC 1444, NGC 1662, NGC 2129, NGC 2169 and NGC 7209)p. 303
Rapid multicolour variations of selected southern Be starsp. 305
Simultaneous photometry and spectroscopy of the rapid variability of the Be star [eta] Cenp. 307
Simultaneous uvby[beta] photometry and H[alpha] spectroscopy of Be stars in open clustersp. 309
Periodic Variability of Be Stars: Nonradial Pulsation or Rotational Modulation?p. 311
Line-profile variable [epsilon] Per: spectroscopic binary and (?) mild Be starp. 325
An improved model of the B0.5e + Be binary system [phi] Perp. 327
IIdBe stars: hydrogen-deficient supergiants with emission linesp. 329
Spectroscopic analyses of HdBe starsp. 331
Detection of calcium abundance stratification in Ap starsp. 333
Stark widths of astrophysically important four- and five-times charged ion linesp. 335
Stark broadening of stellar Pt II linesp. 337
Variability in the Circumstellar Envelope of Be Starsp. 341
Physics of the phase changes of Be starsp. 351
Difference between Be stars and shell stars from H[alpha] emissionp. 354
The number of Be stars compared with the number of B stars, taking into account the specific physical characteristics of Be starsp. 356
Shell profiles in Be star spectrap. 358
Phase changes in Be stars: The Be-shell and Be phases of Pleionep. 360
The photosphere of Pleionep. 362
Short-term spectroscopic variations of the southern Be star 48 Libp. 364
Structure of the envelope of 48 Libp. 366
Growth of the line-profile variation region during Be episodesp. 368
70 Years of observations of 4 Her: changes through three shell episodesp. 370
Activity in the circumstellar envelope of the Be/shell star [zeta] Taup. 372
Period dependent variations of the shell spectrum of V923 AQLp. 374
Long-term periodic variability in UV absorption lines of the Be star [gamma] Cas: on the relation with V/R variations in the H[beta] linep. 376
On the formation of Balmer emission lines in the model envelopes of Be starsp. 378
Some observational appearances of m = 1 density waves in Be star disksp. 380
Global disk oscillations: theoretical line profilesp. 382
Global oscillations in Be star envelopes: observational evidencep. 384
Rapid line profile variability of H[alpha] in two A0e Herbig stars of the P-Cyg-subgroup and a model for their circumstellar envelopep. 386
Profile variability of H[alpha] in the B3e Herbig star HD 200775 as indication of matter infall and inhomogeneous stellar windp. 389
Dust and gas in shells around Herbig Ae/Be starsp. 392
Circumstellar environment of the B[e] star MWC 349 (V1478 Cyg)p. 394
MWC 314 - A new galactic B[e] supergiantp. 396
The Structure of the Circumstellar Material in Be Starsp. 399
Infrared spectroscopy of Be starsp. 412
Infrared emission lines of Mg II in B starsp. 414
Identifying near-IR variable Be starsp. 416
Structure of the circumstellar envelope of [psi] Persei at large radiip. 418
A hidden class of Be stars?p. 420
Energy distribution of Be starsp. 422
Continuous spectra of circumstellar envelopes of Be starsp. 425
High-precision continuum rectification. Towards an abundance analysis of Be and Bn starsp. 427
IR-radio spectral indices for Be starsp. 429
Problems of modelization of circumstellar matter out of equilibriump. 431
Optical Resolution of Be Star Envelopesp. 435
Candidates of Be stars for GI2T interferometryp. 448
Seven Be stars resolved by optical long-baseline interferometryp. 450
The Wind-Compressed Disk Modelp. 455
Two-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations of wind-compressed disks around rapidly rotating B-starsp. 469
Latitude dependent radiative wind model for Be stars: line profiles and intensity mapsp. 470
Continuum flux and polarization in B[e] supergiantsp. 473
The Basic Physics of Hot-Star Windsp. 475
Radiatively driven winds of OB starsp. 487
Radiation-accelerated ions in hot star winds: heating and "turbulence" effectsp. 490
A simple model for a relatively driven metallic wind in A0 starsp. 492
Smooth winds and clumped winds for early-type starsp. 494
Line profiles in expanding atmospheresp. 496
Non-thermal velocities in the stellar wind of early-type starsp. 498
Understanding the P Cygni profilep. 500
Improved modelling for spatially resolved spectroscopy of a P Cyg envelopep. 502
The hard life of clumps in atmospheres of early-type starsp. 505
Time-Dependent Phenomena in OB Star Windsp. 507
Wind Variability in O-Type Starsp. 517
International multiwavelength campaigns on short-term variability of OB stars: optical polarimetryp. 530
High resolution spectroscopy at the ESO 50 cm telescope: spectroscopic monitoring of luminous hot starsp. 532
The stellar wind of [actual symbol not reproducible] Ori and its variabilityp. 534
Observed variety of timescales in variability of P Cygnip. 536
Stellar winds in A-type supergiantsp. 538
Author Indexp. 541
Objects Indexp. 544
Subject Indexp. 548
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ISBN: 9780792330455
ISBN-10: 0792330455
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 550
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.88 x 15.75  x 2.97
Weight (kg): 0.79

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