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Proceedings of the Seventh ASTM-Euratom Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry, Strasbourg, France, 27-31 August 1990 - G. Tsotridis

Proceedings of the Seventh ASTM-Euratom Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry, Strasbourg, France, 27-31 August 1990

By: G. Tsotridis (Editor), R. Dierckx (Editor), P. D'Hondt (Editor)

Hardcover ISBN: 9780792317920
Number Of Pages: 954

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The Euratom Working Group on Reactor Dosimetry (EWGRD) started around 1960 with members nominated by the governments selected from each European laboratory working in reactor physics and technology. The goal was to exchange expience and knowhow in reactor dosimetry and related programmes. The EWGRD works in close contact with the American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM) and seven symposia have been jointly organized and held alternatively in Europe and the U.S.A. This volume presents the lectures given at the seventh symposium held in Strasbourg, France. Standardizing physics dosimetry and materials was a major topic. There was much interest in light water reactor pressure vessel surveillance work and in Plant life extension work. Several papers report on the results of multinational joint research projects designed to improve the accuracy of pressure vessel dosimetry and materials property trend curves by performing interrelated experiments in a number of well-characterized neutron fields.

Organization of the 7th ASTM-Euratom Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry
Surveillance for Life Attainment and License Renewalp. 3
Magnox Reactor Pressure Vessel Dosimetry - A New Assessmentp. 13
A Comparison of Fracture Toughness Data on a Pressure Vessel With the ASME KIR Curvep. 21
Etude de l'Influence du Spectre Neutronique sur la Fragilisation des Aciers de Cuve de Reacteurs a Eau Pressuriseep. 31
Power Reactor Embrittlement Data Basep. 41
An Analysis of the H.B. Robinson Unit 2 PWR using the Monte-Carlo Code McBENDp. 53
Analysis of Pressure Vessel Cavity and Surveillance Capsule Dosimetry from a Two Loop PWRp. 63
Measures Speciales en REP: Saint-Laurent B1p. 73
Effect of Axial Flux Density Variations on the Determination of Neutron Fluences for LWR-PV Dosimetryp. 83
Accuracy Determination in Neutron Flux Density Monitoringp. 91
Pressure Vessel Neutron Dosimetry at Arkansas Nuclear One, Past, Present and Futurep. 97
ASTM Standards in Support of Codes and Regulations Associated with LWR Power Plant Licensing, Operation and Surveillancep. 105
Contribution of the VENUS-Engineering Mock-up Experiment to the LWR-PV Surveillancep. 115
Benchmark Field Study of Deep Neutron Penetrationp. 125
Analysis of Pressure Vessel Cavity and Surveillance Capsule Dosimetry from a two Loop PWRp. 135
Surveillance Neutron Dosimetry and Cavity Neutron Flux Monitoring at Czechoslovak VVER-440 Power Reactorsp. 145
Reactor Vessel Fluence Monitoring and Reductionp. 153
Determination des Caracteristiques Neutroniques du Programme de Surveillance des Tranches Francaises-REP de 900 MWep. 161
Calculation and Measurement of Neutron Flux Distributions at the WWER-440 Pressure Vesselp. 171
An Improved Method for Monitoring Neutron Dose on PWR Vessel Steel by Flux Spectrum Measurement with a Few Nonfissionable Foilsp. 179
BandW Reactor Dosimetry Programsp. 187
Determination of the Doses Absorbed by the Chooz a PWR Vessel. Summary and Conclusions of Investigationsp. 197
Comparison of Fast Fluences Determined via Fe-, Nb-, and ThO-Detectors with Theoretical Values for Several Irradiation Positions in BWR and PWRp. 205
Experiences from an International Unfolding Intercomparison with Bonner Spheresp. 215
Bayesian Unfolding of Pulse-Height Spectrap. 223
Multiple Scattering Resonance Self-Shielding Factors in Wiresp. 231
PC Programs for the Conversion of Neutron Spectra and Cross Sections Between Different Group and Point Representationsp. 239
On the Importance of Neutron Self Shielding in Activation Detectors and the Influence of Covers Around the Detectorsp. 247
Measurement of Neutron Spectra at KUR and SPR, by Multi-Foil Activation Methodsp. 255
The U Fission Neutron Spectrum Adjusted with Multi-Foil Activation Datap. 263
Adjusted Spectra for Three GODIVA Type Reactorsp. 271
Neutron Flux Calculations on Fast Breeder Reactors with the Programme DLSp. 281
Uses and Abuses of Adjustment. A Critical Review of Common Practicep. 291
Reference Data File for Neutron Spectrum Adjustment and Related Radiation Damage Calculationsp. 299
Uncertainties in Damage Prediction-Comparison of two Methodsp. 307
The "MACH-1" Code for Coupled Neutron, Photon and Electron Transport by the MONTE CARLO Methodp. 315
Parameter and Fluence-Rate Covariances in Lepriconp. 323
Experiences with Nb Dosimeters for Neutron Flux Measurementsp. 331
Nuclear Model Calculation of Dosimetry Reactions on Nbp. 341
Improvements in ENDF/B-VIIron and Possible Impacts on Pressure Vessel Surveillance Dosimetryp. 349
International Reactor Dosimetry File (IRDF-90) Status and Testingp. 357
Measurement of the Isotopic Abundance of Fe in Natural Iron by Means of Neutron Activationp. 363
Measurement of the Nb(n,2n) Nb Cross Section in a U Fission Spectrump. 371
Transmission of Neutrons of 20 keV to 1 MeV through Ironp. 377
Radiometric Measurement of Cumulative Mass Chain Fission Yields for Uranium-235 and Plutonium-239 from Hard Fast Reactor Core Spectrum to Reflector/Blanket Degraded Neutron Spectrap. 385
Accurate Calculations of Neutron Kerma and Damage From ENDF/B-VI Evaluations for Silicon, Chromium, Iron and Nickel, and Comparison with ENDF/B-V Resultsp. 393
Isotopic Abundance in Natural Ironp. 403
Nuclear Data Needs for Fusion Programsp. 413
Measurement of Average Cross Sections for Several Dosimetry Reactions in a Thick Target Li (d,n) Neutron Fieldp. 421
Study of Neutron Diagnostics for the Compact Tokamak Ignitorp. 429
Measurements of Activation Cross Sections for Fusion Reactor Applicationsp. 437
Microscopic Integral Cross Section Measurements in the Be(d,n) Neutron Spectrum for Applications in Neutron Dosimetry, Radiation Damage and the Production of Long-lived Radionuclidesp. 445
Status of Radiation Damage Evaluation in Fusion Materials Irradiation Experimentsp. 453
Determination of High Energy Neutron Flux (E ] 10 MeV) in Two Light Water Reactorsp. 463
Present State of Neutron Metrology in the High Flux Reactorp. 471
High Dose High Temperature Dosimetry Using Radiothermoluminescent Materialsp. 483
Thermal Dynamics of Calorimeter Systemsp. 491
Intercomparison of Gamma-Ray Dose Rate Measurement Techniques and Calculation Results for Several Benchmark Radiation Fieldsp. 499
Neutron and Gamma Calculations for Future Irradiation Devices in the BR2 Materials Testing Reactorp. 507
Neutron Spectrum Studies in the ATRp. 517
Assessment of the Fast Neutron Sensitivity of Thermoluminescent Gamma Dosimetersp. 529
Photofission Effects in BandW 177-FA Reactor Vessel Surveillance Capsule Dosimetersp. 537
Comparison of the Calculated to Measured Values of the Integrated Gamma Dose in the Cavity of a Full-Scale Operating Power Reactorp. 547
Reaction Rates Observed in a Mixed Plutonium-Uranium Solution Critical Assemblyp. 557
Characterization of Gamma and Neutron Radiation Fields at Power Reactors in the U.S.p. 567
Calculated Neutron Spectra of Fast Pulsed Reactorsp. 575
Effects of Spectral Perturbation on Calculated Damage Coefficientsp. 583
Dosimetry in Neutron and Gamma Environment Issued From the Fast Burst "CALIBAN" Reactorp. 591
The Advanced Neutron Source Reactor: An Overviewp. 599
Calculation and Measurement of Neutron and Gamma-Ray Fluxes in and Around Reactorsp. 611
Simulation Fidelity in Reactor Irradiation of Electronicsp. 619
Analysis of the VENUS-3 Experimentsp. 627
Benchmark Experiments with 14 MeV Neutrons Transmitted Through Pb, Fe, Ni and Alp. 635
Interpretation of PWR Vessel Fluence Benchmarks Coupled Neutrons-Gamma transportp. 643
Dosimetry Techniques and Methods used to obtain Reactor Cavity Dosimetry Benchmark Data for Vessel Fluence Analysis at Davis-Besselp. 651
Calibration and Intercomparison Efforts for Neutron Fluence Monitoringp. 661
Effect of ENDF/B-VI Cross Sections on Neutron Dosimetryp. 669
Learnings from a Joint Italian-Belgian Neutronic Characterization of the Tapiro Source Reactorp. 677
Gamma-Ray Induced Displacements in D O Reactorsp. 689
DPA Versus Fluence (E ] 1 MeV) for Reactor Vessel Wall Attenuationp. 699
Comparison of Measured Silicon Displacement Damage Ratios with ASTME-722 and NJOY Calculated Damagep. 711
Analysis of Instrumented Charpy Data in the PR-EDBp. 719
Neutron Displacement Damage Functions for Ironp. 729
Modified Damage Parameters Applied To a Typical Light Water Reactor's Pressure Vessel Supportsp. 739
The Application of Niobium for Retrospective Dose Determination in CANDU Reactorsp. 749
New Reference Materials Prepared at CBNM for Reactor Neutron Dosimetryp. 757
Electron Leakage Models for the Evaluation of Self-Powered Detectors Responsesp. 765
Experiences with the Reaction Nb(n,n') Nb in Neutron Fluence Monitoringp. 773
Automated Reader for Solid-State Fission Track Recordersp. 781
The use of Neutron-Sensitive Diodes as Monitors for 1 MeV Equivalent Neutronsp. 789
Plant Life Extension Related Applications of Solid State Track Recorder Neutron Dosimetryp. 797
A Review of the Development of a Luggage Explosive Detection Systemp. 807
A Novel On-Line Neutron Dosimeter Based on a Conducting Polymerp. 817
Benchmark Referencing of Solid State Track Recorder Neutron Dosimeters in Standard Neutron Fieldsp. 825
A Position-Sensitive Detector for Thermal Neutron and Gamma Field Mappingp. 835
Induced X-Ray Emission in Niobium Foil Dosimetersp. 843
The Radfet System for Real-Time Dosimetry in Nuclear Facilitiesp. 851
Fast Neutron Dosimetry of the Reactor Pressure Vessel by Means of the Scraping Sampling Method. Measurement of the Niobium Mass by TXRF Spectrometryp. 861
Radiation Dosimetry with Fiber-Optic Sensorsp. 867
Niobium as an Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry for PWRSp. 875
A study of a Proton Accelerator System as a Source of Epithermal and Thermal Neutrons at Fluence Rates Characteristics of Nuclear Reactor Beamsp. 885
Evaluation of Two Threshold Foil Neutron Spectrometry Methods for In Phantom Measurementsp. 891
Experience Sphere Pulsee Appliquee au Transport des Neutrons dans l'Azote Liquidep. 899
Progress in neutron beam development at the HFR-Petten (feasibility study for a BNCT-facility)p. 907
Radioiodine Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plant Airborne Emissions Under Accident Conditionsp. 915
Adjustment Methods, Cross-Section Files, Uncertainties and REAL88p. 925
Gamma-ray dosimetryp. 926
Neutron dosimetry with Niobiump. 928
LWR surveillance dosimetryp. 929
Dosimetry for irradiation facilities at test and research reactorsp. 930
Radiation Damage Correlationsp. 931
Reactor life assessmentp. 933
Problems with activation detectorsp. 934
Dosimetry for fusion applicationsp. 935
Participants of Seventh ASTM-Euratom Symposiump. 939
Author Indexp. 949
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