Princess and the Puck : McKenzie Cousins : Book 6 - Lexi Buchanan

Princess and the Puck

By: Lexi Buchanan

eBook | 16 August 2018

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Paige McKenzie no longer dreams about having a husband and two-point-five children, a dog, and a white picket fence, those dreams died when the doctor told her she was sick.

Now she's in recovery all she wants is to be left alone to heal. Except Seth Reynolds refuses to let her fall into the deep depression he senses under the surface. He seems to think he knows her better than anyone, and maybe he does.

Seth refuses to leave Paige alone. Her family listened to the pigheaded woman, but he refuses to do so. He hasn't spent all his time at her side throughout her treatment to be cast aside now.

He knows his reputation on and off the ice, and that's because he chose it to be that way—doesn't mean its true. He's determined to prove to Paige that he's the man for her, and by doing so he's slowly going to bring her back to life and show her how to live again, with him.

His Princess isn't going to know what's hit her when he gives her his Puck!


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