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Prescriber's Guide : Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology - Stephen M. Stahl

Prescriber's Guide

Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology


Published: 15th May 2014
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Published: 15th May 2014
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Published: 31st March 2017
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This completely revised and updated edition of Stephen M. Stahl's much-acclaimed Prescriber's Guide is the latest addition to the Essential Psychopharmacology range. Seven new drugs have been added, and every drug has been revised and updated to take into account new regulations and uses. In full color throughout, and with four or more pages for each of the more than 100 psychotropic drugs, Stephen M. Stahl distills his great expertise into a pragmatic formulary that gives all the information a prescriber needs to treat patients effectively. Each drug is covered in five categories: general therapeutics, dosing and use, side effects, special populations, and pearls. Target icons appear next to key categories for each drug so the prescriber can go easily and instantly to the information needed. Several indices are included, listing drugs by name (generic and international), use, and class. In addition, Dr. Stahl indicates which drugs have FDA approval and also gives the FDA Use-in-Pregnancy Ratings.


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Review of previous edition: 'This manual has all the characteristics of a true bestseller. The format is very attractive, the information is complete, the consultation is easy. In no other recent text will a clinician find so much information in such a concise and user-friendly format.' Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica Review of previous edition: 'The book's major strength is its readability and user friendliness. The art of psychopharmacology is finally given the space it deserves ... This guidebook is an excellent source of information for the art of prescribing psychotropic medications and belongs in every clinician's library.' The Annals of Pharmacotherapy Review of previous edition: 'I recommend the Guide as an excellent and easy-to-read reference for practitioners who may be seeking an improved comfort zone with psychotropic drugs.' Canadian Journal of Psychiatry Review of previous edition: 'Those who are conversant with the other textbooks on essential psychopharmacology written by the author will find the present textbook particularly useful as a practical application of the principles presented in those texts. However, this Guide will also be of assistance to any prescribing physician who wishes to obtain a short, clearly presented account of the drugs used in psychiatric practice.' Human Psychopharmacology 'This is an exceptional resource for clinicians who prescribe psychiatric drugs for their patients. The unique way it presents the information makes it useful to both prescribers and nonprescribers. Dr Stahl's presentation of the information makes it useful to physicians, residents, and medical students. Even seasoned psychopharmacologists will find this useful.' Doody's Reviews '[Dr Stahl] crams a remarkable amount of concisely expressed, up-to-date information into his book ... The combination of up-to-date information with such a reader friendly presentation is what makes Dr Stahl's work so welcome.' Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

1. Acamprosate; 2. Agomelatine; 3. Alprazolam; 4. Amisulpride; 5. Amitriptyline; 6. Amoxapine; 7. Amphetamine (d); 8. Amphetamine (d,l); 9. Aripiprazole; 10. Armadafinil; 11. Asenapine; 12. Atomoxetine; 13. Benztropine; 14. Blonanserin; 15. Buprenorphine; 16. Bupropion; 17. Buspirone; 18. Caprylidene; 19. Carbamazepine; 20. Chlordiazepoxide; 21. Chlorpromazine; 22. Citalopram; 23. Clomipramine; 24. Clonazepam; 25. Clonidine; 26. Clorazepate; 27. Clozapine; 28. Cyamemazine; 29. Desipramine; 30. Desvenlafaxine; 31. Dextromethorphan; 32. Diazepam; 33. Diphenhydramine; 34. Disulfiram; 35. Donepezil; 36. Dothiepin; 37. Doxepin; 38. Duloxetine; 39. Escitalopram; 40. Estazolam; 41. Eszopiclone; 42. Flumazenil; 43. Flunitrazepam; 44. Fluoxetine; 45. Fluphenthixol; 46. Fluphenazine; 47. Flurazepam; 48. Fluvoxamine; 49. Gabapentin; 50. Galantamine; 51. Guanfacine; 52. Haloperidol; 53. Hydroxyzine; 54. I-methylfolate; 55. Iloperidone; 56. Imipramine; 57. Isocarboxazid; 58. Ketamine; 59. Lamotrigine; 60. Levetiracetam; 61. Levomilnacipran; 62. Lisdexamfetamine; 63. Lithium; 64. Lorcaserin; 65. Lofepramine; 66. Loflazeptate; 67. Lorazepam; 68. Loxapine; 69. Lurasidone; 70. Mainserin; 71. Maprotiline; 72. Memantine; 73. Mesoridazine; 74. Methylphenidate (d); 75. Midazolam; 76. Milnacipran; 77. Mirtazapine; 78. Moclobemide; 79. Modafinil; 80. Molindone; 81. Nalmefene; 82. Naltrexone; 83. Nefazodone; 84. Nortriptyline; 85. Olanzapine; 86. Oxazepam; 87. Oxcarbazepine; 88. Paliperidone; 89. Paroxetine; 90. Perospirone; 91. Perphenazine; 92. Phenelzine; 93. Phentermine-topiramate; 94. Pimozide; 95. Pipothiazine; 96. Prazosin; 97. Pregabalin; 98. Propranolol; 99. Protriptyline; 100. Quazepam; 101. Quetiapine; 102. Ramelteon; 103. Reboxetine; 104. Risperidone; 105. Rivastigmine; 106. Selegiline; 107. Sertindole; 108. Sertraline; 109. Sodium Oxybate; 110. Sulpiride; 111. Temazepam; 112. Thioridazine; 113. Thiothixene; 114. Tiagabine; 115. Tianeptine; 116. Trihexyphenidyl; 117. Triiodothyronine; 118. Topiramate; 119. Tranylcypromide; 120. Trazodone; 121. Triazolam; 122. Trifluoperazine; 123. Trimipramine; 124. Valproate; 125. Varenicline; 126. Venlafaxine; 127. Vortioxetine; 128. Zalepron; 129. Ziprasidone; 130. Zolpidem; 131. Zonisamide; 132. Zopiclone; 133. Zotepine; 134. Zuclopenthixol.

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