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Prehistoric Giants : The Megafauna of Australia  : Museum Victoria Nature Series : Book 2 - Danielle Clode

Prehistoric Giants : The Megafauna of Australia

Museum Victoria Nature Series : Book 2

By: Danielle Clode

Paperback | 1 May 2009

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Prehistoric Giants, the second in the Museum Victoria Nature series, introduces the reader to the amazing world of Australian megafauna in the Pleistoceine era. Imagine an Australian landscape in which Diprotodon optatum roamed - this rhinoceros-sized diprotodon was probably the largest marsupial ever to exist. There was also the awesome Megalania prisca, an enormeous goanna-like carnivore that weighed at least 600 kilos and grew to 5.5 metres long. Even Zaglossus hacketii, an echidna, was the size of a sheep!

About The Author

Danielle Clode is the author of six non-fiction titles on topics ranging from megafauna to French explorers. Her first book, Killers in Eden, was made into an award winning documentary. Voyages to the South Seas won the 2007 Nettie Palmer Prize for Non Fiction in the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards and is currently being translated for publication in France. Prehistoric Giants: the megafauna of Australia has been shortlisted the the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Her latest book, A Future in Flames, is a timely exploration of Australia’s bushfire history and how we chose to live with fire.

Danielle has a background in psychology and a doctorate in zoology and teaches scientific writing and non-fiction writing across Australia. She is an associate at the University of Melbourne and still publishes the occasional scientific paper, just to keep her hand in.

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