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Practical HTML 4 : Practical - Lee Ann Phillips

Practical HTML 4


Paperback Published: 30th August 1999
ISBN: 9780789721488
Number Of Pages: 720

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Practical HTML 4 is a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to creating web pages using HTML. Using practical advice and techniques that are used in the real world, this book helps you create web pages quickly and with minimum fuss. Task-oriented, easy-to-navigate tutorials begin on the basics of creating web pages, then move on to more complex tasks. You will learn to add images and multimedia, then control the presentation of your site using Cascading Style Sheets, Tables, and Frames. From there you'll move into more advanced topics, starting with Interactivity and Dynamic HTML. The book then shows how to market your site and how to get the most out of your efforts and design.

Introductionp. 1
Why This Book?p. 3
Who Should Use This Bookp. 4
How This Book Is Organizedp. 5
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 6
Creating the Basic Web Page
What You Need to Get Startedp. 11
Get Startedp. 12
Requirements for Using HTMLp. 13
Finding an HTML Editor That Fits Your Needsp. 17
Choosing an Application to Create or Modify Graphicsp. 21
Understanding More About HTMLp. 23
Champagne Design on a Beer Budgetp. 25
Building the Foundationp. 33
Your First Web Pagep. 34
Create Your Text First!p. 34
Creating a Page Skeletonp. 36
Identifying the Major Sectionsp. 38
Titling the Page So Users Can Find It in a Bookmark Listp. 39
Setting Background and Other Colors for the Documentp. 41
Adding Content to Your Page Templatep. 43
Providing Structurep. 45
Adding Visual Structurep. 46
Outlining Your Page with Headingsp. 46
Structuring with Paragraphsp. 47
Formatting Large Quotationsp. 49
Using Pre-Formatted Textp. 53
Centering and Other Paragraph Alignmentsp. 55
Creating Other Document Divisionsp. 57
Using Horizontal Rules to Create Major Separationsp. 58
Adding Contextp. 61
Describing Text Functionp. 62
Creating Different Levels of Emphasisp. 63
Identifying Abbreviations and Definitionsp. 65
Marking Variables, Input, Output, and Codep. 68
Inserting Quotes in the Textp. 72
Documenting Inserted or Deleted Textp. 73
Changing Text Directionp. 75
Using Basic Stylep. 79
Creating Physical Markupp. 80
Making Text Bold and Italicizedp. 80
Striking Out Textp. 83
Underlined Textp. 84
Big Text, Small Text: A Safe Way to Change Font Sizep. 87
Simulating Typewriter Textp. 89
Adding Subscripts and Superscriptsp. 91
Using Line Breaksp. 93
Creating Listsp. 99
Lists Organize Informationp. 100
Making a Numbered List for Ordered Itemsp. 100
Using Different Numbering Systemsp. 102
Creating a Bulleted List for Items Without a Logical Orderp. 105
Changing Bullet Typesp. 107
Nested Listsp. 109
Using Definition Lists to Create a Glossary or Link Listp. 112
Using Other List Typesp. 115
Adding Linksp. 117
Using Links to Expand Your Pagep. 118
Using Formal Links to Define a Businesslike Site Structurep. 119
Using Informal Links Inline to Create a Homelike Structurep. 122
Linking Within the Pagep. 123
Linking to Other Pages on the Same Sitep. 125
Linking to Other Sitesp. 127
Including Images and Multimedia
Adding Images to a Web Pagep. 133
Creating Visual Impactp. 134
Adding Imagesp. 134
Controlling Image Sizep. 137
Flowing Text Around Imagesp. 139
Using Images as Linksp. 140
Are Pictures Worth a Thousand Words? Navigating with Iconsp. 142
Displaying Thumbnail Images to Improve Load Timesp. 145
Simulating Exotic Fonts with Graphicsp. 146
Using Background Images Effectivelyp. 149
Using Images to Provide Visual Landmarksp. 152
Establishing Brand Recognition with Unique Elementsp. 154
Using Imagemaps for Navigationp. 157
Navigating with Imagesp. 158
Finding an Appropriate Visual Metaphorp. 158
Creating the Imagemapp. 163
Providing Alternative Navigationp. 165
Making Link Names Meaningfulp. 167
Using Imagemap Toolsp. 168
Animating Graphicsp. 173
Draw Attention with Animationp. 174
Attracting Attention with Animationsp. 174
Special Animation Effectsp. 175
Using Animation Toolsp. 178
Using Animation to Load Placeholder Images Quicklyp. 180
Adding Sound and Videop. 183
Entertain with Sound and Videop. 184
Using .WAV and .AU Filesp. 184
Include MIDI Filesp. 193
Setting the Atmosphere with Background Musicp. 196
Using QuickTime and AVI to Add Videop. 197
Streaming Audio and Video from a Personal Web Sitep. 201
Including Java Appletsp. 207
Understanding What Java Isp. 208
Finding Pre-Written Javap. 209
Adding Java Applets to Your Pagesp. 211
Providing Interactive Contentp. 214
Maintaining Security on Your Sitep. 215
Games and Other Crowd Pleasersp. 216
Fun Stuff and Kitschp. 218
Controlling Presentationp. 223
Using Cascading Style Sheets to Define Appearancep. 225
Why Use Cascading Style Sheets?p. 226
Inserting Style Sheet Information in Your Pagesp. 226
Changing Font Faces and Sizesp. 230
Changing Background and Text Colorsp. 232
Different Displays for Different Mediap. 234
Creating a Uniform Look and Feel for an Entire Sitep. 237
Controlling Layout with Cascading Style Sheetsp. 239
Pros and Cons of Using Style Sheetsp. 240
Controlling Margins and Other White Spacep. 240
Placing Text Where You Want Itp. 242
Spot Color with CSS Attributesp. 243
Use Style Sheet Color and Placement to Decorate Your Page Without Graphicsp. 248
Creating Tables for Datap. 253
Visual Organizationp. 254
Making a Simple Tablep. 254
Creating Complex Tablesp. 259
Dividing the Table into Sectionsp. 260
Grouping Common Table Elementsp. 263
Providing a Table Captionp. 264
Using Tables for Page Layoutp. 267
Why Use Tables for Page Layout?p. 268
Creating a Left-Margin Navigation Barp. 269
Adding Whitespace with Table Cellsp. 274
Creating Framesp. 279
Creating a Framep. 280
Using Frames for Page Layoutp. 288
Creating Complex Framesp. 292
Putting Frames to Basic Usesp. 298
Naming and Navigating Framesp. 303
Making Frames Easy to Usep. 304
Loading Content into Existing Windowsp. 305
Loading Content into a New Windowp. 310
Using Special Target Namesp. 312
Creating a Navigation Barp. 314
Creating a Floating Navigation Barp. 318
Using Floating Framesp. 318
Adding Interactivity
Creating HTML Formsp. 325
Forms Collect Informationp. 326
Use Forms to Organize User Input Logicallyp. 326
Creating Your First Formp. 327
Adding Text Fields with the [INPUT] Tagp. 329
Creating Radio Buttonsp. 330
Free-Form Text Inputp. 337
Uploading a Document Through a Formp. 340
Making Forms Self-Explanatoryp. 343
Using a Scripting Languagep. 345
Inserting Scripts into HTMLp. 346
Adding Date and Time Information to a Pagep. 351
Adding User Information to a Pagep. 354
Using Scripts to Interact with the Userp. 356
Highlighting Menu Items with Special Graphicsp. 362
Adding Layersp. 371
What Are Layers?p. 372
Creating a Layerp. 373
Balloon Helpp. 385
Animating the Page and Other Special Effectsp. 390
Simulating Layers with Inline Frames and Dynamic HTMLp. 392
Dynamically Changing Stylep. 395
Choosing What You Want to Accomplishp. 396
Creating the Basic Document with HTMLp. 396
Adding Style Elementsp. 398
Using Scripts to Modify Stylep. 402
Handling Browser Differencesp. 411
Making Style Decisions at Load Timep. 415
Using Interactive Style Controls to Handle User Preferencesp. 417
Dynamically Changing Page Contentp. 421
Deciding What Content Should Change and Howp. 422
Creating the Basic Documentp. 423
Adding the Change Elementsp. 424
Using Scripts to Modify Contentp. 424
Handling Browser Differencesp. 446
Using CGIp. 451
CGI on the Webp. 452
Web-Based Emailp. 454
Message Boardsp. 463
Guest Booksp. 466
Restricting Site/Page Accessp. 468
Processing Ordersp. 471
Data Miningp. 473
A Few Notes About CGp. 477
Advanced Topics
Using Meta Information to Describe Your Documentp. 481
Information About Informationp. 482
Make Page Descriptions Visible to Search Enginesp. 482
Rate Your Site to Attract a Preferred Audiencep. 484
Define an Expiration Date to Keep Content Freshp. 486
Document Relationships Between Your Pages and Other Content Informationp. 487
Using Client-Pull Pages to Control a Slide Showp. 491
Creating Widely Accessible Web Pagesp. 493
Accessibility is Being Ignoredp. 494
Making Pages Accessible to Persons with Vision Disabilitiesp. 494
Making Pages Accessible to Persons with Motor Disabilitiesp. 495
Making Pages Accessible to Persons with Hearing Disabilitiesp. 495
Making Pages that Work on Different Browsersp. 496
A Woman's Bookstore in Africap. 507
Making Pages More Accessible for Everyonep. 515
Handling Language Differencesp. 516
HTML Publishing
Validating Your HTMLp. 521
Ensuring Valid HTMLp. 522
Using a Web-Based Validatorp. 523
Validating a Site with Local Toolsp. 535
Publishing Your Web Pagesp. 551
A Web Site Needs a Homep. 552
Finding a Web Homep. 552
Do I Need a Dedicated Domain?p. 557
What About Bandwidth?p. 560
Use FTP to Upload and Download Pagesp. 562
Telnet and Other Power-User Toolsp. 564
Using Dedicated Publishing Environmentsp. 565
Publicizing Your New Web Sitep. 565
Maintaining Your Web Sitep. 569
Keeping Your Site Fresh and Updated Is Importantp. 570
Dealing with Changes: Project Managementp. 570
Keeping Up with the Times: Making Sure Content Is Currentp. 573
Keeping Track of Linksp. 574
Using Traffic Reports to Fine-Tune Your Web Sitep. 577
HTML Backgroundp. 582
Quick Referencep. 583
Attributesp. 598
Intrinsic Eventsp. 602
CSS Quick Referencep. 603
Style Sheet Examplep. 604
Quick Referencep. 605
Backgroundp. 625
Browser Supportp. 626
Handling Bugs Gracefullyp. 628
Referencep. 629
Notes on CSS2, the Next Generation of Style Sheetsp. 629
Colorsp. 631
Making Sense of Colorp. 632
Using Color on the World Wide Webp. 632
HTML 4.0 Named Colorsp. 634
Netscape Named Colorsp. 635
Browser-Safe Colorsp. 641
Entities and Charactersp. 643
Characters Not on Your Keyboardp. 644
HTML 4.0 Character Entitiesp. 644
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ISBN: 9780789721488
ISBN-10: 0789721481
Series: Practical
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 720
Published: 30th August 1999
Publisher: Pearson Education (US)
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 19.68  x 4.45
Weight (kg): 1.23