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Possums, Persimmons and Petticoats - Verba Lee Birge

Possums, Persimmons and Petticoats

Paperback Published: 26th April 2007
ISBN: 9781425733605
Number Of Pages: 76

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Mrs. Susie and Joshua had no matches and they were alone, tired and hungry. It was late August when Mrs. Susie Jones and her lame nine-year-old grandson Joshua had believed they were fortunate to be accompanying the last wagon train of the season that was bound for Oregon. Joshua's uncles were already there and were anxious for Josh and Grandmother to arrive. Mrs. Susie's team of mules and wagon of supplies were envied by Mr. Ferguson the Wagon Master. After two weeks on the trail west of Independence, Missouri he insisted that his men drive all of the wagons and the travelers walk. This, he claimed would help them to travel faster. Each person was required to carry a personal pack. Mrs. Susie was too weak to resist. When she became ill and overcome with weakness she could not walk fast but the others continued. It was nearing sundown when she and Joshua realized that they were completely alone on the trail. Their mules, wagon and supplies had been taken from them. All they had was the pack each carried on his back. Josh walked closer to Grandmother. "Are they really leaving us? I am scared, are you?" Grandmother smiled weakly and pointed to the little creek. "We always feel better after we've eaten, and had a drink. I have some food. Let's eat and rest for a few minutes then we will find shelter for the night." "Grandmother, we need food, shelter and fuel and I saw a big fish in the creek." Grandmother chuckled, "you are a thinker! My father told me often, 'Susie, a person can overcome most hardships if he remembers to think, plan and be calm.' Joshua, see that uprooted tree? Let's investigate." Sure enough, there was a cave-like opening underneath large enough for a small room. After making sure there were no varmints or crawling creatures inside, Grandmother said, "Well, well, my grandson, my partner, I do believe that we are to be the only guests here tonight. It seems to be a good Inn." Together they placed several branches across the opening to form a makeshift door. Admiring their work Joshua picked up a big stick and said, "If an old possum tries to get in I'll just go whack him and say, 'Mr. Possum, this Inn has no extra room.'" The sun was shining. They went to the creek, washed and drank and filled their cups with water before returning to the Inn. They picked up dead branches for a fire. Grandmother made a fire and set their cups on flat stones near it. They would have hot tea and dried apples while they opened their packs and checked their belongings. Joshua had a gift package that he had not opened. The Blacksmith had instructed him to tell no one except Grandmother and soon he would know why. Joshua was so excited that he had difficulty untying his package, then, "Look, look, a hatchet! A sling shot, a flint and steel, a pocketknife and tiny whetstone and oh, Grandmother three fish hooks and lines. We will not be hungry. I can catch fish!" Grandmother's pack had a special package too. It seemed that she had wrapped all their food packages in linen bags made from petticoats. Two special bags were spices and vegetable seeds and her sewing kit containing scissors, needles, an awl, thimble, linen thread, yarn, and a tiny piece of bees-wax. When Grandmother was nearly finished emptying the pack Joshua held his breath. "New boots! When, where, how and will they fit?" When he attempted to put one on he jerked his foot back. There was something in the boot. "It won't hurt you." Grandmother was laughing as she removed two pairs of socks from one boot and a box with six canes of peppermint candy from the other. Joshua hugged Grandmother. "Because you are wise and I am a good helper we will be alright. We will think and plan and remain calm and when winter gets here we will have food, fuel and shelter."

ISBN: 9781425733605
ISBN-10: 1425733603
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 76
Published: 26th April 2007
Publisher: Xlibris
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 22.9 x 15.2  x 0.5
Weight (kg): 0.12

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