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Pose, Wobble, Flow : A Liberatory Approach to Literacy Learning in All Classrooms - Cindy O'Donnell-Allen Antero Garcia

Pose, Wobble, Flow

A Liberatory Approach to Literacy Learning in All Classrooms

By: Cindy O'Donnell-Allen Antero Garcia

eText | 26 April 2024 | Edition Number 2

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Pose, Wobble, Flow presents an exciting, liberatory framework for disrupting the pervasive myth that there is one set of surefire, culturally neutral best practices. In this new edition, the authors update and expand their pedagogical model to support lifelong success for teachers of all subject areas and grade levels. Providing six different teaching stances or “poses” that teachers can use to meet the needs of all students, this popular resource offers guidance for teaching and learning in today’s challenging sociopolitical climate. The authors describe how teachers can expect to “wobble” as they adapt instruction to the needs of their students, while also incorporating new insights about their own positionality and preconceptions of teaching. Readers are encouraged to recognize this flexibility as a positive process or “flow” that can be used to address challenges and adopt ambitious teaching strategies like those depicted in this book. Each chapter highlights a particular pose, describes how to work through common wobbles, incorporates teacher voices, and provides discussion activities for collective teacher inquiry.


“In Pose, Wobble, Flow, Garcia and O’Donnell-Allen remind all of us that teaching is not about following directions: it’s about listening to our students and paying attention to the social forces that shape their lives; about learning how to navigate department, school, district, and federal rules to benefit our students so we can keep a job while we continue to honor our core beliefs about education.”
—Linda Christensen, director, Oregon Writing Project, Lewis & Clark College

“Antero Garcia and Cindy O’Donnell-Allen have written a book about teaching that I’ve been hoping someone would write. They deftly provide a clear and insightful framework from which any thoughtful teacher can build a vital practice, while also inserting a wealth of examples to ground the framework in working classrooms. It’s a must-have for preservice and inservice teachers who care about their teaching.”
—Bob Fecho, professor and department head, University of Georgia


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