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Political Dissidence Under Nero : The Price of Dissimulation - Vasily Rudich

Political Dissidence Under Nero

The Price of Dissimulation

Hardcover Published: 1st April 1993
ISBN: 9780415069519
Number Of Pages: 388

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Vasily Rudich examines the phenomenon of dissidence from both a historical and psychological perspective. He investigates the interaction of the universal components of human motive--thought and action--with those that are culturally conditioned. He portrays the predicament of the dissident in Nero's Rome as seen and felt by the dissidents themselves, recreating their thought and conduct through their own conceptual and verbal means.
Those who endured the tribulations of Nero's rule were broadly divergent in their motives and backgrounds: they ranged from cynical opportunists to intransigent oppositioners. "Political Dissidence Under Nero" shows their various efforts at adjustment to a hostile reality through dissimulation, and places their careers in a chronological, increasingly dramatic narrative.
Although Rudich's insights may owe something to his own dissident experience under totalitarian rule in Russia, the author carefully avoids any direct parallel or retrojection. His detailed and innovative analysis of senatorial politics under the early Empire is firmly rooted in the rich evidence found in classical sources. This is a study of a society suffering from a crisis of values and of people who were at the same time the victims and perpetrators of that crisis. In turn admirable, pitiable and contemptible, they offer us remarkable examples of both political failure and moral victory.

Introduction: The Age of Dissimulation
The Years of Expectationp. 1
Death of Claudius and Nero's accession; M. Iunius Silanus
The dawn of the Golden Age; Nero's "Augustinianism"; The murder of Britannicus
The "golden five years"; Seneca and Burrus
Agrippina and Rubellius Plautus; Cornelius Sulla, Burrus, and Pallas; The Vibullius-Antistius Sosianus affair
Pomponia Graecina, the "religious dissident"; The case of Suillius Rufus; Poppaea Sabina and Otho; Iulius Montanus, a dissident by misadventure
The exile of Cornelius Sulla; Thrasea Paetus and the "theory of small deeds"
The Years of Frustrationp. 35
The matricide; Thrasea Paetus' demarche
Nero's public image; The festivals of Juvenalia and the Neronia I
The exile of Rubellius Plautus; The revolt in Britain; Agricola
The debate over the household of Pedanius Secundus; The ferocious Cassius Longinus
Memmius Regulus, the model senator; The first treason trial: Antistius Sosianus; Thrasea Paetus' "liberty"; Fabricius Veiento; Persius
Death of Burrus; The rise of Tigellinus; Seneca's retirement
Execution of Rubellius Plautus and Cornelius Sulla; The murder of Octavia
The Years of Actionp. 75
The mysterious denunciation: Thrasea Paetus' "secession"
Nero in Naples; P. Vatinus, the Imperial parasite; D. Iunius Silanus Torquatus
Sex, scandal, and glamor; Nero as werewolf; The Great Fire and persecution of the Christians
The Pisonian conspiracy: origin and membership; C. Calpurnius Piso
Lucan; Plautius Lateranus
The equestrians and the praetorians: Claudius Senecio and Subrius Flavius; Epicharis
Exposure of the plot and breakdown of the plotters: Flavius Scaevinus and antonius Natalis
Death of Seneca
Executions; The case of Faenius Rufus
Vestinus Atticus, "sexual dissident"; The victims; Musonius Rufus, "the Roman Socrates"
The winners; Milichus "the Savior"; Nerva, agent provocateur?
The Years of Decimation: Ip. 132
Queen Dido's treasure; The fiscal crisis; Confiscations and proceeds; The Roman "Gulag"; Neronia II; Death of Poppaea Sabina; Nero's matrimonial plans: Antonia and Statilia Messallina, his last wife
The attack on Cassius Longinus and L. Iunius Silanus Torquatus; The family of Antistius Vetus
The fate of Anteius Rufus and Ostorius Scapula; Antistius Sosianus, the dissident turncoat; Rufrius Crispinus; Seneca's two brothers; Annaeus Cornutus; Anicius Cerealis
Petronius, "the aesthetic dissident"
Barea Soranus and his daughter Servilia; Thrasea Paetus: "virtue itself"; The Stoicized senator; Cossutianus Capito's offensive
The trial of Thrasea Paetus; Eprius Marcellus as prosector; The crime of inactivity; Thrasea Paetus' "circle": Helvidius Priscus, Paconius Agrippinus, Curtius Montanus; Thrasea Paetus' last hours: "Behold, young man . . ."
The Years of Decimation: IIp. 180
(Digression: the Vespasianic "thaw"; The Neronian informers in the time of trouble; Helvidius Priscus versus Eprius Marcellus)
Nero's Grand Tour; Nero and the Greeks
Vespasian: the years before the purple; The outbreak of the Jewish War
The "Vinician" conspiracy; Decimation in the army: Domitius Corbulo and the Scribonii brothers
The "regency" of Helius; The fall of the Crassi; (Digression: the Vespasianic "thaw"; Senatorial campaign against the informers; The failed impeachment of Aquilius Regulus)
Nero's return; The gathering of the storm
The Year of Revolutionp. 209
"The War over Nero"; The revolt of Vindex
Verginius Rufus and his "divine and immortal deed"; Clodius Macer, the adventurer
Galba: his career and proclamation; The "pronunciamento" of Vitellius; The "Five-Day-Caesar", Piso Licinianus; Otho's putsch; Tiberius Alexander
The agony of Tigellinus; Nymphidius Sabinus and his abortive coup; Nero's end: "What an artist . . ."
Conclusionp. 239
Notesp. 245
Select bibliographyp. 328
Index of namesp. 339
Index of subjectsp. 352
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ISBN: 9780415069519
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 388
Published: 1st April 1993
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