Poetry Power : Writing, Editing, & Publishing Dynamic Poetry - Melanie Faith

Poetry Power

Writing, Editing, & Publishing Dynamic Poetry

By: Melanie Faith

Paperback | 26 October 2018

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You already know a lot more about poetry than you think. Ever recited nursery rhymes? How about sung lyrics or jingles for products? There's a bit of poetry in all of these and in much of your everyday life.

This book was written to ignite the many stages of your poetry-writing journey, from the first spark of an idea through the editing and publication process.

Chock-full of real-world advice, poetry examples, and prompts—here's inspiration to turbo-charge your verse for writers of all skill levels as well as plenty of creativity for workshops and classes within these packed pages.

Industry Reviews

“Reading Poetry Power by Melanie Faith—chock-full of humour, personal asides, and sensible, doable suggestions to improve one’s writing—I felt a continual urge to write and revise my poems. A perfect guide for the poet who wants a refresher course in the basics of this ‘little genre’ (and a few photography hints) from a new point of view and who needs a nudge to live more deliberately, Faith’s book reminds me of an intimate conversation between two engaged introverts for whom layers of complicated interior depth—juxtaposed in the ‘nooks and crannies’ of dreams and fragments of memory—hold the key to discovery and development of a unique, artistic voice that rings with universality.” Helen Losse, author of Every Tender Reed

“This is the definitive book on, for, and about poetry. Melanie more than delivers on the promise she made in the Introduction: This book is meant to reach you where you are and to withstand multiple readings as you explore your individual writer’s path. Indeed! I find that no matter what funk I’m in, I open Poetry Power and I discover my next step on my poetry journey. I know my fellow poets will too!” Mari L. McCarthy, International Best-Selling Author of Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Want To Live!

“‘I am not a poet.’ Having believed this for years, I was hesitant when Melanie asked me to read her book, Poetry Power. Since I love to read poetry, I said ‘Of course.’ After reading Poetry Power, I feel confident that yes! I could be a poet. Melanie takes her readers by the hand and walks them through the whole process of writing, publishing, editing and loving poetry. Little personal vignettes scattered throughout Poetry Power made me feel like Melanie was a friend. It was as if we were in a writing group together and she was sharing her writing secrets. Each chapter ends with a Try this Prompt that are easy and exciting to try. They range from something that might take a few minutes, to others that were more involved. In my second, third, and so on readings of Poetry Power I will jump into the prompts with feet, hands and heart. I am already making a list of the people I will be purchasing a copy of Poetry Power for—and they include writers from all genres, not just poets. This is a book that all writers will benefit from reading.” Tricia L. McDonald, Writer and CEO Splatte red Ink Press

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