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Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Islets of Langerhans : Advances in Experimental Medicine & Biology (Springer) - Bernat Soria

Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Islets of Langerhans

Advances in Experimental Medicine & Biology (Springer)

By: Bernat Soria (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st March 1998
ISBN: 9780306457029
Number Of Pages: 457

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Proceedings of the First International Meeting of the Pancreatic Islet Study Group held in the Alicante, Spain, November 25-28 1994

Why Are Islets So Important?p. 3
Hexose Recognition by the Pancreatic [beta]-Cell and the Gustatory Cellp. 15
Glucose-Induced Time-Dependent Potentiation and "Run Down" of Insulin Secretion in Islets of Young Ratsp. 21
ATP-Sensitive K[superscript +] Channel Closure Is Not an Obligatory Step for Glucose-Induced Priming of Pancreatic B-Cellp. 29
Bursting Electrical Activity Generated in the Presence of K[subscript ATP] Channel Blockers: Pharmacology, Sensitivity to Intracellular pH and Modulation by Glucose Metabolismp. 33
Modulation of Three Types of Potassium Selective Channels by NAD and Other Pyridine Nucleotides in Human Pancreatic [beta]-Cells: NAD and K[superscript +] Channels in Human [beta]-Cellsp. 43
Novel Actions of the Potassium Channel Modulator SDZ PCO 400 on ATP-Regulated Potassium Channels in Insulin Secreting Cells: SDZ PCO 400 and [beta]-Cellsp. 51
Effects of Protein Phosphorylation on the Sulphonylurea Receptor of the Pancreatic [beta]-Cellp. 59
Intracellular Second Messengersp. 73
Immunological Analysis of G-Protein Expression in the Endocrine Pancreasp. 81
Calcyclin, a Calcium-Binding Protein, Which Regulates Insulin Secretion from the Permeabilized Pancreatic [beta]-Cellp. 85
Molecular Cloning of the cDNA Encoding [beta]-Cell Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase IIp. 91
Trans-Acting Factor(S) Confer Glucose-Responsive Transcriptional Regulation in the Insulin Genep. 97
Extracellular Messages for Pancreatic B-Cellsp. 103
The Human Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Receptor: Cloning and Functional Expressionp. 113
Islet Release of ACTH-Like Peptides and Their Modulatory Effect on Insulin Secretionp. 121
Chronic Sympathetic Innervation of Islets in Transgenic Mice Results in Differential Desensitization of [alpha]-Adrenergic Inhibition of Insulin Secretionp. 129
Colocalization of WE-14 Immunostaining with the Classical Islet Hormones in the Porcine Pancreasp. 139
Pyridothiadiazines as Potent Inhibitors of Glucose-Induced Insulin Releasep. 145
Increase in [Ca[superscript 2+]][subscript i] and Subsequent Insulin Release from [beta]TC3-Cells with the L-Type Ca[superscript 2+]-Channel Activator, FPL 64176p. 149
Identification and Characterization of Non-Adrenergic Binding Sites in Insulin-Secreting Cells with the Imidazoline RX821002p. 159
PACAP as Low as 10[superscript -13] M Raises Cytosolic Ca[superscript 2+] Activity in Pancreatic B-Cells by Augmenting Ca[superscript 2+] Influx Through L-Type Ca[superscript 2+] Channels to Trigger Insulin Releasep. 165
Characterization of Purinergic Receptor-Evoked Increases in Intracellular Ca[superscript 2+] Transients in Isolated Human and Rodent Insulin-Secreting Cells: Purinergic Receptor Signalling and [Ca[superscript 2+]][subscript i] in Human [beta]-Cellsp. 173
Reciprocal Links between Metabolic and Ionic Events in Islet Cells: Their Relevance to the Rhythmics of Insulin Releasep. 183
Glyceraldehyde and the Pancreatic [beta]-Cellp. 189
Oscillations of Cytosolic Ca[superscript 2+] in Pancreatic Islets of Langerhansp. 195
Effects of Localized Pulses of High K[superscript +] and Carbachol on [Ca[superscript 2+]][subscript i] in Pancreatic Islets of Langerhansp. 203
Cyclic AMP, a Mediator of Glp-1, Acts in Concert with Glucose and Tolbutamide to Increase Cytosolic Ca[superscript 2+] in Pancreatic B-Cellsp. 211
Metabolism of Phosphatidylcholine in Mouse Pancreatic Isletsp. 217
Phe-Met-Arg-Phe-NH[subscript 2] (FMRFa)-Related Peptides Inhibit Na/Ca Exchange in Pancreatic B Cellsp. 223
Cell Culture Conditions Influence Glucose-Induced [Ca[superscript 2+][subscript i] Responses in Isolated Rat Pancreatic B Cellsp. 227
Stimulation of Insulin Release in Vivo by the Methyl Esters of Succinic Acid and Glutamic Acidp. 231
Glucose Metabolism Regulates Cytosolic Ca[superscript 2+] in the Pancreatic [beta]-Cell by Three Different Mechanismsp. 235
Heterogeneity of [beta]-Cell Secretion: Possible Involvement of K-ATP Channelsp. 247
Heterogeneity of [beta]-Cell Ca[superscript 2+] Responses to Glucosep. 253
Glucose-Induced B-Cell Recruitment and the Expression of Hexokinase Isoenzymesp. 259
Physiological Behavior of Functional Subpopulations of Single Pancreatic [beta]-Cellsp. 267
Computer Modeling of Heterogeneous [beta]-Cell Populationp. 275
Reconstructing Islet Function in Vitrop. 285
New Aspects to the Functioning and Regeneration of Pancreatic [beta]-Cells: Cyclic ADP-Ribose and Reg Genep. 301
A Role for Nitric Oxide and Other Inflammatory Mediators in Cytokine-Induced Pancreatic [beta]-Cell Dysfunction and Destructionp. 313
The Reg Gene and Islet Cell Repair and Renewal in Type 1 Diabetesp. 321
DNA-Damage and NAD[superscript +]-Depletion Are Initial Events in Oxygen Radical Induced Islet Cell Deathp. 329
Nitric Oxide Rather Than Superoxide or Peroxynitrite Inhibits Insulin Secretion and Causes DNA Damage in HIT-T15 Cellsp. 335
Activation of Peritoneal Macrophages during the Prediabetic Phase in Low-Dose Streptozotocin-Treated Micep. 341
Immunological Reactivity of Diabetes-Prone BB/OK Rats to Syngeneic Antigens: Effect on [beta]-Cell Destruction and Diabetes Onsetp. 345
Effects of Oxidants on Membrane Potential, K[superscript +] and Ca[superscript 2+] Currents of Mouse Pancreatic B-Cellsp. 355
IAPP and Insulin Regulation in Human Pancreatic Isletsp. 363
Hyperproinsulinaemia and Islet Dysfuction in the NIDDM-Like Syndrome of Psammomys obesusp. 371
Altered Secretory Responsiveness of Brin-BD11 Cells Cultured under Hyperglycaemic Conditions Is Not Readily Reversed by Subsequent Culture in Lower Glucose Concentrationsp. 379
B-Cell Hyperresponsiveness to Glucose in NIDDM during Prediabetesp. 385
Insulin Treatment Prevents Adaptation of the Endocrine Pancreas to Pregnancyp. 389
Islet Transplantationp. 397
The Syngeneic Islet Transplantation to Study Physiology and Pathophysiology of Pancreatic [beta]-Cellsp. 411
Beta Cell Replication and Mass in Islet Transplantationp. 421
Islet Growth after Pancreatic Fragments Autotransplantation into the Dog's Spleen: How Can the Engrafted Islet Mass Satisfy the Demand for Its Specific Products?p. 429
The Use of Immunomagnetic Separation for Secondary Purification of Pancreatic Islets: A Comparison of Different Magnetic Fields in the Ratp. 435
Transplantation of Syngenic Pancreatic Islets into Rats with Streptozotocin Induced Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitusp. 441
Effects of Caffeine on Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Release from Islet Transplantsp. 447
Indexp. 453
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ISBN: 9780306457029
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Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine & Biology (Springer)
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Format: Hardcover
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Number Of Pages: 457
Published: 31st March 1998
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