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Physical Geology - DOLGOFF

Physical Geology


Book with Other Items Published: 27th July 1999
ISBN: 9780669463118
Number Of Pages: 638

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Book with Other Items

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Organized around the theory of plate tectonics, the interactions between people and geological processes, and recent developments in geological understanding, Dolgoff' s "Physical Geology," Updated Version, features an even stronger emphasis on environmental issues and optional Historical Geology chapters available shrinkwrapped with the text.

Introduction A Geological Puzzle Research and Theory in the Geoscience Geology as an Applied Science
Basic Geological Concepts
The Huttonian Revolution Continental Drift
Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics and the Ocean Floor
An Emerging Picture of the Sea Floor
The Sea-Floor Spreading
Hypothesis Plate Tectonics
The Causes of Earthquakes
Seismic Waves Earthquakes and Plate
Tectonics Forecasting Earthquakes
Minimizing Earthquake Damage
Interior of the Earth Some Properties of Planet Earth Seismic Waves in the Interior
A Closer Look at the Earth's Structure and Composition
The Earth's Internal Heat
Minerals Atoms and Elements Bonding
The Physical Properties of Minerals Common Minerals of the Crust
The Structure of Silicate Minerals
Structure and Properties of Other Mineral Groups
The Geologic Origin of Minerals
Igneous Activities Igneous Rock Bodies
The Formation of Rocks from Magma
The Geologic Settings of Igneous Activity
The Anatomy of a Volcano Tectonic Settings of Volcanism
The Mechanics of a Volcanic Eruption
The Materials of Volcanic Eruptions
Volcanic Structures and Eruptive Styles Forecasting Eruptions
Volcanism and Climate Constructive Aspects of Volcanism
Sedimentary Rocks Weathering, Transport, and Deposition of Sediments
Lithification Classification of Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Structures
Oceanic Sedimentary Environments
Plate Tectonics and Sedimentation
Metamorphic Rocks
The Agents of Metamorphism
Types of Metamorphism
Metamorphic Rocks
Metamorphism and Plate Tectonics
Geologic Time Relative
Time Absolute Time
Rock Deformation Stress and Rock Deformation
The Map Depiction of Planar Features Folds Fractures
The Tectonic Setting and Topography of Faults
Plate Tectonics and Continental Crust
Subdivisions of the Continental Crust
Mountain Building and Plate Tectonics Growth and Evolution of the Continental Crust
Weathering and Soils Weathering and Gradation Weathering Processes
The Role of Climate in Weathering Soil Formation
Mass Wasting
The Balance of Forces on a Slope Types of Mass
Wasting Predicting and Preventing Mass-Wasting Disasters
The Energy of Streams
The Graded Stream Two Contrasting Stream Types
The Flood Plain Deltas Stream Rejuvenation Drainage Patterns
Streams and Plate Tectonics
Groundwater Accumulation of Groundwater Movement of Groundwater Wells
The Geologic Work of Groundwater
The Quality of Groundwater
Glaciers and Climate
The Formation of Glaciers Erosional Features of Glaciers
Depositional Features of Glaciers
Glacial Lakes
Glacial and Interglacial
Ages Future Climate Change
Deserts and Winds
The Formation of Deserts Weathering and Erosion in Arid Climates
The Geological Work of Wind in Arid Climates Water Resources in Arid Climates On the Fringe of the Desert: The Sahel
Coasts and Shoreline Processes
Wind-Driven Waves Beach Formation and Shoreline Processes Coasts
Mineral and Energy Resources
The Origins of Mineral Resources Energy Resources
Planetary Geology
The Expanding Universe
The Solar System Comparative Geology of the Terrestrial Planets
Conversion Table for Metric and English Units
Periodic Table of the Elements
Mineral Identification Table
Basic Guide to Geologic Maps
Selected Readings
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ISBN: 9780669463118
ISBN-10: 0669463116
Audience: Professional
Format: Book with Other Items
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 638
Published: 27th July 1999
Country of Publication: US
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