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Photosynthesis : Photobiochemistry and Photobiophysics - Bacon Ke


Photobiochemistry and Photobiophysics

By: Bacon Ke

Paperback Published: 31st March 2001
ISBN: 9780792367918
Number Of Pages: 765

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Photosynthesis: Photobiochemistry and Photobiophysics is the first single-authored book in the Advances in Photosynthesis Series. It provides an overview of the light reactions and electron transfers in both oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis. The scope of the book is characterized by the time frame in which the light reactions and the subsequent electron transfers take place, namely between <=10-12 and >=10-3 second. The book is divided into five parts: An Overview; Bacterial Photosynthesis; Photosystem II & Oxygen Evolution; Photosystem I; and Proton Transport and Photophosphorylation. In discussing the structure and function of various protein complexes, we begin with an introductory chapter, followed by chapters on light-harvesting complexes, the primary electron donors and the primary electron acceptors, and finally the secondary electron donors. The discussion on electron acceptors is presented in the order of their discovery to convey a sense of history, in parallel with the advancement in instrumentation of increasing time resolution. The book includes a large number of stereo pictures showing the three-dimensional structure of various photosynthetic proteins, which can be easily viewed with unaided eyes. This book is designed to be used as a textbook in a graduate or upper-division undergraduate course in photosynthesis, photobiology, plant physiology, biochemistry, and biophysics; it is equally suitable as a resource book for students, teachers, and researchers in the areas of molecular and cellular biology, integrative biology, microbiology, and plant biology.

`...this book provides an excellent, very detailed and all-embracing review on the primary photoreactions of photosynthesis. This book will be, with no doubt, very useful to students and teachers in photosynthesis, photobiology and plant physiology disciplines. It will also provide a valuable handbook and a basis of reference for scientist and PhD student working on photo-induced electron transfer and will certainly become a "must" on the shelves of the library of the laboratories devoted to this field.'
Plant Science, 161 (2001)
` ...I would highly recommend this book for all scientists who are already involved in this field or research and who aim to.'
Physiologiae Plantarum, 23:3 (2001)
`The uniqueness of the book lies in its in-epth, precise data-based presentations... Bacon Ke's book `Photosynthesis' represents an elegant presentation of the intricate aspects of light reactions to photosynthesis... This book shall adorn the bookshelf of many for years... Dr. Ke deserves the congratulations and admiration of all for his painstaking efforts to write this advanced text.'
Prasanna Mohanty, formerly Professor of Photobioenergetics and Biochemistry, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and Adjunct Professor, Functional Ecology, Regional Resource Center, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
`This volume is an important source of reference and would greatly benefit libraries. Prof. Ke is to be congratulated on a monumental work of synthesis.'
Annals of Botany, 91 (2003)

Photosynthesis: An Overview. Bacterial Photosynthesis
The Bacterial Photosynthetic Reaction Center: Chemical Composition and Crystal Structure
Light-Harvesting Pigment-Protein Complexes of Photosynthetic Bacteria
The Primary Electron Donor (P) of Photosynthetic Bacteria
The `Stable' Primary Electron Acceptor (QA) of Photosynthetic Bacteria
The Secondary Electron Acceptor (QúY/Yú) of Photosynthetic Bacteria
The Early Electron Acceptors of Photosynthetic Bacteria - Bacteriochlorophyll and Bacteriopheophytin
The Green Bacteria. I. The Light-Harvesting Complex, the Chlorosomes
The Breen Bacteria. II. The Reaction Center - Photochemistry and Electron Transport
The Secondary Electron Donor of Photosynthetic Bacteria - the Cytochromes. Photosystem II
Photosystem II - Introduction
The Light-Harvesting Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes of Photosystem II
Role of Carotenoids in Photosynthesis
Phycobiliproteins and Phycobilisomes
The Primary Electron Donor of Photosystem II, P680, and Photoinhibition
The Stable Primary Electron Acceptor QA and the Secondary Electron Acceptor QúY/Yú
The Transient Intermediate Electron Acceptor of Photosystem II, Pheophytin (). Oxygen Evolution
Oxygen Evolution - Introduction
Oxygen Evolution - The Role of Manganese
Oxygen Evolution - UV Absorbance Changes associated with S-state Transitions
Oxygen Evolution - Extrinsic Polypeptides and Inorganic Ionic Cofactors
The Electron Donor to P680+ endash; EPR Spectroscopy
The Electron Donor to P680+ endash; Optical Spectroscopy
Charge Recombination in Photosystem II and Thermoluminescence. Photosystem I
Photosystem I endash; Introduction
Photosystem-I Membrane Thylakoids, Complexes and Crystals
Light-Harvesting Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes of Photosystem I
The Primary Electron Donor of Photosystem I endash; P700
The Membrane-Bound Iron-Sulfur Proteins (FeS-A and FeS-B): Secondary Electron Acceptors of Photosystem I
P430: The Spectral Species Representing the Terminal Electron Acceptor of Photosystem I
The Iron-Sulfur Center FeS-X of Photosystem I, the Photosystem-I Core Complex, and Interaction of the FeS-X Domain with FeS-A/FeS-B
The Primary Electron Acceptor A0 of Photosystem I
The Intermediate Electron Acceptor A1 of Photosystem I endash; Phylloquinone (Vitamin K1)
Mobile Electron Carriers Plastocyanin and Ferredoxin, and Ferredoxinmiddot;NADP+middot;Reductase. Proton Translocation and Photophosphorylation
The Interphotosystem Cytochrome-b6f Complex and the Homologous Cytochrome-bc1 Complex
Proton Translocation and ATP Synthesis
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ISBN: 9780792367918
ISBN-10: 079236791X
Series: Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 765
Published: 31st March 2001
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
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