Photography Explained : From Capture to Presentation - Ken Duncan

Photography Explained

From Capture to Presentation


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Photography Explained is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Photography. It enables you to know enough about the technical aspects of photography so you can be free to be creative when it really matters. That's what this pocket-sized book is about - learning the fundamentals so as not to miss those wonderful photographic opportunities in our lives when they arise. In the end, photography should be kept simple and fun. It's good to know the basics but let's never make it so difficult that we miss the shot.

About the Author

Ken Duncan OAM, is recognised as one of the world's leading landscape photographers. With every new release of Limited Edition Prints he delights long-time collectors and new fans alike with his own inimitable style of landscape photography.

Ken has worked on several international book projects in such exotic locations as Malaysia, China and Hollywood and for years was the preferred photographer for Australian rock band Midnight Oil. His first solo book was published in 1987, and he later went on to become a publisher in his own right. Since 1992, over 30 individual titles have been released under the Ken Duncan Panographs trademark.

Although Ken prefers the panoramic format - "that's the way we see", he says - he is well versed in a multitude of formats and media. He has even dabbled in cinematography and would like to do more with this medium in the future. He can turn his hand to any type of photography - from portraits to landscapes to 3-D and everything in between - and produce consistently creative results.

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