Pete Townsend : Who I Am - Pete Townshend

Pete Townsend : Who I Am


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Noting that Pete Townshend has sold over 100 million records over a fifty-year period only partly quantifies his accomplishments. During his career, this legendary musician has been credited with the creation of the concept album, worked as a literary editor, developed scripts for television and the stage, and written songs that have defined a generation.

In one of the most eagerly awaited autobiographies of recent times, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist of The Who tells his story for the first time. From the sex, drugs and smashing guitars, to the death of Keith Moon, the inspiration behind his acclaimed music, and wanting to give it all up, this is a frank and eloquently written story of ambition, relentless perfectionism and rock 'n' roll excess.

One of the greatest rock stories yet to be told, Pete Townshend : Who I Am is destined to become a landmark music memoir.

About the Author

The defining guitarist of a generation, Pete was the powerful creative force behind The Who, widely regarded as one of the greatest rock bands of all time. His musical knowledge and writing ability was and is unparalleled, and his taste for rebellion renowned. The destruction of the very guitars that resounded with the legendary tracks My Generation and I Can't Explain brought him acclaim and notoriety in equal measure, but his pure passion and talent has guaranteed his status as an icon and authority on rock 'n' roll for decades. Pete has widely been cited as an inspiration to countless musicians, celebrated in their own right, and continues to perform to sell-out audiences across the globe with his fellow band members.

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