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Periodontology : Color Atlas of Dental Hygiene - Herbert F. Wolf

Periodontology : Color Atlas of Dental Hygiene

By: Herbert F. Wolf, T. Hassell

Paperback | 12 July 2006

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Dental hygiene professionals need the very best scientific and clinical knowledge at their fingertips to effectively assist in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. Periodontology puts the needs of hygienists center stage, providing a detailed and brilliantly illustrated reference for daily practice, and a wealth of knowledge to underpin successful diagnosis and treatment.

A firm grasp of the pathogenesis of periodontal disease is essential for the hygienist. This book clearly outlines the vital concepts in immunology, genetics and destruction and repair of periodontal tissues. The innovations and new scientific evidence in these fields are lucidly described and invoke new approaches to etiology, diagnosis and treatment.

The importance of links between oral health and general systemic health cannot be overestimated. Periodontology conclusively demonstrates the necessity for patient and clinician to keep these associations to the forefront of risk assessment and treatment.

The benefits of this integrated approach will be clearly seen in the focus on prevention of oral disease, a primary objective for all hygiene professionals. The book shows how the systemic considerations influence the combination of diagnostic, therapeutic, pharmacological and mechanical treatment strategies.

Frequently encountered disorders such as gingival recession and pathological changes in the peridontium are comprehensively documented and the range of prevention and treatment options set out. The inclusion of specialized subjects such as oral manifestations of HIV disease and the developments in its treatment serve to underline the key position of the hygienist in the wider health care team.

The exceptional color photos throughout will be an indispensable guide to clinicians and students, and indeed a welcome resource for educators. From diagnostic tools such as depictions of levels of bleeding right through to detailed instrumentation techniques, these photos and their concise accompanying text form an outstanding best-practice guide.

Concluding with the American Academy of Periodontology’s Classification of Periodontal Disease, Periodontology will augment the knowledge and skills of dental hygienists, keeping practitioners up to date and providing students with the essential knowledge base for a career in periodontics.
Industry Reviews

The first-ever color atlas of dental hygiene and periodontology...Superb quality...The major strengths of this book are its wonderful illustrations and in-depth discussions and explanations of periodontal microbiology and immunology, instrumentation and hypersensitivity. I would recommend the purchase of this text by practicing dental hygienists and educators who wish to have access to excellent pictures and diagrams.--Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene

"This well illustrated text on gingival pathology and treatement is well written. It is readable for the assistant and hygienist and possesses enough scientific depth to interest the most sophisticated periodontist."--Journal of the American Association of Forensic Dentists

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