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Peacemakers in Israel-Palestine : Dialogues for a Just Peace - Robert Hostetter
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Peacemakers in Israel-Palestine

Dialogues for a Just Peace

By: Robert Hostetter

Paperback | 27 May 2024

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This book offers an analysis of the major sources of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and suggests principles and processes for building a peacemaking platform.

The primary aim of this book is to analyze the crucial roles and capacities of mid-level, nongovernmental peacemakers as they provide unique approaches to transforming the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It also aims to analyze and experience dialogue as the primary mode of peacemaking communication. The two-part format of this book creates a structural dialogue. Part One provides an academic introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, why it matters, the role of identities, and strategies for transforming the conflict based on international law and human rights. Part Two is presented in a dialogue format, providing further conflict analysis through storytelling and dialogues with peacemakers.

This book will be of great interest to anyone engaged with peace and conflict transformation, ethnography, social justice, communication studies, and Middle Eastern studies, human rights and international law.

Industry Reviews

'This book offers extraordinary insights into how long-term, embedded peacemakers make sense of what a just peace requires in the Palestinian-Israeli landscape. These Dialogues open a portal into the experience of how narratives emerge and respond to a context of cross-generational loss, exasperation, and lived madness. A must read if we are to better understand both the challenge and hope for descriptions and prescriptions about the peace process.'

John Paul Lederach, Professor Emeritus of International Peacebuilding, University of Notre Dame

'Prof. Hostetter offers us, for the first time, a synthesis of activism and scholarship in the search for peace and reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians. The most progressive voices are juxtaposed in this excellent book and offer food for thought for anyone wishing to bring peace and justice to historical Palestine. This the first time that these progressive voices make a synergic appearance in this incredible book.'

Ilan Pappe, Professor in the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of Exeter (U.K.), Director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies, and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies

'Peacemakers in Israel-Palestine is a wonderful ethnography of Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers and a much-needed and illuminating contribution to the literature on . . . Track Two diplomacy and the still unrealized potential it contains for nonviolent transformative change. These voices are essential and must continue to be heard.'

Sara Roy, Senior Research Scholar, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, USA

'Dr. Hostetter's book, Peacemakers in Israel-Palestine, is a well written and well-researched contribution to the study of peacemaking in general and to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular. Of special interest is the way Hostetter has brought the conflict to life by allowing Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers to speak in their own voices, thereby revealing the complexity, variety and richness of their experiences. I highly recommend it.'

Jonathan Kuttab, Executive Director, Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA), and an international human rights attorney

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