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PBS FIBERGLASS REPAIR and CONSTR : Aviation - Jack Wiley



Paperback Published: 22nd May 1988
ISBN: 9780830627790
Number Of Pages: 260

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Step-by-step instructions cover everything from safety precautions to materials selection to the final lamination process. Practice exercises offer hands-on experience for with glass cloth, mat, core materials, and resins. Information is provided on molding, structural concepts, and the caring for cured fiberglass. There is even a list of suppliers, repair techniques for materials other than fiberglass, and a complete section on covering wood with fiberglass. Reviewers praise the first edition: '...provides an excellent introduction to working with fiberglass for new construction and for repairs' - "Finescale Modeler". 'A good general reference for persons starting to work with fiberglass reinforced plastics...worth having' - "Road & Track".'Readers learn how to mend everything from bathtubs to swimming pools, to rustproof and customize cars, and much more' - "Antique Motor News". '...an indispensable book...' - "Ohio Fisherman". '...excellent text for anyone contemplating fiberglass work of any magnatude' - "Book Reviews". '...describes the strength, durability and lightness of fiberglass, while exploring a great many of its astonishing number of applications' - Wright Publishing Co.

Introductionp. viii
Fiberglass Factsp. 1
The Reluctance to Do Fiberglass Repair Work
The Professional and the Do-It-Yourselfer
Repairing Damage to Fiberglass
Understanding How Things Are Manufactured from Fiberglass
Building with Fiberglass Panels
Protecting and Repairing Other Materials with Fiberglass
Fiberglass Components and Kits
Customizing and Modifying
Basic Fiberglass Molding and Construction Techniques
Gel Coats and Painting
Reasons for Doing Your Own Fiberglassing Repair Work
Fiberglass as a Construction Material
Materialsp. 8
Reinforcing Materials
Nonfiberglass Reinforcing Materials
Some Reinforcing Materials for Repair Work
Core and Forming Materials
Mold Release Agent
Flexible Mold Compound
Other Fiberglassing Materials
Use of Materials
Quality of Materials
Where to Purchase Materials
Tools, Equipment, Supplies, and Work Areasp. 29
Tools, Equipment, and Supplies
Work Areas
Health and Safetyp. 41
Safety Rules
Developing Safe Working Habits
Care and Maintenance of Fiberglassp. 47
Polishing and Waxing
Working with Cured Fiberglassp. 49
Cured Fiberglass Laminates
Using Tools on Cured Fiberglass
Using Preformed Fiberglass Laminates as Building Materials
Fundamentals of Fiberglassingp. 55
Catalyzing Polyester Resins
Cured Polyester Resin without Reinforcing Material
Adding Reinforcing Material to Polyester Resin
Adding Polyester Resin to Mat
Adding Polyester Resin to Cloth
Adding Polyester Resin to Woven Roving
Summary of Practice Laminates Using Mat, Cloth, and Woven Roving
Laminating Two Layers of Mat with Polyester Resin
Laminating Three Layers of Mat with Polyester Resin
Laminating Two Layers of Cloth with Polyester Resin
Laminating Three Layers of Cloth with Polyester Resin
Laminating Two Layers of Woven Roving with Polyester Resin
Laminating Three Layers of Woven Roving with Polyester Resin
Other Laminating Methods
Laminates with More Than One Kind of Reinforcing Material
Summary of Techniques of Laminating with Polyester Resin
Adding a Mat and Polyester Resin Laminate to Wood
Adding a Cloth and Polyester Resin Laminate to Wood
Adding a Woven Roving and Polyester Resin Laminate to Wood
Comparison of Mat, Cloth, and Woven Roving Laminates Bonded to Wood
Mechanically Fastening and Bonding Open Weave Fiberglass Cloth to Wood
Mechanically Fastening and Bonding Polyester Cloth to Wood
Mat and Polyester Resin Laminate with a Core
Cloth and Polyester Resin Laminate with a Core
Mat, Cloth, and Polyester Resin Laminate with a Core
Comparison of Core Laminates
Bonding Laminates to Various Materials with Polyester Resin
Polyester Putty and Fillers
Sanding Polyester Laminates
Summary of Fundamental Techniques of Fiberglassing with Polyester Resin
Facts on Epoxy Resins
Types of Epoxy Resins
Adding Curing Agent or Hardener
Adding Reinforcing Material to Epoxy Resin
Adding Epoxy Resin to Mat
Adding Epoxy Resin to Cloth
Laminating Two Layers of Mat with Epoxy Resin
Laminating Two Layers of Cloth with Epoxy Resin
Other Methods of Laminating with Epoxy Resin
Using Epoxy and Polyester Resins in the Same Laminate
Other Epoxy Resin Laminates
Adding a Mat and Epoxy Resin Laminate to Wood
Adding a Cloth and Epoxy Resin Laminate to Wood
Adding Polyester Layers to Epoxy Laminates
Other Methods for Adding Epoxy Resin Laminates to Wood
Bonding Laminates to Various Materials with Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Putty and Filler Compounds
Sanding Epoxy Laminates
Summary of Epoxy Practice Exercises
Basic Contact Molding with Polyester Resin
Molding Methods Used in Manufacturingp. 95
Contact Molding
Pressure Molding
Other Fiberglass Molding Methods
Quality of Fiberglass Moldings
Structural and Assembly Concepts and Practicesp. 108
Single Skin Fiberglass Laminates
Sandwich Core Construction
Methods of Stiffening Laminates
Supporting Fiberglass Moldings
Reinforcing Fiberglass Moldings for Supporting Heavy Loads
Assembling Moldings
Making Attachments to Fiberglass Moldings
Protecting Fiberglass Moldings from Wear and Abrasion
Nonslippery Surfaces on Fiberglass Moldings
Manufactured Fiberglass Products
Repairing Fiberglassp. 136
Working Conditions
Minor Repairs
More Extensive Repairs Laminates
Repairing Major Damage to Fiberglass Moldings
Main Considerations for Repairing Fiberglass Moldings
Reinforcing and Stiffening Fiberglass Moldings
Refinishing Fiberglass Moldings with Gel Coat or Paint
Practice Repair Work
Repairing Other Materials with Fiberglassp. 161
Repairing Damage to Wood
Repairing Damage to Metal
Repairing Damage to Other Materials
Covering Wood with Fiberglassp. 168
Types of Wood Surfaces Suitable for Covering with Fiberglass
Types and Thicknesses of Laminates
Amount of Reinforcing Material Required
Amount of Resin Required
Preparation of Wood Surface for Covering with Fiberglass
Applying Fiberglass Cloth Laminates to Flat Wood Surfaces
Applying Other Reinforcing Materials to Flat Wood Surfaces
Covering Other Wood Surfaces with Fiberglass
Covering Wood Boats with Fiberglass
Auto Body Repair and Customizing
Auto Body Repair
Customizingp. 182
Fiberglass Products to Kit Formp. 200
Kit Cars
Kit Boats
Other Fiberglass Kits
Construction Projects Using Flat Panelsp. 211
Forming Flat Panels of Fiberglass
Uses of Flat Panels
Laminating a Flat Fiberglass Panel Directly to Wood
Joining Separate Panels with Fiberglass Bonding Straps
Fiberglass Laminating Over Rigid Foamp. 225
Rigid Foam Forms
Applying Fiberglass Laminate to Rigid Foam Form
Planter Box
Construction Projects Using Contact Moldingp. 235
Contact Molds
Contact Molding
Deep Rectangular Planter Box
Other Molding Projects
Suppliersp. 247
Mail-Order Fiberglassing Materials and Supplies
Retail Fiberglassing Material and Supply Stores
Other Fiberglassing Material and Supply Sources
Fiberglassing Auto and Van Components
Fiberglass Boat Kits
Fiberglass Kit Cars
Fiberglass Travel Trailer Kits
Glossaryp. 253
Indexp. 257
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ISBN: 9780830627790
ISBN-10: 0830627790
Series: Aviation
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 260
Published: 22nd May 1988
Publisher: TAB BOOKS
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.4 x 19.0  x 1.4
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Edition Number: 1
Edition Type: Revised