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Pagan Portals : Spellcraft And Spellwork - Ariana Carrasca

Pagan Portals

Spellcraft And Spellwork

By: Ariana Carrasca

Paperback | 1 August 2024

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Spells are something that almost every magical practitioner utilises. Often when stepping into the world of magic and spellcasting for the first time, it can be difficult to understand how to navigate crafting your first spell and what steps to take towards building your own personal practice. Spellcraft and Spellwork is a practical guide on the inner and outer workings of spellcasting. This book brings the reader back to the basics, and introduces everything you need to know about crafting and working spells. The way in which each magic worker will craft their spell will vary greatly. Ariana Carrasca provides explanations of the foundations of spellcasting in a way which highlights the practitioner's own personal experience and to help them build a craft which is truly unique to them.

Industry Reviews
Finally, in a modern market perhaps over-saturated with esoteric titles that seek to impress the reader in some way, a book with an authentic voice, which, far from seeking to impress the reader, inspires them to read and take each piece of advice to nurture their practice. Spellcraft and Spellwork: A Guide to the Magical Practice of Spells is an excellent introduction to understanding the basics of magic and spellcasting, how to cast all kinds of spells, and the work behind it, from the definition of types of magic to the creation and use of each spell for your own empowering. Ariana Carrasca is naturally eloquent, disciplined in her teaching, and patient with the reader, guiding them through each step of spellwork and practice. This book will be pivotal in training and teaching many new followers and seekers of the Craft.--Elohim Leafar, tarotist, dowser, author of Dream Witchery: Folk Magic, Recipes & Spells from South America for Witches & Brujas
This book gifts to the reader a grounded, accessible, and in-depth overview into the very foundation of magical practice. With hands-on exercises which will aid those dipping their toes into spellcraft with the tools required to craft and curate their own magical workings, as well as invaluable information regarding the theory, history, and background of magic. Ariana Carrasca's voice guides you, like a kind and generous teacher, through the often difficult to navigate landscape of magic and spellwork with passion and empowerment. A perfect primer, introduction, or even refresher for the modern-day magical practitioner!--Mhara Starling, author of Welsh Witchcraft: A Guide to the Spirits, Lore and Magic of Wales
This is not your typical spell book. Here you will not find mindless magical directions and impersonal correspondences; rather the tools to create your own. Insightful, sensitive, and tremendously well researched; Ariana Carrasca guides you through the intrinsically personal experience that is spell craft. This is a must read for deepening the "why" behind the "how" in the realm of magic.--Hannah Hawthorn, creator of Simply Witched and author of The Magick of Birthdays: Rituals, Spells and Recipes for Honouring your Solar Return

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