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Oxford Big Ideas Science 8 : Workbook - Australian Curriculum - Ali Riza

Oxford Big Ideas Science 8

Workbook - Australian Curriculum

By: Ali Riza


Published: 24th November 2011
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The Oxford Big Ideas Science series is supported by workbooks at Years 7-10. The workbooks for each year level provide extra practice of key skills and encourage an inquiry-based approach to learning - perfect for in-class work or homework. An interactive digital workbook is also included. Alternatively, it can be purchased as a stand-alone digital workbook.

About the Author

Ali Riza is a Science and Physics teacher with almost 20 years experience in the classroom. He has worked closely with the NSW Board of Studies as a marker of HSC Physics exams and has written numerous practice HSC exams for private organisations. He is currently working in an eastern suburban privates school in Sydney and has always been interested in Science, Physics, The Universe, Philosophy, Mathematics and the meaning of life.

1 Life under a microscope
1.1 Cell analogy
1.2 Microscopes
1.3 Plant and animal cells
1.4 Substances moving in and out of cells
1.5 Review: Life under a microscope

2 Functioning organisms
2.1 Modelling activity: The heart
2.2 Circulatory system
2.3 Research: Medical advances
2.4 Article study: Diet and health
2.5 Cells, tissues and organs
2.6 Group activity: Reproductive systems
2.7 Plants and plant reproduction
2.8 Body systems puzzle
2.9 Review: Functioning organisms

3 Making things happen
3.1 Energy in different objects
3.2 Different forms of energy
3.3 Experiment: Potential and kinetic energy
3.4 Research: Energy in a roller coaster
3.5 Law of conservation of energy
3.6 Review: Making things happen

4 The nature of matter
4.1 Solids, liquids and gases
4.2 Experiment: Properties of matter
4.3 Particle theory of matter
4.4 States of matter and changing state
4.5 Experiment: Expansion and contraction
4.6 Experiment: Metals and non-metals
4.7 Review: The nature of matter

5 Making new substances
5.1 Physical change and chemical change
5.2 Puzzle: Compounds, elements and reactions
5.3 Review: Making new substances

6 The changing Earth
6.1 Minerals
6.2 Internet activity: Birthstones
6.3 Mining resources
6.4 The rock cycle
6.5 Sedimentary rock
6.6 Modelling rocks with food
6.7 Review: The changing Earth

ISBN: 9780195573602
ISBN-10: 0195573609
Series: Oxford Big Ideas Science
Audience: Primary / High School
For Grades: 8
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Published: 24th November 2011
Publisher: Oxford University Press Australia
Country of Publication: AU
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