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Oxford Big Ideas Maths 7  : Complete Professional Support Package - Australian Curriculum  - Jennifer Nolan

Oxford Big Ideas Maths 7

Complete Professional Support Package - Australian Curriculum

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This package contains:

  • 1 x Professional Support Book
  • 1 x digital copy of Professional Support Book
  • 1 x student obook/assess
  • 1 x digitized version of Deep Learning Kit (400 cards)
Plus a wealth of online resource material

Each Professional Support Book includes all pages from the student textbook scaffolded with wrap around notes on teaching strategies, lesson planning tips, assessment advice and suggested answers – everything you need to seamlessly integrate Oxford Australian Curriculum resources into your teaching program.

Big Ideas Mathematics 7: Australian Curriculum
Number and algebra

Unit 1 Whole numbers
1A Understanding place value
1B Adding whole numbers
1C Subtracting whole numbers
1D Multiplying whole numbers
1E Dividing whole numbers
1F Powers and square roots
1G Order of operations
1H Multiples and factors
1I Prime and composite numbers
Connect: Working at a zoo

Unit 2 Fractions and ratios
2A Understanding fractions
2B Equivalent fractions
2C Adding and subtracting fractions
2D Multiplying fractions
2E Dividing fractions
2F Powers and square roots of fractions
2G Understanding ratios
2H Working with ratios
Connect: Catering for a birthday party

Unit 3 Decimals and percentages
3A Understanding decimals
3B Adding and subtracting decimals
3C Multiplying decimals
3D Dividing decimals by a whole number
3E Dividing decimals by a decimal
3F Converting between fractions and decimals
3G Understanding percentages
3H Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages
3I Calculating percentages
Connect: And the winner is …

Unit 4 Integers and the Cartesian plane
4A Understanding negative numbers
4B Adding integers
4C Subtracting integers
4D Simplifying addition and subtraction of integers
4E Introducing the Cartesian plane
4F Negative numbers and the Cartesian plane
4G Interpreting graphs
Connect: Temperatures around the world

Unit 5 Algebra and equations
5A Understanding rules
5B Using pronumerals
5C Terms, expressions and equations
5D Evaluating expressions
5E Strategies for solving equations
5F Using flowcharts
5G Building expressions using flowcharts
5H Solving equations using backtracking
5I Solving equations using a balance model
Connect: Tenpin bowling

Measurement and geometry

Unit 6 Lines, angles and location
6A Lines, rays and segments
6B Types of angles
6C Measuring and drawing angles
6D Angles around a point
6E Angles and parallel lines
6F Understanding bearings
6G Understanding scale
Connect: An island cruise

Unit 7 Shapes and objects
7A Classifying triangles
7B Classifying quadrilaterals
7C Identifying 2D shapes
7D Identifying 3D objects
7E Drawing 2D shapes and 3D objects
7F Planning and constructing 3D objects
7G Symmetry of 2D shapes and 3D objects
7H Describing transformations
7I Performing transformations
Connect: Lamp design

Unit 8 Time, mass and temperature
8A Reading scales
8B Estimation and accuracy
8C Understanding time
8D Working with time
8E Reading time
8F Time zones
8G Understanding mass
8H Understanding temperature
Connect: Planning a trip

Unit 9 Length, area and volume
9A Understanding length
9B Perimeter
9C Understanding area
9D Area of a rectangle
9E Area of a parallelogram
9F Area of a triangle
9G Surface area
9H Volume and capacity
Connect: Planning a swimming pool

Statistics and probability

Unit 10 Statistics and probability
10A Collecting data
10B Interpreting data
10C Dot plots, column and bar graphs
10D Pie graphs
10E Line graphs and scatterplots
10F Stem-and-leaf plots
10G Summary statistics
10H Describing probability
10I Theoretical probability
10J Experimental probability
Connect: Surveying people


ISBN: 9780195525588
ISBN-10: 0195525582
Series: BIM
Audience: Professional
Format: Multi-Copy Pack
Language: English
Published: 21st December 2012
Country of Publication: AU
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