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On Evil - Thomas Aquinas

Paperback Published: 1st February 2003
ISBN: 9780195091830
Number Of Pages: 560

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The De Malo represents some of Aquinas' most mature thinking on goodness, badness, and human agency. In it he examines the full range of questions associated with evil: its origin, its nature, its relation to good, and its compatibility with the existence of an omnipotent, benevolent God. This edition offers Richard Regan's new, clear readable English translation, based on the Leonine Commission's authoritative edition of the Latin text. Brian Davies has provided an extensive introduction and notes. (Please note: this edition does not include the Latin text).

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"Regan's translation is as felicitous and faithful as can be."--Theological Studies "Regan's translation is as felicitous and faithful as can be."--Theological Studies

Translator's Note
Introductionp. 3
On Evilp. 55
Is Evil an Entity?p. 55
Is There Evil in Good?p. 62
Is Good the Cause of Evil?p. 68
Is Evil Suitably Divided into the Evil of Moral Wrong and the Evil of Punishment?p. 75
Does Punishment or Moral Wrong Have More of the Nature of Evil?p. 80
On Sinsp. 89
Is an Act Involved in Every Sin?p. 89
Does Sin Consist Solely of the Will's Act?p. 95
Does Sin Consist Chiefly of Acts of the Will?p. 100
Is Every Act Morally Indifferent?p. 103
Are Some Acts Morally Indifferent?p. 109
Do Circumstances Specify Sins or Alter the Species of Sin by Transferring Them into Different Kinds of Sin?p. 114
Do Circumstances Make Sins More Serious without Imputing Species to Sins?p. 120
Do Circumstances Make Sins Infinitely More Serious, Namely, so as to Make Venial Sins Mortal?p. 123
Are All Sins Equal?p. 124
Are Sins More Serious Because They Are Contrary to a Greater Good?p. 130
Does Sin Diminish Natural Good?p. 132
Can Sin Destroy the Whole Natural Good?p. 137
On the Causes of Sinp. 141
Does God Cause Sin?p. 141
Do Acts of Sin Come from God?p. 146
Does the Devil Cause Sin?p. 149
Can the Devil by Interior Persuasion Induce Human Beings to Sin?p. 154
Does the Devil Suggest Every Sin?p. 157
Regarding Human Sinners, Can Ignorance Cause Sin?p. 158
Is Ignorance a Sin?p. 161
Does Ignorance Excuse or Diminish Sin?p. 165
Can a Person Having Knowledge Sin out of Weakness?p. 168
Do We Impute Sins out of Weakness to Human Beings as Mortal Sins?p. 173
Does Weakness Make Sin Less or More Serious?p. 175
Can a Person Sin out of Malice, That is, Deliberate Malice?p. 177
Does the Sinner out of Malice Sin More Seriously than the Sinner out of Weakness?p. 181
Is Every Sin Done out of Malice a Sin against the Holy Spirit?p. 184
Can Sins against the Holy Spirit Be Forgiven?p. 189
On Original Sinp. 193
Is a Sin Contracted by Physical Descent?p. 193
What Is Original Sin?p. 200
Is Flesh or the Soul the Subject in Which Original Sin Inheres?p. 209
Does Original Sin Inhere in the Powers of the Soul Prior to Being in the Soul's Essence?p. 211
Does Original Sin Inhere in the Will Prior to Being in Other Powers?p. 214
Is Original Sin Transmitted by Adam to All Descendants from His Seed?p. 216
Do Those Begotten Only from Adam's Matter Contract Original Sin?p. 223
Are the Sins of Immediate Parents Transmitted by Physical Descent to Their Posterity?p. 225
On the Punishment of Original Sinp. 231
Is Privation of the Vision of God a Fitting Punishment for Original Sin?p. 231
Does Original Sin Deserve Punishment of the Senses?p. 237
Do Those Who Die with Only Original Sin Suffer the Torment of Internal Anguish?p. 239
Are Death and Other Ills of This Life Punishment of Original Sin?p. 242
Are Death and Like Ills Natural to Human Beings?p. 245
On Human Choicep. 253
Do Human Beings Have Free Choice in Their Acts, or Do They Choose Necessarily?p. 253
On Venial Sinp. 265
Do We Properly Contradistinguish Venial Sin from Mortal Sin?p. 265
Does Venial Sin Diminish Charity?p. 273
Can Venial Sin Become Mortal?p. 279
Do Circumstances Make Venial Sins Mortal?p. 285
Can Venial Sin Belong to Higher Reason?p. 287
Can Venial Sin Belong to Sense Appetites?p. 292
Could Adam in the Condition of Innocence Have Sinned Venially?p. 295
Are the First Movements of the Sense Appetites of Unbelievers Venial Sins?p. 300
Can a Good or Bad Angel Sin Venially?p. 302
Is Venial Sin by One without Charity Punished by Eternal Punishment?p. 303
Are Any Venial Sins Remitted in Purgatory after This Life Ends?p. 308
Does Sprinkling Holy Water, Anointing the Body, and the Like Remit Venial Sins in This Life?p. 314
On the Capital Sinsp. 317
How Many Capital Sins Are There, and Which Sins Are?p. 317
Is Pride a Special Kind of Sin?p. 325
Does Pride Belong to Irascible Power?p. 332
Does Gregory Appropriately Assign Four Species of Pride?p. 338
On VainGloryp. 341
Is Vainglory a Sin?p. 341
Is Vainglory a Mortal Sin?p. 344
Do We Appropriately Assign Disobedience, Boasting, Hypocrisy, Contention, Obstinacy, Discord, and Audacity for Novelties as the Daughters of Vainglory?p. 348
On Envyp. 351
Is Envy a Sin?p. 351
Is Envy a Mortal Sin?p. 354
Is Envy a Capital Sin?p. 359
On Spiritual Apathyp. 361
Is Spiritual Apathy a Sin?p. 361
Is Spiritual Apathy a Special Kind of Sin?p. 364
Is Spiritual Apathy a Mortal Sin?p. 366
Is Spiritual Apathy a Capital Sin?p. 369
On Angerp. 371
Is All Anger Sin, or Is Some Anger Good?p. 371
Can Anger Be a Sin?p. 377
Is Anger a Mortal Sin?p. 380
Is Anger a Less Serious Sin Than Hate and Envy and the Like?p. 384
Is Anger a Capital Sin?p. 386
On Avaricep. 389
Is Avarice a Special Kind of Sin?p. 389
Is Avarice a Mortal Sin?p. 392
Is Avarice a Capital Sin?p. 395
Is Lending at Interest a Mortal Sin?p. 397
On Gluttonyp. 405
Is Gluttony Always a Sin?p. 405
Is Gluttony a Mortal Sin?p. 408
Does Gregory Appropriately List the Species of Gluttony?p. 412
Is Gluttony a Capital Sin?p. 415
On Sexual Lustp. 419
Is Every Act of Sexual Lust a Sin?p. 419
Is Every Act of Sexual Lust a Mortal Sin?p. 423
Are Fornication, Adultery, Incest, Seduction of a Virgin, Rape, and Sins Contrary to Nature the Species of Sexual Lust?p. 430
Is Sexual Lust a Capital Sin?p. 431
On Devilsp. 435
Do Devils Have Bodies Joined to Them by Nature?p. 435
Are Devils Evil by Their Nature or Their Will?p. 444
Did the Devil in Sinning Desire Equality with God?p. 452
Did the Devil Sin, or Could He Have Sinned, at the First Moment of His Creation?p. 458
Can Devils' Free Choice Return to Good after Their Sin?p. 467
Is a Devil's Intellect So Darkened after Sin That It Can Err or Be Deceived?p. 474
Do Devils Know Future Things?p. 482
Do Devils Know Our Interior Thoughts?p. 490
Can Devils Alter Material Substances by Changing the Substances' Forms?p. 495
Can Devils Cause the Locomotion of Material Substances?p. 500
Can Devils Affect the Soul's Cognitive Powers Regarding the Internal or External Senses?p. 503
Can Devils Affect Human Beings' Intellect?p. 509
Glossary of Termsp. 515
Glossary of Authors and Works Citedp. 521
Comparable Passages in Other Works of Aquinasp. 525
Non-Biblical Texts Citedp. 527
Select Bibliographyp. 531
Indexp. 537
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ISBN: 9780195091830
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 560
Published: 1st February 2003
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