On Cringila Hill - Noel Beddoe

On Cringila Hill


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Some secrets never die

When a teenage boy is killed in a targeted shooting, the events that unfold rock the lives of the migrant families of Cringila. School friends Jimmy and Piggy have witnessed the violent crime, but need to protect their fledgling drug business.

After seasoned police detective Gordon Winter is assigned the murder case, his investigations uncover long-buried secrets and an entrenched culture of loyalty and fear.

On Cringila Hill weaves a gripping story of power, racial tensions and blood ties in a once-vibrant industrial community.

About the Author

Noel Beddoe is a former high school principal with 20 years of experience who has been involved in Aboriginal education for most of his adult life, becoming the inaugural chairperson of the Aboriginal Education Reference Group. He is the author of several books, including Autumn and Dad and Me.

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This crime novel is set in the badlands of Port Kembla, the industrial heartland of Wollongong. Cringilla is a cultural melting pot, full of migrant workers who have lost their job at the steelworks or the port.

When a young boy is killed in a targeted shooting there, his mates on the street Jimmy and Piggy, who witnessed the crime, are rattled. But they also need to protect their new venture: a fledgling drug business. Detective Gordon Winter’s investigation reveals hidden bonds of loyalty and secrets that threaten both his professional and personal life. And how does all this tie up with the sexual assault on Luz Solomona, the most beautiful girl in town?

This is a slow burn, big on place and atmosphere, short on plot and pace, that reminded me of the film The Combination.

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