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New Eyes to See Inside the Sun and Stars - Pushing the Limits of Helio and Asteroseismology with New Observations from the Ground and from Space : Proceedings of the 185th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Kyoto, Japan, August 18-22, 1997 : International Astronomical Union Symposia - Franz Ludwig Deubner

New Eyes to See Inside the Sun and Stars - Pushing the Limits of Helio and Asteroseismology with New Observations from the Ground and from Space : Proceedings of the 185th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Kyoto, Japan, August 18-22, 1997

International Astronomical Union Symposia

Paperback ISBN: 9780792350767
Number Of Pages: 488

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The continuing success of helio- and asteroseismology in studying the internal structure and dynamics of the Sun, and of other single stars, has been highlighted in recent years by many topical meetings. The present Proceedings document the first Seismology symposium ever held in conjunction with an IAU General Assembly. This substantially influenced the layout of the scientific programme and demonstrates the vitality of this field of astronomy. The invited reviews are intended to address an audience that includes many non-specialists. Therefore, this volume is particularly valuable as an introduction to the general concepts of the field, and for conveying the excitement that comes with discussions of the most recent observational and theoretical results. There are two chapters on the many facets of asteroseismology, which also compare solar and stellar achievements. A major focus of the symposium was the new developments resulting from the observations of unprecedented quality obtained from global multi-site networks, and especially from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory SoHO, currently continuing its observations from the Lagrangian point L1. From the center of the Sun to its outer layers, the reader will learn how modern diagnostic techniques reveal the inextricable links between the complex structure of the interior and atmosphere of our nearest star. The book is recommended for undergraduates, postgraduates, and professionals with a strong interest in modern developments in astrophysics.

Data for Probing the Sunp. 1
Helioseismic Data Reductionp. 13
Seismic Solar Models and the Neutrino Problemp. 21
Internal Rotation, Mixing, and Lithium Abundancesp. 25
LOI/SOHO Constraints on Oblique Rotation of the Solar Corep. 37
Helioseismology and the Solar Neutrino Problemp. 41
The Art of Fitting P-Mode Spectrap. 43
A Comparison of Low-Degree Solar P-Mode Frequencies from Bison and LOIp. 45
Touching on the Effects of an Imperfect Window Functionp. 47
Gong Spectra in Three Observables: What is a P-Mode Frequency?p. 49
Application of a New Observational Strategy to the Study of Gravitational Solar Modesp. 51
Vamos: Velocity and Magnetic Observations of the Sunp. 53
Searching for G-Modes at the Solar Limbp. 55
Autoregressive Modelling of Golf Velocity Time Seriesp. 57
Large Scale Convection and the Solar Radiusp. 59
Stellar Convective Coresp. 73
A Seismic Model of the Solar Convective Envelopep. 81
The Convection Zone and Oscillationsp. 85
Total Solar Irradiance Variationsp. 89
Solar Irradiance Variations: Theoryp. 103
Observations of the Latitudinal Variation of the Solar Radiance of Non-Active Regions of the Sunp. 111
Amplitude Modulation of Radial P-Modes from Virgop. 113
An Improved Calibration of the Mixing-Length Based on Simulations of Solar-Type Convectionp. 115
Nonlinear Inversion for the Hydrostatic Structure of the Solar Interiorp. 117
Quasi 10-Day and 4-Day Periodicities in Solar Irradiancep. 119
A k - c Model of the Lower Overshoot Layerp. 121
Numerical Simulation of Penetrative Convection: A Parametric Studyp. 123
Inversion Methodsp. 125
Helioseismic Constraints on the Solar Structurep. 135
Solar Internal Rotationp. 141
Solar Rotation and Large-Scale Flows Measured by Time-Distance Helioseismology from MDIp. 149
Line Profiles and Rotational Splitting of Individual Modesp. 153
Spherical and Aspherical Structure of the Sun: First Year of SOHO/MDI Observationsp. 157
What do Solar F-Mode Frequencies Tell Us?p. 165
LOI and Gong Low-Degree Rotational Splittingsp. 167
A Search for l = 2 Asymmetries in Bison Datap. 169
Low Degree P-Mode Solar Cycle Trends from Bison Datap. 171
Comments on the Influence of Solar Activity on P-Mode Oscillation Spectrap. 173
Time Variation of Velocity Flows from Ring Diagrams: A First Approachp. 175
Pumping of Rossby Waves and Vortices at the Base of the Solar Convection Zonep. 177
Observation of Low-Degree Modes from SOHO/MDI Using Optimal Masksp. 179
The Internal Rotation Rate Inferred from Lowl and Gong Datap. 181
Local Properties of the Sun's Seismic Eventsp. 183
Observation of Seismic Effects of Solar Flares from the Soho Michelson Doppler Imagerp. 191
Line Asymmetry and Excitation Mechanism of Solar Oscillationsp. 195
Excitation and Damping of P-Modesp. 199
Raman Spectroscopy of Solar P-Modesp. 213
Exploratory Simulation of Solar Granules: How Sharp is the Convection/Radiation Transition?p. 217
Acoustic Imaging and Subsurface Absorption Structure of Sunspotsp. 219
Excitation of Oscillations - An Update of Bison Datap. 221
Are Solar P-Modes Correlated?p. 223
The Integrated Magnetic Field of the Sun Seen by the Golf Experimentp. 225
Temporal Behavior of Solar P-Modes from Gong and Golf Experimentsp. 227
On the Formation of Line Profiles of Solar P-Modesp. 229
New Developments in Asteroseismologyp. 231
Theoretical Aspects of Asteroseismologyp. 245
Seismology of the ZZ Ceti Starsp. 253
Asteroseismology in Action: Pulsating Hot White Dwarfsp. 261
Replacing Colour Blindness with Depth Perceptionp. 269
roAp Stars Through Theorists' Eyes - Excitation Mechanismp. 277
A Search for Solar-Like Oscillations in [alpha] Cen Ap. 285
Results from the Hipparcos Mission on Stellar Seismologyp. 291
Slowly Pulsating B Stars: New Insights from Hipparcosp. 295
The Acoustic Cut-off Frequency of roAp Starsp. 299
Asteroseismology with the Space Mission Corotp. 301
Bisector Velocities of H[alpha] in the roAp Star [alpha] Cirp. 309
The Single Life of Rapidly Oscillating Ap Starsp. 311
Magnetic Properties of Rapidly Oscillating Ap Starsp. 313
Seismic Detection of Boundaries of Stellar Convective Regionsp. 315
On the Seismic Signature of the HeII Ionization Zone in Stellar Envelopesp. 317
The Procyon Campaign: Observations from Kitt Peakp. 319
Discovery of Non-Radial Pulsations in the White Dwarf Primary of a Cataclysmic Variable Starp. 321
Asteroseismology of [delta] Scuti Stars: Observationsp. 323
Delta Scuti Stars: Theoryp. 331
The Discovery of Non-Radial Gravity-Mode Pulsations in [gamma] Doradus-Type Starsp. 339
Pulsations of Ob-Stars: New Observationsp. 347
B Star Pulsation - Theory and Seismological Prospectsp. 355
The EC14026 Stars - Pulsating Hot Subdwarfsp. 361
EC14026 Stars: Theoretical Considerationsp. 367
Asteroseismology from Equivalent Width: A Test of the Sunp. 375
Asteroseismology of the [beta] Cephei Star 12(DD)Lacertaep. 379
Recovering the Pulsation Velocity Distribution on Stellar Surfacesp. 383
A High Speed Photometric Survey of Normal and Peculiar A-Type Starsp. 385
Line Profile Variations in the Spectra of the [gamma] Dor Star HR 2740p. 387
The Light Curves of Double-Mode Cepheids: The Co Aur Casep. 389
Asymptotic Description and the Diagnostic Properties of Low Degree Stellar P-Modesp. 391
Spectral Line Profile Variability as a Probe for l and mp. 393
Asteroseismology of [beta] Cepheip. 395
Pulsation of PMS 1.8M[actual symbol not reproducible] Stars: A Theoretical Investigationp. 397
Oscillations of Long-Period Variablesp. 399
Oscillations of HB Red Variable Starsp. 401
Carbon Monoxide and the Temperature Structure of the Solar Atmospherep. 403
High-Frequency Solar Oscillationsp. 415
The Influence of a Magnetic Field on Radiative Damping of Magnetoatmospheric Oscillationsp. 423
Phase Relations and Other Diagnostics of Solar Atmospheric Structure and Dynamicsp. 427
The New Chromospherep. 435
High Frequency Signal in Golf Datap. 447
Oscillation of the Magnetic Field in an Active Regionp. 449
Dynamics of the Deep Solar Photosphere at Supergranular Scalesp. 451
MHD Oscillations Observed in the Solar Photosphere with the Michelson Doppler Imagerp. 453
Phase Spectra Seen from Spacep. 455
Observational Relationship Between Meso-Sized Convection and 5-Min Oscillation in the Solar Atmospherep. 457
On the Chromospheric Behaviour of Photospheric Mn 539.47 nm Spectral Linep. 459
A Spatial Analysis of Local Sources of Oscillationsp. 461
Distributions of the Sources of the Magnetic Field During the Double Magnetic Cyclep. 463
Time Variation of the Global Solar Magnetic Field inferred from the Sun's Shadow as Seen in 10 TeV Cosmic Raysp. 465
Numerical Simulation of a Twisted Solar Coronap. 467
Coronal Heating Mechanism in the Presence of a Flow: A Numerical Approachp. 469
Indexp. 483
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ISBN: 9780792350767
ISBN-10: 0792350766
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 488
Publisher: Springer
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