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Neural Development : Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine - Keiichi Uyemura

Neural Development

Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine

By: Keiichi Uyemura (Editor), Koki Kawamura (Editor), Takahito Yazaki (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 1999
ISBN: 9784431702320
Number Of Pages: 544

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The most recent research findings on the important genes, key molecules, and mechanisms in neural development and regeneration are presented in this volume. The papers collected here were delivered at the second of the Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine, held in Mita (Tokyo), Japan, and are in eight main sections: Early Neurogenesis and Pattern Formation, Regional and Cellular Specification, Trophic Factors, Adhesion Molecules, Glial Cell Lineage and Myelination, Circuit Formation, Synaptic Refinement and Neurotransmitter Release, and Neural Regeneration. Together, they present the concept of neural development and regeneration and its vital importance at the frontiers of medical science today.
Neural Development is an invaluable resource and reference for researchers, clinicians, and students in physiology and the medical sciences.

List of Contributors
Opening Remarksp. 1
Regulation of Asymmetric Cell Divisions by Wnt and Frizzled in Caenorhabditis elegansp. 5
The Regulatory Mechanisms of Neural Development: Roles of Cell-Autonomous and Non-Cell-Autonomous Cues in Cell-Fate Decisionsp. 9
Mechanism of Myogenic Differentiation Suppression by Notch and RBP-Jp. 24
Role of bHLH Proteins in Neuronal Cell-Fate Specificationp. 29
Development of the Neural Crestp. 30
Asymmetric Divisions and Mammalian Neurogenesisp. 31
Regulated Parameters of Cell Proliferation in Neocortical Histogenesisp. 33
The Roles of Wnt Signaling in the Developing Dorsal Neural Tubep. 37
Physical and Functional Links Between Deltex and Notch Receptor in Drosophila melanogasterp. 42
Perpendicular Contact Guidance of CNS Neurons: Is It Operative in Brain Cortex Development?p. 50
Pathfinding and Cell-Fate Specification of Zebrafish Motoneuronsp. 59
Essential Role of Zic Genes in Neural Induction and Brain Pattern Formationp. 65
Molecular Mechanisms for Regional Specification of the Developing Neuroepitheliump. 74
Role of Eph Receptors in Patterning Avian Trunk Neural Crest Migrationp. 75
Induction and Maintenance of Hoxb4 Expression in the Developing Hindbrainp. 91
The Induction and Patterning of Spinal Motor Neuronsp. 99
Islet-3 in the Regional Specification of the Brainp. 108
Reelin/CR-50 and the Formation of Cortical Layersp. 115
Pax-6 Is Involved in Specification of Ventral Cell Types in the Hindbrainp. 117
Spatiotemporally Regulated Assortment of Activin and Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptors in the Developing Anterior Pituitary of Micep. 125
Region-Specific Gene Expression During the Early Formation of Axonal Tracts in the Rat Forebrainp. 129
Nerve Growth Factor-Induced Cell Death During Neural Developmentp. 137
Changes in the Neurotrophic Factor Survival Requirements of Peripheral Nervous System Neurons During Developmentp. 142
BDNF Exerts a Preventive Effect on Low K[superscript 4]-Induced Apoptosis of Cerebellar Granule Neurons via Activation of PI3-Kinasep. 152
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Prevents Neuronal Cell Death Induced by Corticosteronep. 159
Neurotrophins Regulate the Function of Microgliap. 165
Neurotrophins and CNTF: Endogenous Mechanisms of Trafficking and Therapeutic Potentialp. 175
Genes Involved in Programmed Cell Death of Cerebellar Granule Neuronsp. 176
Retrograde Transport of Endogenous NT-3 in Rat Sciatic Nervep. 180
Expression of c-fms Proto-oncogene/M-CSF Receptor in Postnatal Purkinje Cells: Possible Function of M-CSF in the Central Nervous Systemp. 186
Cadherin-Mediated Adhesion in Central Nervous System Architecturep. 199
Auditory, Somatosensory, and Other Restricted Circuits Are Delineated by Cadherin-6 Expression in Perinatal Mouse Brainsp. 203
Cadherins in CNS Wiringp. 211
OCAM, a Novel Member of NCAM Family, and Zone-to-Zone Projection of Olfactory Axonsp. 213
Cell Signaling and Cell Adhesion Molecule-Mediated Neurite Outgrowthp. 215
Development of the Neural Circuit in the Rat Cerebral Cortexp. 221
The Role of Sialic Acid Binding in the Inhibition of Axonal Regeneration by Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein, MAGp. 231
Function of the Cytoplasmic Domain of the Cell Adhesion Molecule L1 in Normal and Abnormal Brain Developmentp. 241
Functional Analysis of Cell Adhesion Proteins, P0 and L1p. 249
Signal-Mediated Sorting of the Cell Adhesion Molecule L1: Role of Its Cytoplasmic Domainp. 255
Proteolytic Cleavage of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1 by Subtilisin-Like Proprotein Convertasesp. 261
The RSLE Sequence in the Cytoplasmic Domain of Cell Adhesion Molecule L1 Is Involved in Cell Migration on L1 Substratesp. 267
Mutations in L1CAM Correlate with the Severity of Development Defects in Brain Developmentp. 273
Assessment of P[subscript 0]-Mediated Adhesion in Xenopus Oocytesp. 278
Characterization of Binding of Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein with Neuronal Cellsp. 285
Characterization and Developmental Regulation of Proteoglycan-Type Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase [zeta]/RPTP[beta] Isoformsp. 291
Three-Dimensional Gels with Extracellular Matrix Containing Laminin Promote Migration of Cerebellar Granule Cells In Vitrop. 298
Mechanisms of Myelin Membrane Biogenesis by Oligodendrocytesp. 307
A Potential Supramolecular Assembly in Myelinp. 315
Expression of the Myelin Basic Protein Gene in Cortical Pioneer Neurons During Embryonic Developmentp. 320
Function of Myelin Proteolipid Protein Gene Products During Oligodendrocyte Developmentp. 327
Effect of Substance P on a Glial Cell Lineagep. 333
Multiple Restricted Origin of Oligodendrocytesp. 337
Production and Survival of Oligodendrocytes in Developing Rodent Brainp. 338
NG2+ Glial Progenitor Cells in Normal Adult Brain and in the Dysmyelinating Mutant Jimpyp. 339
Glutamate Transporter (GLAST) as a Radial Glial Marker in the Mouse Cerebral Cortexp. 345
Involvement of Caspases in the TNF-[alpha]-Mediated Oligodendrocyte Cell Deathp. 350
Oligodendrocyte Differentiation Has a Strict Requirement for Astrocyte Contact In Vitrop. 355
Guidance of Ventral Midline Decussating Axons in the Brainp. 363
Neuropilin May Be a Common Component of Receptors for Secreted Semaphorin Family Membersp. 369
Neuropilin-1 Plays a Crucial Role in Peripheral Nerve Fiber Guidancep. 370
Role of Intrinsic Neuronal Determinants for Nerve Sprouting and Synaptic Plasticityp. 374
Development and Function of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase-Deficient Micep. 376
Time-Lapse Video Microscopic Analysis of Cell Process Formation from Drebrin A-Expressing Fibroblastp. 381
Development of Neurites, Dendritic Filopodia, and Synaptic Spines in Hippocampal Low-Density Culturep. 386
Electrophysiological Evidence That G[alpha][subscript q] Is Required for Climbing Fiber Synapse Elimination During Postnatal Cerebellar Developmentp. 394
Visualization of Dendritic Spine Formation with GFP-Fusion Proteinsp. 399
Optical Mapping of Neural Responses in the Embryonic Rat Brainstem: Early Functional Organization of Vagal Nucleip. 404
Central Respiratory Chemoreception in the Developing Rat Brainstem: Dynamic Imaging Analysis with Fluorescent Voltage-Sensitive Dyep. 410
Regulation of Microtubule-Associated Protein MAP1B-Tubulin Interaction by Acidic Phospholipidsp. 416
Site-Specific Phosphorylation and Dephosphorylation of Microtubule-Associated Protein MAP1B During Neuronal Developmentp. 421
The Connection Between Granule Cells and Mossy Fibers Changes Dynamically During Postnatal Cerebellar Developmentp. 425
Developmental Expression of Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels in Mouse Cerebellar Granule Cells In Vivo and in Microexplant Culturep. 430
Regulation of GABAergic Cell-Specific Gene Transcriptionp. 435
Membrane Trafficking in Neuronsp. 443
Doc2 as a Presynaptic Modulator for Neurotransmitter Releasep. 444
Roles of Synaptotagmin and Inositol Polyphosphates in the Mechanism of Exocytosis: The Clamp Hypothesisp. 450
Functional Analysis of HPC-1/Syntaxin 1A and Its Relation to Williams Syndromep. 456
Regulatory Roles of Complexins in Neurotransmitter Release from Mature Presynaptic Nerve Terminalsp. 462
SNARE Proteins and Neurotransmitter Release: A Functional Viewp. 467
A Functional Role of neuronal-synaptobrevin Protein in Synaptic Transmission Revealed in Drosophila Mutantsp. 468
Enzyme-Based Real-Time Detection of Synaptic Glutamate Release Modulated by GABA and Neurotrophins in Cultured Rat Neuronsp. 474
Analysis of the Regulatory Mechanisms of Synaptic Exocytosis Using an Autapse of Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neuronp. 481
Neuronal Survival and Axonal Regeneration After Axotomy of Cerebellar Purkinje Cellsp. 489
Structural and Functional Repair of the Corticospinal Tract in the Adult Rat by Transplantation of Olfactory Ensheathing Cellsp. 493
Neuron-Glia Interactions in the Injured PNS and CNSp. 500
Peripheral Nerve Regenerationp. 501
Spinal Cord Repair in Adult Rats: Restoration of Corticospinal and Rubrospinal Tracts to Almost Normal Extentp. 506
Transplants and Neurotrophins Increase Regeneration and Recovery of Function after Spinal Cord Injuryp. 507
Defective Herpes Simplex Virus Vectors for the Study of Neural Regenerationp. 509
Localization of K[superscript 4] Channel Complex on Demyelinated Axonsp. 515
Treatment of Metastatic Brain Tumors with a Replication-Competent Multimutated Herpes Simplex Virus-1p. 521
Reactive Astrocytes and Mossy Fiber Sprouting in Rat Hippocampus Induced by Kainic Acid Injectionp. 526
Human Genome Project: Current Status, Keio Strategy, and Prospectsp. 535
Key Word Indexp. 541
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ISBN: 9784431702320
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Series: Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 544
Published: 1999
Publisher: Springer Verlag, Japan
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