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Multiple Cholecystokinin Receptors in the CNS : Oxford Science Publications - C. T. Dourish

Multiple Cholecystokinin Receptors in the CNS

Oxford Science Publications

By: C. T. Dourish (Editor), S. J. Cooper (Editor), S. D. Iversen (Editor), L. L. Iversen (Editor)

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Cholecystokinin (CCK) is found in high concentrations in mammalian brain where it appears to act as a neurotransmitter. CCK has been implicated in a number of important physiological processes and disease states, including feeding and feeding disorders, nociception, schizophrenia, movement disorders, anxiety, and panic disorder. The recent increase in interest in CCK is mainly attributable to the development of potent selective CCK receptor antagonists. These drugs have proved to be valuable research tools and may also prove useful as therapeutic agents. This volume reviews the most recent data on the role of CCK in normal and abnormal brain function. It brings together contributions from the leading researchers in the field of CCK neurobiology. Particular emphasis is placed on the roles of CCK receptor subtypes (CCKA and CCKB) which have been determined using selective antagonists. This volume reviews the most recent data on the role of CCK in the central nervous system.

Industry Reviews

'it is a model of how a good, comprehensive text derived from a symposium devoted to a specific topic ought to be produced, in that it has depth, breadth and a sense of the moment ... What this volume also gives credit to is the productive interaction which can take place between industrial and ... academic research ... this book is outstanding, for the cognoscenti it is an impressive snapshot of where CCK is now, while for the uninitiated it is a first class introduction and source book - well worth having in the library.' Philip Winn, Psychologia

PART I: CCK Neurons and Receptors in the CNS 1: G. J. Dockray: Introduction 2: R. M. Freidinger: Synthesis of Non-Peptide CCK Antagonists 3: J. J. Howbert, K. L. Lobb, R. F. Brown, J. K. Reel, D. A. Neel, N. R. Mason, L. G. Mendelsohn, J. P. Hodgkiss, J. S. Kelly: A Novel Series of Non-Peptide CCK and Gastrin-Anatagonists: Medicinal Chemistry and Electrophysiological Demonstration of Antagonism 4: J. J. Vanderhaegen, S. N. Schiffmann: Distribution of Brain Neuronal CCK. An In Situ Hybridization Study 5: D. R. Hill, L. Singh, P. Boden, R. Pinnock, G. N. Woodruff, J. Hughes: Detection of CCK Receptor Subtypes in Mammalian Brain Using Highly Selective Non-Peptide Antagonists 6: B. P. Roques, C. Durieux, M. Ruiz-Gayo, M. Derrien, F. Bergeron, P. J. Corringer, V. Dauge: In Vitro and In Vivo Characterization of CCK B Receptors and Behavioural Responses Induced by Mesolimbic CCK Receptor Stimulation with Compounds Designed to Selectively Recognize CCK A Sites or CCK B Sites 7: J. A. Kemp, G. R. Marshall, J. N. C. Kew: Agonist and Antagonist Pharmacology of CCK-Receptor-Mediated Responses of Rat Ventromedial Hypothalmic Neurons 8: M. Patel, C. F. Spraggs: Studies of Gastrin/CCK Receptors Using Functional Isolated Preparations 9: R. J. Hargreaves, J. H. Lin: Blood-Brain Transfer of the CCK Antagonists L365,260 and Devazepide PART II: CCK and Anxiety 10: J. F. Rehfeld: Introduction 11: J. Bradwejn, D. Koszycki: CCK Receptors and Panic Attacks in Man 12: C. A. Hendrie, J. C. Neill: Ethological Analysis of the Role of CCK in Anxiety 13: E. Vasar, J. Harro, A. Pold, A. Lang: CCK Receptors and Anxiety in Rats 14: F. S. Guimaraes, A. S. Russo, J. C. De Aguiar, G. Ballejo, F. G. Graeff: Anxiogenic-Like Effect of CCK-8 Micro-Injected into the Dorsal Periaqueductal Grey of Rats in the Elevated Plus Maze 15: J. de Belleroche, R. Bandopadhyay: Central Actions of CCK: Modulation and GABA Release by CCK PART III: CCK and Satiety 16: G. P. Smith: Introduction 17: G. P. Smith, J. Gibbs: The Development and Proof of the CCK Hypothesis of Satiety 18: T. H. Moran, P. R. McHugh: Gastric Mechanisms in CCK Satiety 19: B. A. Baldwin: CKK as a Putative Satiety Factor in Farm Animals 20: P. Sodersten, A. Linden: Plasma and Cerebrospinal Fluid Concentrations of CCK and Satiety 21: S. J. Cooper: Behavioural Analysis of the Role of CCK A and CCK B Receptors in the Control of Feeding in Rodents 22: M. F. O'Neill, C. T. Dourish: Evidence that Hypolocomotion Induced by Peripheral or Central Injection of CCK in the Mouse is Mediated by Peripherally-Located CCKA Receptors 23: S. J. Cooper: CCK-Monoamine Interactions and Satiety in Rodents 24: J. Francis, S. J. Cooper: Selective CCK Receptor Antagonists and Macronutrient Consumption in the Rat 25: P.G. Clifton and S.J. Cooper: CCK 5-HT Interactions Influence Meal Size in the Free-feeding Rat 26: R.A. Liddle: Effects of CCK Receptor Blockade on Hunger and Gastric Emptying in Humans 27: P. H. Robinson: CCK, Gastric Emptying, and Satiety in Man 28: P. J. Rogers and J.E. Blundell: Satiation in Humans Induced by the Dipeptide L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine Methyl Ester (Aspartame): Possible Involvement of CCK 29: G. Leng, M. Hamamura, J. Bacon, and P.C. Emson: CCK-induced Activation of Oxytocin Neurons is Blocked by a Selective CCK Receptor Antagonist 30: M. Hamamra, G. Leng, P.C. Emson, and H. Kiyama: C-fos mRNA in Oxytocin Neurons: Selective Induction by CCK PART IV: CCK Dopamine Interactions 31: J.N. Crawley: Introduction 32: T. Hökfelt et al: Immunohistochemical and In Situ Hybridization Studies of the Co-existence of CCK and Dopamine in Mesencephalic Neurons 33: J. Kiyama, E. McGowan and P.C. Emson: A study of the 'Coexpression' of CCK and Tyorsine Hydroxylase Messenger RNAs in the Rat Substantia Nigra 34: S. Totterdell and A.D. Smith: Does Hippocampal CCK Influence Dopaminergic Input to the Nucleus Accumbens? Some Anatomical Observations 35: J.N. Crawley et al: Functional Analyses of Coexistence of CCK and Dopamine 36: N.M.J. Rupniak: CCK-dopamine Interactions: Implications for Treatment of Schizophrenia 37: M.A. Kupier, G.J. van Kamp, and E.Ch. Wolters: CCK: Its Role in Dopamine-related Disorders 38: A.J. Stoessl and E. Szczutkowski: CCK in Exxperimental Models of Dyskinesia 39: S. Boyce and N.M.J. Rupniak: CCK and Movement Disorders 40: C.T. Dourish et al: Behavioral and Neurochemical Evidence for an Interaction of CCK with D1 Dopamine-receptors 41: A. Sturman: Involvement of Central Dopamine and CCK-A Receptors in the Apomorphine-induced Hypotensive Response in the Anesthetized Rat PART V. CCK and Opioid Analgesia 42: S.D. Iversen: Introduction 43: D.E. Kellstein and D.J. Mayer: CCK and Opioid Analgesia 44: C.T. Dourish: The Role of CCK-A and CCK-B Receptors in Mediating the Inhibitory Effect of CCK on Opioid Analgesia 45: J.S. Han: The Role of CCK in Electro-acupuncture Analgesia and Electro-acupuncture Tolerance 46: A.H. Dickenson, A.F. Sullivan, and D.S. Magnuson: CCK and Opioid Interactions in the Spinal Cord 47: J.J. Benoliel et al: Opioid Control of CCK release from the Rat Spinal Cord - Interaction between µ, *s, and *k receptors 48: R.E. Rodriguez and M.P. Sacristan: In Vivo Release of CCK-8 from the Dorsal Horn of the Rat: Modulation by Selective Opioid Agonists 49: R.W. Clarke, J. Harris, and T.W. Ford: Seeking a Role for CCK in Control of Spinal Reflexes 50: H. Klein et al: Enhancement of Opiaite Analgesia by Devazepide in in a Baboon Dolorimetry Model 51: M.F. O'Neill, S. Tye, and C.T. Dourish: Blockade of CCK-B Receptors by L365,260 induces Analgesia in the Squirrel Monkey

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Published: 17th September 1992
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