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Multiphase Phenomena and Cfd Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processes - Laurentiu Nastac

Multiphase Phenomena and Cfd Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processes

By: Laurentiu Nastac (Editor), Ben Q. Li (Editor)

Paperback Published: April 2010
ISBN: 9780873395700
Number Of Pages: 482

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This volume contains proceedings dealing with the topics of multiphase phenomena in materials processing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation of engineering processes. This collection gathers papers from researchers and engineers involved in the modeling of multiscale and multiphase phenomena in material processing systems. Papers address gas-particle flows, liquid-liquid phase flows, bubbly driven flows, granular flows, liquid-solid flows, multiphase flows in external fields, multiscale heat and mass transfer, and microstructure formation in these multiphase systems. Papers also focus on the CFD modeling and simulation of various engineering processes, such as metal processes including casting, forging, welding, heat treating, and VAR/ESR/PAM/EBM remelting processes; coatings including PVD, CVD, and plasma-assisted EBM-PVD technologies; and other surface engineering processes including induction, laser, and EB thermal processing. The CFD modeling and simulation proceedings discuss applications of CFD to engineering processes and demonstrate how CFD could help scientists and engineers to better understand the fundamentals of engineering processes.


Members of the Organizing Committee.



Application of an Online Iterative ECT Image Reconstruction Method inMultiphase Flow Measurement (S. Liu, H. Wang and F. Jiang).

Study on the Air Flow and Heat Transfer in Gravel Embankments in thePermafrost Areas Between Qinghai and Tibet (J. Fan, L. Shi and W. Haigang).

A Two-Phase Flow Model for Particle-Gas Flows and Comparison withExperimental Measurements (W. Song, B.Q. Li, C. Xu and C. Richards).

Improvement of Flow Modifiers in McGill Heat Pipes (P. Navarra, H. Zhao and F. Mucciardi).

An Integrated Model for Microwave Thermal Processing (R. Akarapu, B.Q. Li and J. Tang).

Undercooling and Demixing of Cu-Co Melts in the Tempus FacilityDuring Parabolic Flight (M. Kolbe, S. Reutzel, A. Patti, I. Egry, L. Ratke and D.M. Herlach).

Effects of Magnetic Fields and Internal Radiation on Flow andSolidification of Oxide Melts (Y. Shu, B.Q. Li and K. Lynn).

Influence of an External Electric Field Applied During Solution HeatTreatment of Three 6000-Series (Al-Mg-Si) Alloys (K. Jung and H. Conrad).

Peculiarities of Phase Creating in the Ag-Fe-Graphite Compositions DuringProcessing by Electric Current (O.I. Raychenko, V.P. Popov and O.V. Derev'yanko).


On Convection-Induced Phase Separation During Solidification (A. Ludwig, M. Wu and S. Eck).

A Diffuse Interface Model for Two-Phase Flows Based on Averaging (Y. Sun and C. Beckermann).

Effects of Different Fraction Solids on the Fluidity of Rheocast 356 Al-SiAlloy (Sh. Nafisi, O. Lashkari, M.R. Ghomashchi and A. Charette).


Effect of Process Variables on Droplet Heat Transfer (H. Henein).

Separation Characteristics of Gas-Solid Flow in a U-Beam Separator Using RSM Model (W. Haigang, L. Shi and J. Fan).

A Study of Steel Scrap Movement (D. Guo and G.A. Irons).

Detachment of Bubbles from Their Nucleation Sites (L.I. Kiss, S. Poncsak, D. Toulouse, A. Perron, A. Liedtke and V. Mackowiak).

Mechanisms and Diffusional Kinetics of the Hard Chromizing Process on Carbon Steels (J.-W. Lee and J.-G. Duh).

A Computational Approach in Obtaining Heat Transfer DimensionlessCorrelations (B. Melissari and S.A. Argyropoulos).

Mathematical Modeling of Air Gap Phenomena in Squeeze Casting of Aluminum Alloy A356 (A. Yu, N. Li and H. Hu).



Programs and Opportunities at ATP Focusing on Modeling and Simulation of Engineering Processes (D. Banerjee).

A 3D-FEM Solver for Non-Steady State Navier-Stokes Equations with Free Surface. Application to Mold Filling Simulation in Casting Processes (M. Bellet, E. Saez, O. Jaouen and T. Coupez).

Melt Flow and Its Effect on Interface Curvature in a Horizontal Unidirectional Solidification System (T.-M. Guo, H. Li, M.J. Braun and G.-X. Wang).

Numerical Simulation of Solidification Process and Microstructure Evolution of Single Crystal Investement Castings (Z. Liang, J. Li, B. Liu, Q. Xu, H. Yuan and S. Liu).

Solidification and Macrosegregation in Aluminum Alloys on Uneven Surfaces (D. Samanta and N. Zabaras).

Validation and Improvement of Computer Modeling of the Lost Foam Casting Process Via Real Time X-Ray Technology (W. Sun, P. Scarber, Jr. and H. Littleton).

Mathematical Modeling of a Liquid Metal Feeding System for SingleBelt Casters (F. da Costa Fernandez, G.A. Defendi, J.C. de Sousa Pena, V.F. da Cruz and R.P. Tavares).


The Effect of Electromagnetic Stirring on the Turbulent Flow of LiquidMetal in a Vacuum Arc Remelted Ingot (A. Jardy, T. Quatravaux and D. Ablitzer).

Modeling of Electroslag Remelting of Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys (S.A. Cefalu, K.J. VanEvery and M.J.M. Krane).

Computational Analysis of the Dynamics of the Metal Spray in the Nucleated Casting Process (K.M. Kelkar, S.V. Patankar, R.S. Minisandram, R.M.F. Jones and W.T. Carter, Jr.).

CFD Modeling and Simulation Applications for PAM-Assisted Casting of Ti-6Al-4V Ingots and Slabs (L. Nastac, F. Spadafora and E.M. Crist).

Pool Profiles During Low and High Current Vacuum Arc Remelting (A.D. Patel and R.S. Minisandram).

Modeling of Single-Roll Strip Casting of Al-1%Mn Alloy: Correlation of Strip Thickness, Solidification Zone Length and Puddle Shape (Suyitno, E.N. Straatsma and L. Katgerman).


Design of an Asymmetric Waveform Spectrometer (M.H. Castro-Cedeno).

Design and Simulation of a Piezoresistive MEMS Pressure Sensor for Marine Applications (S. Aravamudhan and S. Bhansali).

Influence of Materials on the Design of Micro Needles (K. Potluri, S. Akella and S. Bhansali).

Transient Analysis of Microchannel Heat Transfer with Volumetric Heat Generation in the Substrate (S.S. Shevade and M.M. Rahman).

Improved MEMS Thermal Actuator Design by Modification of Hot-ArmGeometry (V. Upadhyay, S. Samson, W. Wang and S. Bhansali).


Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Tool for the Materials Technology (A. Mukhopadhyay, B. Devulapalli, A. Dutta and E.W. Grald).

Numerical Simulation of Vacuum Dezincing of Lead Alloy (G. Djambazov, C. Bailey, M. Patel and J. Shrimpton).

The Application of CFD to the Design of Electric Furnaces (L.H. Gunnewiek, L. Oshinowo, T. Plikas and R. Haywood).

Simulation of Combustion and Metal Heating in a Mobile Heat TreatmentFurnace (Y. Yang, R.A. de Jong and M.A. Reuter).

Simulation of Bubble Formation Based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method (J. Steiner, C. Redl, W. Brandstatter and A. Triessnig).

CFD Modeling of Sintering Phenomena During Iron Ore Sintering (P. Tan and D. Neuschutz).

Modeling Dissolution in Aluminum Alloys (T. Zoeller, T.H. Sanders, Jr. and G.P. Neitzel).

Computer Simulation of 3D Virtual Reality for Dynamical Modeling and Video Imaging of Nanocomposite (M. Kireitseu, D. Hui, L. Bochkareva, S. Eremeev and I. Nedavniy).

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ISBN: 9780873395700
ISBN-10: 0873395700
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 482
Published: April 2010
Publisher: The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
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