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More Than Hope : For Young Children on the Autism Spectrum - Tanya Paparella

More Than Hope

For Young Children on the Autism Spectrum


Published: 11th June 2012
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Published: 22nd July 2014
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More Than Hope, For Young Children On The Autism Spectrum describes powerful intervention strategies to change areas of early child development most impacted by autism. With the specialized knowledge of Dr. Tanya Paparella, a leading expert with over 20 years of autism intervention and director of the UCLA childhood autism program, the book takes each significant area of development and explains why children with autism learn differently. It then provides step-by-step intervention strategies to develop communication, social interaction, and normal behavior. The teaching strategies are known to work, they are practical, and can be used in everyday activities. This book offers parents, care givers, and professionals the opportunity to do more than just hope for a child's successful future; it directly empowers them by providing critical knowledge and intervention tools towards long-lasting benefits for each child and their family. More Than Hope, For Young Children On The Autism Spectrum is easy to read, yet powerful in its simplicity and depth. Why is this book unique? * Parent friendly intervention strategies. * Interventions target areas of specific difficulty in autism. * Intervention in critical areas results in dramatic improvement. * Incorporates intervention strategies as part of everyday activities. * Efficiently targets core deficits - perfect for busy parents. * Explains why each area is important, why a child is having difficulty, and exactly how to intervene. * Content derived from cutting edge research distilled for parents by a specialist with over 20 years of autism experience and outstanding treatment results. * Significantly reduces financial overheads incurred by specialist only intervention. See Terrific Reviews Online - Parents Love It! Book Features: Table of Contents, Illustrated, Appendix, Glossary, References, Resources For more information go to: http://www.autismintervention.info/

"If your young child has autism or an autism spectrum disorder the absolute best thing you can do is be treated by Dr. Paparella and her team at UCLA. If you cannot make that happen then you must read every word of this book. More Than Hope will guide you and your child through a very practical and effective journey. You will see dramatic results." Dr. David Feinberg, MD, MBA, President University of California Los Angeles Health System, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Los Angeles, USA **** "Dr. Tanya Paparella's guidance was absolutely instrumental in helping my child become diagnosis-free. Now Tanya's priceless expertise is available to all families in a content-rich, yet very accessible how-to book. What sets this book apart from the others is its exceptional clarity in communicating powerful information. Using this book, parents see that success is manageable! Now, as a parent-trainer myself, I recommend this book as the essential, indispensable guide for parents seeking help for their young child." Elizabeth Spalter Iino, MSW, LCSW, Parent and Clinical Social Worker, Vienna, Austria **** "Brandon's progress has exceeded even my highest expectations. It feels like, after an almost 3 year infancy Brandon has finally become a real little boy." Dr. Lori E. Holt, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Parent and Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UCLA, USA **** "Eli's gains have astounded us. We will be forever grateful." Crystal Weinstein, Parent, Los Angeles, USA **** "More Than Hope is an intelligent and practical guide, loaded with compassion, which readers will find immensely and, more importantly, immediately useful. Dr. Paparella's advice focuses on empowering parents and caregivers of young children with autism with the hands-on skills necessary to positively contribute to their child's development, and the resulting book is a treasure. As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, I wholeheartedly recommend it as a must read." Regina Salathe, Parent, Tokyo, Japan **** "Finally, a book filled with easy to read language and encouraging information for parents entering into the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Paparella's experience allows her to empathetically address the apprehensive parent's concerns and struggles as well as deliver the practical tools necessary to begin the journey into understanding and helping their child. This book is a must-have guide for parents and early childhood professionals alike." Heather Marenda, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, Los Angeles, USA **** "I would have loved something like this in my boys' early diagnosis stage before we went to ECPHP!" Sonia G., Parent, Los Angeles, USA **** "The methods described in this book not only explain how differently our kids process information, but how we can use different methods to reach them. I have used them, and anyone who knew my son a year ago, can see the difference." Aline N. Osime, Parent, Kigali, Rwanda **** "I was lucky enough to have worked with Dr. Tanya Paparella and her colleagues at UCLA who taught me almost everything I know about early intervention in children with ASD. Now parents and caregivers reading this book will have the benefit of Dr. Paparella's knowledge delivered in a clear, comprehensive, and tremendously supportive how to guide that explains what autism is and how parents can provide the essentials of early intervention every day. Of course I wish every parent of a child with ASD could be face to face with Tanya Paparella, but this book provides a terrific alternative. For every parent, the diagnosis of ASD is a journey and I highly recommend this book as your guide." Dr. Sarah Spence, MD, Ph.D., Pediatric Neurologist, Children's Hospital Boston, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, USA **** "An invaluable resource for parents of a suspected or newly diagnosed child on the autism spectrum. It encourages and empowers parents to be proactive and start building a foundation for future learning and social interactions. Wonderfully clear in content and presentation!" Dr. Janis Golob, Psy.D., Certified School Psychologist, New Jersey, USA **** "More Than Hope is an invaluable guide for parents, teachers, and paraprofessionals concerned with young children suspect of, or being diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Dr. Paparella delineates clearly the major areas of concern for young children on the spectrum and then provides concrete interventions, derived from research and validated clinically over 20 years, reflecting behavioral and developmental approaches. This book will empower parents to assist their child directly and to evaluate alternative services recommended or being provided for their child." Professor Don McMillan, Ph.D., Graduate School of Education, University of California Irvine, USA **** "More Than Hope is an invaluable resource for parents of children on the autism spectrum. In addition to clear explanations on critical topics, Dr. Paparella provides parents and families with meaningful, easy-to-read strategies and everyday tools to improve their child's development. Dr. Paparella's extensive expertise is valuable to everyone involved in the lives of children on the Autism Spectrum." Dr. Nora D'Angiola, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, Buenos Aires, Argentina **** "This book is a masterpiece of efficiency. What a professional book is to the clinician this book will be for parents of a young child with autism. Hundreds of clinical hours condensed into one easy to read book. Terrific value!" Stewart B., Parent, Los Angeles, USA **** "In Dr. Paparella's closing thoughts, she included a note that said, "I hope it brings you many hours of practical and exciting instruction, and joyful times with your child." I think the reason why this book is so important - why this book is so needed - why this book is so critical at this moment in time for our children on the spectrum - is that many of us parents have forgotten what joy feels like." Dr. Jane Chin, Ph.D., Parent, Los Angeles, USA.

Table of Contents, Illustrated, Appendix, Glossary, References, Resources

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Published: 11th June 2012
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