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Molecular Evolution and Adaptive Radiation - Thomas J. Givnish

Molecular Evolution and Adaptive Radiation

By: Thomas J. Givnish (Editor), Kenneth J. Sytsma (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 28th August 1997
ISBN: 9780521573290
Number Of Pages: 638

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Molecular Evolution and Adaptive Radiation surveys recent advances in the study of adaptive radiation by bringing together a set of international experts investigating a wide range of organisms in a variety of geographic settings. Givnish and Sytsma show how family trees derived from molecular characters can be used to analyze the origin and pattern of ecological and morphological diversification within a lineage in a noncircular fashion. They synthesize the recent explosion of research in this area, involving organisms as diverse as epiphytic and terrestrial orchids, water hyacinths, African cichlids, New World monkeys, tropical fruit bats, carnivorous bromeliads, Hawaiian silverswords and fruit flies, North American Daphnia, Caribbean anoles, Canadian sticklebacks, and Australian marsupials. This volume will be of interest to graduate students and professional scientists in ecology, evolutionary biology, systematics, and biogeography.

'... illuminating, refreshing and convincing ... The editors maintain that adaptive radiation is an effective bridge between ecology and evolution. Givnish and Sytsma have certainly put this into practice by producing a text which is made exciting not only through the advance in molecular technology, but also by the sheer complexity and elegance of biological diversity. It is rare to say that a text will reach a truly wide audience. In this case, it is assured, and should reach the shelves (funds permitting!) of specialists in molecular evolution and of specific taxa, as well as those who are just curious about the marvel of biological diversity.' Gary R. Carvalho, Heredity '... this book does an excellent job of reviewing many interesting evolutionary situations.' Deborah Charlesworth, Genetical Research '... very well edited and all of the chapters are readable and well presented ... should be of interest to biologists of any ilk.' Chuck Cook, BSDB Newsletter

List of Contributors
Adaptive radiation and molecular evolution: concepts and research issues
Homoplasy in molecular vs. morphological data: the likelihood of correct phylogenetic inference
Integrative Studies
Adaptive radiation of the Hawaiian silversword alliance: congruence and conflict of phylogenetic evidence from molecular and non-molecular investigations
The chronicle of marsupial evolution
Evolutionary origins of phenotypic diversity in Daphnia
Evolutionary trends in the ecology of New World monkeys inferred from a combined phylogenetic analysis of nuclear, mitochondrial, and morphological data
Adaptive radiation in the aquatic plant family Pontederiaceae: insights from phylogenetic analysis
Molecular evolution and adaptive radiation in Brocchinia (Bromeliaceae: Pitcairnioideae) atop tepuis of the Guayana Shield
You aren't always what you eat: evolution of nectar-feeding among Old World fruitbats (Megachiroptera: Pteropodidae)
Chloroplast DNA restriction sites and floral versus non-floral characters in the obligate twig epiphytes in subtribe Oncidiinae (Orchidaceae)
Adaptation, cladogenesis, and the evolution of habitat association in North American tiger beetles: a phylogenetic perspective
Rapid Radiations
Molecular phylogenetic tests of sympatric speciation models in Lake Malawi cichlid fishes
A rapid adaptive radiation due to a key innovation in Aquilegia
Origin and evolution of Argyranthemum (Asteraceae: Anthemideae) in
Reproductive Strategies
Floral diversification, pollination biology, and molecular evolution in Platanthera (Orchidaceae)
Phylogenetic perspectives on the evolution of dioecy: adaptive radiation in the endemic Hawaiian genera Schiedea and Alsinodendron (Caryophyllaceae: Alsinoideae)
Ecological and reproductive shifts in the diversification of the endemic Hawaiian Drosophila
Character Divergence and Community Assembly
History of ecological selection in sticklebacks - uniting experimental and phylogenetic approaches
Phylogenetic studies of convergent adaptive radiations in Caribbean Anolis lizards Todd Jackman
Macroevolutionary Patterns
Molecular and morphological evolution during the post-Palaeozoic diversification of echinoids
How fast is speciation: molecular, geological and phylogenetic evidences from adaptive radiations of fish
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ISBN: 9780521573290
ISBN-10: 0521573297
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 638
Published: 28th August 1997
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 25.3 x 17.7  x 3.2
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