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Molecular Biology and Physiology of Water and Solute Transport - Stefan Hohmann

Molecular Biology and Physiology of Water and Solute Transport

By: Stefan Hohmann (Editor), Soren Nielsen (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st January 2001
ISBN: 9780306465017
Number Of Pages: 451

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Biophysical studies in the 1950ies and 1960ies led to the realization that the water permeability of certain biological membranes must be due to the presence of water transporting proteins. This hypothesis was confirmed in 1991 and 1992 with the pioneering discovery of the first molecular membrane water channel, CHIP28, by Agre and coworkers. This integral membrane protein, which is abundant in the erythrocyte membrane and in many epithelial cells, is now called aquaporin-1 or AQP1. Thus the terms water channel or aquaporin are synonymous.
In July 2000 more than 200 researchers came together in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the `3rd International Conference on the Molecular Biology and Physiology of Water and Solute Transport" to discuss progress in this emerging research field. 58 different presentations from this conference are the basis for this book. Cumulatively, these 58 short chapters provide a balanced overview complementing numerous recent reviews in this field.

Structure Function Analysis of Aquaporins and Glycerol Facilitators
Functional Analysis of the Unusual Signature Motifs of the Yeast MIP Channel, Fps1pp. 3
GlpF: A Structural Variant of the Aquaporin Tetramerp. 13
Different Behaviours of MIP Proteins in N-Lauroylsarcosinep. 23
Overexpression and Purification of the Glycerol Transport Facilitators, Fps1p and GlpF, in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia colip. 29
Three-Dimensional Fold of Human AQP1 Water Channel Determined by Electron Cryo-Crystallography of 2-Dimensional Crystals Embedded in Icep. 35
Volume Flux across Red Cell AQP1 and E. coli AqpZ Water Channel Proteins Reconstituted into Planar Lipid Bilayersp. 41
Biogenesis and Folding of Aquaporin Water Channels in the Endoplasmic Reticulump. 49
Function, Physiological Roles, and Regulation of Mammalian Aquaporins
The Kidney in the Inner Earp. 59
Renal Aquaporin Expression in Aging Ratp. 63
Expression and Regulation of Aquaporin-1 and Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase In Relationship with Water Permeability across the Peritoneump. 69
Regulation of Renal Aquaporins and Sodium Transporters during Vasopressin-Escape in the Ratp. 77
Aquaporin-8 and -9: Tissue Localizationp. 85
Expression of the Epithelial Na[superscript +] Channel (ENAC) in Rat Kidney Colocalises with Aquaporin-2 (AQP-2)p. 91
Oxytocin: One of the Factors for Regulating AQP2 Localization and Urinary AQP2 Excretionp. 97
Fluid Transport by Human Nonpigmented Ciliary Epithelial Monolayerp. 107
Structural Features of Barrier Membranesp. 115
Molecular Cloning of a New Aquaporin Superfamily in Mammalsp. 123
Neurotransmitters Regulate the Amount of AQP5 in the Apical Plasma Membrane via [Ca superscript 2+]i in Parotid Acinar Cellsp. 127
Persistent Increase in the Amount of AQP5 in the Apical Plasma Membrane of Rat Parotid Acinar Cells Induced by the Muscarinic Receptor Agonist SNI-2011p. 135
Cyclic AMP-Mediated Aquaporin-2 Translocation: Identification of Protein Kinase A Anchoring Proteins and the Role of the Small GTPases of the Rho Familyp. 145
Gastrointestinal Phenotype of Aquaporin Knockout Micep. 151
Two Distinct Signals Determine the Basolateral Targeting of AQP4 in the Renal Epithelial Cell Line MDCKp. 159
Water Channel Protein, Aquaporin 3, in Epithelial Cellsp. 167
Regulation of Aquaporin-2 Water Channel Trafficking by Phosphorylation: Lessons from Transfected Epithelial Cellsp. 173
Functional Expression of AQP3 in Human Epidermis and Keratinocyte Cell Culturesp. 179
Identification of a New Form of AQP4 mRNA That is Developmentally Expressed in Brainp. 185
Models for Isotonic Transport across Apical Membranes of Epithelial Cellsp. 195
Missense Mutations in the MIP Gene, Encoding the Major Intrinsic Protein of the Lens (Aquaporin-0), Underlie Cataracts in Humansp. 205
Urinary Excretion of Aquaporin-2 Water Channel is Dominant in Pathological State of Arginine Vasopressin-Induced Impaired Water Excretionp. 209
Dysregulation of Renal Aquaporins and Sodium Transporters in Experimental Chronic and Acute Renal Failure in Ratp. 215
Dysregulation of AQP2 in Bilateral and Unilateral Ureteral Obstructionp. 225
Upregulation of Aquaporin-2 Gene Expression in Pathological State of Impaired Water Excretion in Glucocorticoid-Deficient Ratsp. 231
The Role of Aquaporins in Cerebral Volume Regulation and Edema Formationp. 239
Dysregulation of Aquaporins and Sodium Transporters in Experimental Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus in Ratp. 245
Molecular Biology and Physiology of Water and Solute Transport in Plants
Modulation of Aquaporin Gene Expression in Arabidopsis Leads to Altered Membrane Water Permeabilityp. 255
The Response of Plants to Salinity Involves Root Water Channelsp. 261
Characterization of Plasma Membrane MIP Proteins in Maizep. 269
The Permeability of MIPs to Gasesp. 275
Physiological and Genetic Analysis of Plasma Membrane Aquaporin Functions in Arabidopsisp. 283
A Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Study of Water Uptake in Barley Kernelsp. 289
Lentil Seed Aquaporinsp. 297
Expression, Location, and Function of a Plasma Membrane and Chloroplast Located Aquaporin from Tobaccop. 307
Coordination of Root Hydraulic Conductivity and Transpiration in Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos L.): A Proposed Role for Aquaporinsp. 309
Solute and Water Permeation across the Symbiosome Membrane of Legumesp. 319
Analysis of Four MIP-Like Proteins from the Developing Pea Seed Coatp. 331
Aquaporin Regulation under Salt and Osmotic Stress in the Halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.p. 339
Genotypically Determined Actin-Regulated Water Permeability of Two Plasmodematal Transport Channelsp. 347
Role of Aquaporins during Elongation Growth of Castor Bean Seedlingsp. 357
Functional Characterisation of Arabidopsis thaliana Aquaglyceroporinsp. 365
Water Channels and Glycerol Facilitators in Microorganisms
The Microbial Escherichia coli Aquaporin-Z Water Channelp. 375
Study of Fast Water Movements in Bacteria by Cryoelectron Microscopyp. 383
An Aquaporin Gene in Plasmodium Falciparump. 389
An Investigation of the Possible Existence of Homologues of Fps1, a Glycerol Facilitator of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, in the Osmotolerant Yeast Zygosaccharomyces rouxiip. 393
The Yeast Phosphate Transporting Systemp. 405
Aquaporin Water Channels in Saccharomyces cerevisiaep. 415
Function and Regulation of the Yeast MIP Glycerol Export Channel Fps1pp. 423
Aquaporins in Fish
Water Transport and Aquaporin Expression in Fishp. 433
Indexp. 443
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ISBN: 9780306465017
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 451
Published: 31st January 2001
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media
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