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Mind Matter - Phil Rosado

Mind Matter

By: Phil Rosado

eBook | 25 May 2023

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The book has a certain hook. That hook is not just how the game of chess is played but why. Chess is a challenging game mentally if it is approached correctly. I introduce the saying "Think before you move" which is more than hundreds of years old. It is accepted but at the same time the most misunderstood. I offer a snippet on the cover introducing the concept of Visual Spatial learning by welcoming them to Chess where visual spatial learning activates your metacognition thought process. That metacognition thought process is your thinking of theories that leads to a conclusion of a move so your move won't be impulsive. So the book emphasizes the importance of visual spatial learning concept with the direct teaching of it with two pre-chess type games that displays it. Pawn Race for advancement using strategy based on thought process creating scenarios to win. Different goal of checkmate but similar and necessary means. Faceoff , exchange of material is the object of the game. Very similar means that are in the chess game that are unfamiliar and usually misunderstood. These games helps clarify that. Both are very much needed prerequisites to the actual game of chess.


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