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Milk the Vital Force : Posters Presented at the XXII International Dairy Congress, the Hague, September 29 - October 3, 1986 - International Dairy Federation

Milk the Vital Force

Posters Presented at the XXII International Dairy Congress, the Hague, September 29 - October 3, 1986

Paperback Published: 31st October 1986
ISBN: 9789027723307
Number Of Pages: 233

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The 22nd International Dairy Congress was the first to offer to participants the opportunity to present their work in the form of a poster, the object being to include more con- tributions in the programme than there was time available for oral presentations. The posters were also intended to ~lace. up to a point, the brief communications that were received for. and published at. previous international dairy congresses but which had been criticized on various grounds. The Organizing Committee's criteria for the acceptance of a poster included the following : - the subject matter should not have appeared in print prior to the Congress - the poster should contain useful and mainly new information - the poster should have an adequate technical or scientific basis Authors whose posters were accepted were invited to display ~r material at the Congress and be present to explain it to interested participants. The texts presented are also publ- ished in this volume. The International Dairy Federation is interested in the views of Congress participants and of readers of ~his volume as to the relative value of posters vs brief communications. Any comments will be kept for consideration when future Internat- ional Congresses are planned : they should be sent to TDF Secretariat at the address below. IDF General Secretariat 41. square Vergote B-1040 Brussels September 1986 CON TEN T S MONDAY J. Kwiatkowski, M. Jurczak, M. Zajac / Effectiveness 1.

Monday.- 1. Effectiveness of Different Models of Milk Collection.- 2. Improvement of Milk Production and Quality - FAO Project.- 3. Milk Thermization at the Farm Level in Italy.- 4. Effects of Genetic Factors on Milk Yield Under the Conditions of Large-Scale Production.- 5. Efficacy of a 'Cold Cleaning' System for Farm Milking Plants.- 6. Simulator Evaluation of Hygiene in New Zealand.- 7. A Survey of Milking Machine Cleaning Practices in New Zealand.- 8. Higher Milk Yields and Improved Udder Health Through the Use of Automatic Milking Cluster Removers with Stripping Effect.- 9. Development of Dairy Industry in China.- 10. Rheologische Eigenschaften der Butter je nach der Fettzusammensetzung und den Herstellungsverfahren.- 11. The Influence of the Whey Protein Denaturation on the Flow Properties of Milk Ultrafiltration Concentrates.- 12. Properties of Coffee and Coffee Cream with Respect to Stability of Coffee Cream.- 13. Optimum Homogenizing Conditions for Creams with Different Fat Content.- 14. Whey Protein Denaturation and Deposit Formation at Hot Surfaces.- 15. A Centrifuge with a New Method of Separated Solids Discharge.- 16. The Study of the Influence of Elementary Parameters of Homogenization Process on the Homogenization of Fat Phase Granules of Milk and Cream.- 17. Effect of Concentration of Some Milk Constituents on Heat Stability.- 18. Quality of Frozen Stored Taleggio Cheese.- 19. Optimizing the Butter Churning Process.- 20. Membrane Fouling in Ultrafiltration of Dairy Liquids.- 21. Extraction of Milkfat with Supercritical Carbondioxyde.- 22. The Effect of Protein Association on Rejection and Osmotic Pressure During Ultrafiltration.- 23. The Klarograph, an Automatic Device for Measuring Viscosity, Density and Heat Stability of Milk (Concentrates) at Temperatures up to 140 C.- 24. The (Ultra)-Pasteurisation of Whipping Cream: Effect on Cream Plug Formation.- 25. Heat Treatment of Whipping Cream: Fouling of the Pasteurization Equipment.- 26. The Present Standard of Butter Processing and Buttermaking Equipment in Czechoslovakia.- 27. Study on the Butter Consistency.- 28. Verweilzeitverhalten in Plattenwarmeaustauschern.- 29. Influence of Ionic Strength on ?-Lactoglobulin Permeability of Poly-sulphone Ultrafiltration Membranes.- 30. Improved and More Economical Operation: Piston Filler Cleaning Without Disassembly = Stork C.I.P..- 31. Modern Trends in UHT Process-Control.- 32. Muruhua Naifen - A Kind of Humanized Milk Powder in China.- 33. Survival and Enzymic Activity of Yersinia Enterocolitica in Refrigerated Ultra Heat Treated Milk.- 34. The Composition of the Free Fatty Acid Fraction in Milk, Cream and Butter.- 35. Milk Protein Polymorphism and Its Effect on Composition and Technological Parameters.- 36. The Intensification - The Improving Purification Process in Sewage Disposal Plant.- 37. The Application of the Method of Determination of Water Trophic Potential in Dairy Water System.- 38. Fatty Acids of Czechoslovak Summer Butter Produced in 1968/1983.- 39. Production of UHT Sterilized Whey-Based Beveridges with Hydrolyzed Lactosa.- 40. The Influence of Direct and Indirect UHT Sterilization on the Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) Content in Milk.- 41. Partitioning of Substances Affecting Lipolysis in Milk.- 42. Adherence of Microbes to Conventional Containers.- 43. A Bench Technique for Evaluating the Cleaning Performance of General-Purpose Dairy Detergents.- 44. A Bench Technique for Evaluating the Cleaning Performance of Heavy Duty Alkaline Dairy Detergents.- Tuesday.- 1. Casein Breakdown in Cheese by the Action of Liposome Entrapped Protease.- 2. Effect of Added Sodium Chloride on Turbidity Development in Cow's, Buffalo's, Sheep's and Goat's Milks by Action of Milk Clotting Enzymes.- 3. The Break-down of Proteins During Ripening of Cheese Prepared from Milk Treated with Hydrogen Peroxide.- 4. Effect of Soluble Salts on Properties of Rennet Coagulated Milk..- 5. Studies on the Ripening of Cheddar Cheese Made with Streptococcus lactis Lactose-Negative Mutants.- 6. Isolation and Some Properties of Low-Temperature-Active Proteinase from Commercial Cheddar Cheese.- 7. Effect of Formaldehyde and Lysozyme on Lactic Acid Bacteria During Grana Cheese Ripening.- 8. Production of Somborski Cheese by Ultrafiltration Method.- 9. Influence of Use of Glyceride Coating Materials on Proteolysis in Trapist Cheese.- 10. Investigations of Possibilities of Raising the Share of White Pickled Cheese for Processed Cheese Production.- 11. Purification and Characterization of a Cell-Wall Protease from Streptococcus Lactis.- 12. Production Methods for Danbo, Havarti and Danablu Cheese Made from UF-Concentrated Milk.- 13. Growth and Acid Production of Lactic Strepcococci in Ultrafiltered Milk.- 14. Accelerating the Ripening and Improving the Flavor of Emmenthal Cheese with Selected Lactobacillus Casei-Cultures.- 15. Use of Lysozyme for the Prevention of Butyric Acid Fermentation in Gouda Cheese. Limited Effect of the Enzyme.- 16. Effects of Temperature, Lactic Acid and Salt on Growth of and Acid Production by the Mesophilic Mixed-Strain Starter Bos.- 17. Quantification of Chymosin and Pepsin in Bovine and Calf Rennets.- 18. Complexity of the Native Cell Wall Proteinase of Streptococcus Cremoris HP and Purification of the Enzyme.- 19. pH-Induced Physico-Chemical Changes of Casein Micelles in Milk and Their Effect on Renneting.- 20. Propionbakterien bei der Herstellung der Kase vom Emmentalertyp.- 21. Proteinase und Peptidase der Brevibacterium Linens: Eigenschaften und Degradation der Bitteren Peptide in der Kasen.- 22. New Applications of Rennet Mixtures in Cheesemaking.- 23. The Research of the New Sorts of Starter Cultures for Cheese Manufacture.- 24. A Diffusion Model for Describing Sodium Chloride Movement During Slating of Cheese in Brine.- 25. The Effect of Milk Protein Genetic Variants on Cheesemaking.- 26. Influence of a Pre-Acidification in Making Saint-Paulin by Full-Concentration with Ultrafiltration.- 27. Fracture Properties of Gouda Cheese.- 28. Effect of Mechanical Pressure on the Syneresis of Rennet Curd.- 29. Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Goat Milk from Yugoslavia and its Capability of Coagulation.- 30. Ultrafiltration of Cheese Camembert Brine.- 31. Autolysis of Lactic Streptococci in Milk.- 32. Accelerated Cheese Ripening with Debaryomyces Hansenii as an Additional Starter.- 33. A Kinetic Study of Ovomucin Inhibition on Chymosin.- 34. Mineral Content of Fresh and Semi-Hard Goat's Cheese.- 35. Changes in the Nitrogen and Lipid Fractions of Cabrales Cheese.- 36. Contribution of S. Lactis Strains and Strain Micrococcus M-104 on Casein Degradation.- 37. The Study on Accelerated Ripening Period of Sombor Cheese in Industrial Conditions.- 38. Selected Lactic Cultures Improve White Cheese Hygienic Quality.- 39. "Chymotest-Uglich" - The New Standardization System for Rennet Reference Batches.- 40. Theoretical Aspects of Artificial Coverings' Usage for Cheese Ripening.- 41. Structure-Mechanical Characteristics of Rennet Cheeses when Using the Process of Mechanical-Impulse-Treatment of Milk.- 42. Antagonistic Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria on Enterobacteria.- 43. Starters: As a Means of Controlling Contaminating Organisms.- 44. Planning the Dairy Enterprise to Meet the Challenges of the Market.- 45. New Possibilities in Ice Cream Production by Incorporating Soya Isolate.- 46. Isolation and Characterization of a Wide Host Range Phage from a Mesophilic Starter Culture.- Wednesday.- 1. Speciation of Selenium in Cow's Milk.- 2. Oral Intake of Glucose plus Galactose and Erythrocyte Galactose-1-Phosphate in Man. - A Nutritional Evaluation of Hydrolyzed Lactose.- 3. Microbiological Assay of Antibiotics in Egyptian Dairy Products.- 4. Effect of Some Stabilizer Mixtures on the Physical and Organoleptic Qualities of Kahramanmaras Type Ice Cream.- 5. Nitrogen Distribution, Molecular Weight and Size of Casein Micelles in Awassi Sheep's Milk.- 6. The Composition of Buffalo's Milk in the Mosul Area.- 7. Effect of Stage of Lactation and Seasonal Variation on the Chemical Composition and Properties of Camel's Milk.- 8. Comparative Studies on the Milk Constitutes of Human, Camel and Goat Milk.- 9. Why is it Difficult to Make Cheese from Camel Milk?.- 10. Manufacture of KHOA, an Indian Milk Product, by Reverse Osmosis.- 11. Impact of Milk Marketing Through Dairy Cooperatives.- 12. Efficient Milk Transportation System.- 13. Improving Dairy Plant Economy - Systems Analysis.- 14. Mongolian Traditional Milk Food Wurum - A Type of Hardend and Crisp Cream Layer Cake.- 15. Studies on Physiochemical Composition of Goats' Milk: Materials and Methods.- 16. Continued Monitoring of Iodine Levels in Fresh Pasteurised Milk for the City of Adelaide, South Australia (Population 925,050).- 17. Analytical Error Involved in the Milk Solid Content Measured by Heat During Method and a Proposal for the Improvement.- 18. Composition and Physicochemical Properties of Mastitic Milk with the Consideration of its Suitability for Processing.- 19. A Colorimetric Endotoxin Assay for the Assessment of the Bacteriological Quality of Milk.- 20. A Chromogenic Substrate Limulus Assay Applied to Raw Milk.- 21. Fouling of Membrane During Ultrafiltration of Lactic Fermented Milk.- 22. Deposit Formation on a Ultrafiltration Membrane During the Concentration of Lactic Fermented Milk.- 23. Effects on the Permeation of Solutes from Skimmilk and Ultrafiltration Permeate Through Reverse Osmosis Membranes.- 24. Effects on the Formation and Rinsing Behaviour of Protein Deposits from Skimmilk on Reverse Osmosis Membranes.- 25. Ultrafiltration of Soluble and Heat Precipitated Whey Protein Concentrates.- 26. Droplet Size in Sprays of Atomized Concentrated Milk.- 27. Recommendations for Minimizing Product Losses in Evaporators.- 28. The Viscosity of Whole Milk Concentrates.- 29. Improving the Dispersibility of Milk Powder.- 30. Effect of Alkali-Treated Rice Straw-Manure Silage on Milk Yield, Milk Composition of Holstein Cows.- 31. Les Possibilites d'Influencer la Teneur du lait en Proteines par l'Alimentation.- 32. L'Influence de la Rasse et de la Lactation sur la Teneur du Lait en Acides Amines.- 33. Utilization of Urea/Molasses Liquid Feed (LF) as a Major Source of Nitrogen and Energy for Lactating Buffalo.- 34. Effect of Added Salts and Heat on the Properties of Supernatants Obtained by Milk Ultra-centrifugation.- 35. Effect of Season Production and Storage on the Microbial Content of Ice-Cream.- 36. The Study of the Influence of Thermic and Mechanical Processes on the Micro-structure of Protein Phase of Dairy Products.- 37. Die Problematik der Bakteriophagen und die Nutzung Eines Laktomediums in der CSSR.- 38. The Influence of Lactation Period on the Fatty Acid Composition of Milk Fat.- 39. Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresys of Whey Proteins in Cheeses Made From Milk of Different Species.- 40. Biochemical Studies on Whey Lipid Substances.- 41. Comparison Between Bioluminescent and Chemiluminescent Methods for Quality Control of Milk.- 42. Rapid Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite in Milk and Milk Products by Continuous Flow Injection Analysis.- 43. Determination of Milk Proteins by Immuno-Electrophoresis.- 44. Effect of Culture Medium Supplements on the Thiocyanate Tolerance of Staphylococcus Hyicus Milk Isolates.- 45. The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Growth and Enzyme Production by Pseudomonas Fluorescens B52.- 46. The Incidence of Yersina Enterocolitica and Yersina Enterocolitica-like Organisms in Raw and Pasteurized Milk in Northern Ireland.- 47. Rapid Detection of Flavour Defects in Milk and Milk Products with an Automatic System for Purge-And-Cold-Trapping/Capillary Gas Chromatography.- 48. The Using of Isotachophoretic Analysis in Dairy Analytic.- 49. Transformations of Lactose During Thermal Treatments of Simulated Milk Ultrafiltrates.- 50. 31p NMR Study of the Phosphorylated Compounds in Milk.- 51. Prediction of Shelf Life of UHT-Processed Milk Through Viscosity Change.- 52. Butter Moisture - Reference Method.- 53. Determination of Fat and Total Solids in Flavoured Milk.- 54. A Simple Method for the Preparation of Methyl Esters of Free Fatty Acids of Ghee for Onward GLC Analysis.- 55. Proton-NMR-Relaxation Study of Water and Fat in Milk Products.- 56. Detection of Cows' Milk Protein in Ripened Coat Milk Cheese, Using Isoelectric Focusing.- 57. Use of Inoculants and Enzymes as Grass Silage Additives.- Thursday.- 1. Effect of Heat Treatment on Quality and Shelf-Life of Yoghurt.- 2. Antimicrobial Effect of Zabady on Yeast and Coliforms.- 3. Lactobacillus Acidophilus in the Gastroenteric Tract of S. Faecium-Treated Gnotoxenic Animals.- 4. Viability Duration of the Microbial Flora in Commercial Yoghurt-Mixes with Different Lactic Acid Bacteria Species.- 5. Process Alterations in Shrikhand Technology.- 6. CO2 Production in Kefir by Torulopsis Sphaerica Immobilized Cells.- 7. Comparative Study of Polysaccharides Obtained from Kefir Grains and Produced by a Homofermentative Lactobacillus Species and Lactobacillus Kefir Isolated from Kefir Grains.- 8. Optimization of the Cultivation Medium Composition for Lactic Acid Bacteria.- 9. Influence of ?-Lactoglobulin Denaturation on Syneresis and Rheological Properties of Set-Style Nonfat Yoghurt.- 10. The Influence of Nitrates on Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria.- 11. Die Gewinnung von Mutanten von Milchsaurebakterien mit Einer er Hohten Resistenz Gegenuber Hemmstoffen und mit Erhohter Antimikrobieller Wirksamkeit auf die Unerwunschte Gastrointestinelle Mikroflora.- 12. Life Lactobacilli Containing Yoghurt is Effective in Stimulating Host's Immunocompetence.- 13. La Viscosite Comme Evaluation de la Texture du Yaourt Brasse.- 14. Separation of Peptidases Using Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC).- 15. Partial Characterisation of a Cell Wall Associated Proteinase from Lactobacillus Bulgaricus.- 16. Effect of Rennet Level on Bitterness Development in Quarg.- 17. Acid Production of Mixed Culture of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus in Skim Milk Retentates.- 18. Nutritional Aspects of Yoghurt. I. Microbial Lactase Activity and Digestion of Lactose.- 19. Nutritional Aspects of Yoghurt. II. Intestinal Absorption of Minerals.- 20. Stability and Activity of BD-Type Starter in Continuous Culture.- 21. Biologic Enrichment of Milk Products with Vitamins.- 22. Yoghurt Made from Milk with Added Lactulose.- 23. Yoghurt from UHT Milk.- 24. Scanning Electron Microscopy of Indian Dairy Product - Dahi.- 25. L'etude des effets antibacteriens de l'aflatoxine M1 caracterise le comportement de souches Lactobacillus, ou resistents. L'alteration de la sensibilite des souches Lactobacillus est sous la dependance de l'effet concentration de l'aflatoxine M1. Sensibilite de souches de lactobacillus sensibles et resistentes a l'aflatoxine M1..- 26. Biological Transformation of Whey for Obtaining Refreshment Drinks.- 27. Formation of Flavour and Aroma in Turkish Yoghurts.- 28. Organic Acids and Volatile Aroma Compounds in Goat's Milk Fermented with Single Strains of Mesophilic Lactic Acid Bacteria.- 29. Cultural Milk Containing Viable Bifidobacteria.- 30. Kouwanlao - Traditional Royal Court Milk Junket of China.- 31. Production of Fatty Acids and Partial Glycerides from Milk Fat Triglycerides by Immobilized Candida Cylindrecea Lipase.- 32. The Effect of UHT Treatment on the Denaturation of Whey Proteins.- 33. Lactose Hydrolysis of Dairy Products.- 34. Hydrolysis of Milk Fat Triglycerides by an Immobilized Lipase.- 35. Enzymatic Synthesis of New Trisaccharide, Isoraffinose, from a Mixture of Lactose and Sucrose.- 36. Surface Tension of Whey Proteins Studied by a Drop-Volume Apparatus.- 37. Inter-Esterification of Butter Fat Solid Fraction/Rapeseed Oil Mixtures with Candida Cylindracae Lipase as Catalyst.- 38. Valorization of Phospholipids from Dairy By-Products.- 39. Whey Protein Concentrates as Binders in Salt Free Restructured Meats.- 40. Infant Formula Made from Milk and Soybean.- 41. The Application of Conductivity in the Milk Quality Testing in Czechoslovakia.- 42. Interlaboratory Comparison Programmes in the New Zealand Dairy Industry: Current Status.- 43. Monitoring of Fat Crystallisation.- 44. Hydrolysis of Lactulose and Lactitol with ? -Galactosidases.- 45. The Effects of Proteases on the Swelling and Emulsifying Properties of Milk Proteins.

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