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Memory T Cells : Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - Maurizio Zanetti

Memory T Cells

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

By: Maurizio Zanetti (Editor), Stephen P. Schoenberger (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 10th June 2010
ISBN: 9781441964502
Number Of Pages: 203

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Immunological memory has fascinated microbiologists and immunologists for decades as one of the new frontiers to conquer to better understand the response to pathogens, cancer and vaccination. Over the past decade, attention has turned to the intrinsic properties of the memory T cells themselves, as it has become clear that the eradication of both infected cells and tumors requires T cells. This book is an attempt to capture the wave of discoveries associated with these recent studies. Its chapters represent a wide collection of topics related to memory T cells by laboratories that have invested their skills and knowledge to understand the biology and the principles upon which memory T cells are generated, maintained and expanded upon re-encounter with antigen. Ultimately, these studies are all aimed at a better understanding of the function of memory T cells in protection against disease.

1. Memory Th1/Th2 Cell Generation Controlled by Schnurria'2 Toshinori Nakayama and Motoko Y. Kimura Abstract Introduction Schnurri Family Genes Shna'3 Shna'2 Role of Shna'2 in Naive CD4 T and Effector Th2 Cells Role of Shna'2 in The Generation of Memory Th1/Th2 Cells NFa'I B Overexpression in Effector Th Cells Results in the Decreased Generation of Memory Th Cells Interesting Questions Raised by the Study on Shna'2 Conclusion 2. Transcriptional Regulat ion during CD8 Ta'Cell Imune Responses Ivana Munitic, Cesar Evaristo, Hsueh Cheng Sung and Benedita Rocha Abstract The Regulation of Gene Expression: General Rules The Gene Regulatory Elements Involved in CD8 Responses Modifications of Gene Expression in CD8 Responses Different Infections May Induce Different Gene Expression Patterns The Identification of CD8 Subpopulations: Man and Mouse Differ Conclusion 3. The Role of Interleukina'2 in Memory CD8 Cell Differentiation Onur Boyman, Jaea'Ho Cho and Jonathan Sprent Abstract Introduction Conclusion 4. The Role of Inflamation in the Generation and Maintenance of Memory T Cells Noah S. Butler and John T. Harty Abstract Introduction The Role of Inflammation during Ta'Cell Priming and Expansion Inflammation and Ta'Cell Contraction Inflammation Regulates the Rate of Memory Ta'Cell Generation Memory Ta'Cell Maintenance Conclusion 5. The Role of OX40 (CD134) in Ta'Cell Memory Generation Andrew D. Weinberg Abstract Introduction Background Role of Ox40/Ox40l Interaction in Memory Ta'Cell Generation and Function Providing an Exogenous Ox40 Signal (Ox40 Agonists) to Enhance Memory Ta'Cell Generation Altering Memory Ta'Cell Generation/Function through the OX40 Axis for Therapeutic Benefit in Autoimmunity, Cancer and Hosts Harboring Chronic Pathogens Conclusion 6. The Role of Precursor Frequency in the Differentiat ion of Memory T Cells: Memory by Numbers Amanda L. Marzo, Ryan T. Sowell and Bernadette Scott Abstract History of Immunological Memory Inroads into Understanding T Memory Development Use of TCR Transgenics to Elucidate Ta'Cell Biology Precursor Frequency Affects Memory Ta'cell development One Cell, Many Fates Which Are the Better Protectors? Conclusion 7. CD8 Ta'Cell Memory Differentiat ion during Acute and Chronic Viral Infections Vandana Kalia, Surojit Sarkar and Rafi Ahmed Abstract Introduction CD8 Ta'Cell Responses following Acute Infection CD8 Ta'Cell Responses following Persistent Infection Conclusion 8. Longevity of Ta'Cell Memory following Acute Viral Infection Joshua M. Walker and Mark K. Slifka Abstract Introduction Memory Ta'Cell Responses following Acute Viral Infection Functional Attributes of Human Memory T Cells Conclusion 9. Principles of Memory CD8 Ta'Cells Generation in Relation to Protective Imunity Maurizio Zanetti, Paola Castiglioni and Elizabeth Ingulli Abstract Introduction Ta'Cell immunity--From activation to imprinting Ta'cell memory Considerations on the Parameters of the Primary Response That Influence the Generation of Memory T cells Memory CD8 Ta'Cell Subpopulations, Lineage Commitment and Protective Responses Memory CD8 T Cells Induced by Low Antigen Dose Vaccination Protect Mice from Influenza a Virus Infection--The Role of CD62hi memory CD8 T (TCM) cells Central Memory CD8 T Cells Correlate with Protection against SIV in Rhesus Macaques Principles for Programming Protective Ta'Cell Responses by Vaccination in the Immunologically Inexperienced Individual Principles for Reprogramming Protective Ta'Cell Responses by Vaccination in the Immunologically Experienced Individual The Role of Local Immunity in Protection by Memory CD8 T cells Conclusion 10. Memory T cells in Rhesus Macaques Monica Vaccari and Genoveffa Franchini Abstract Introduction Memory T cells in Rhesus Macaques In Vivo Manipulation of Memory T Cells in Nona'Human Primates Differentiation of Memory Ta'Cells Subsets: Lesson from In Vivo Studies in Nona'Human Primates Aging of T Memory Cells Conclusion 11. Memory Ta'Cell Subsets in Pa rasitic Infections Sara Colpitts and Phillip Scott Abstract Introduction What Are the Challenges for the Development of Parasite Vaccines? Th1 Immunity: Balancing Resistance and Persistence in Parasitic Infections Th2 Immunity: Longer Lasting Than Th1 Memory? Memory T Cells in Malaria Conclusion 12. Antigen Specific Memory T Cells and Their Putative Need for the Generation of Sustained Antia'Tumor Responses Kory L. Alderson and William J. Murphy Abstract Introduction The Difficulties Facing Potent and Sustained Immune Responses to Cancer Evidence for Immune Responses to Cancer in Man Immune Responses to Tumors in Mouse Models Is Immunological Memory Important for Tumor Regression or Tumor Equilibrium? Lacking Ta'Cell Memory after Strong Immune Stimulation Conclusion 13. Memory Ta'Cell Responses and Survival in Human Cancer: Remember to Stay Alive Matthieu Camus and Jerome Galon Abstract Introduction Characteristics of Tumor Antigena'Specific T Cells Global Analysis of the Immune Reaction in Colorectal Cancer: A Breakthrough for Patient Prognosis Perspectives for Cancer Research and Treatment Strategies Conclusion 14. Analysis of vacinea'induced T cells in humans with cancer Stefanie L. Slezak, Andrea Worschech, Ena Wang, David F Stroncek and Francesco M. Marincola Abstract Methods for immune monitoring following activea'specific immunization Tumora'site response, tumor microenvironment Conclusion 15. Memory Ta'Cell Homeosta sis and Senescence during Aging Sian M. Henson and Arne N. Akbar Abstract Introduction Phenotypic and Functional Differentiation of T Cells during Aging Telomere Erosion and Ta'Cell Memory Telomerase Regulation in Differentiated T Cells Loss of Ta'Cell Memory during Aging Conclusion Index

ISBN: 9781441964502
ISBN-10: 1441964509
Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology : Book 684
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 203
Published: 10th June 2010
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Country of Publication: US
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