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Mechanoreceptors : Development, Structure, and Function - Pavel Hnik


Development, Structure, and Function

Hardcover Published: 1st June 1988
ISBN: 9780306428326
Number Of Pages: 442

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Morphogenetic Interactions in Receptor Development.- Morphogenetic Interactions in the Development of Avian Cutaneous Sensory Receptors.- Critical Periods in the Development of Mechanoreceptors.- Taste Bud Development in Rat Vallate and Foliate Papillae.- Do Developing Merkel Cells in Vibrissal Tactile Receptors Provide a Template for Pattern Formation in the Trigeminal System?.- Coated Vesicles in Developing Muscle Spindles.- The Ontogenetic Development of Sensory Corpuscles.- Development of Muscle Spindles.- Human Muscle Spindle Development.- Early Type-Differentiation of Intrafusal Fibers.- Innervation of Immature Muscle Spindles in the Rat.- The Motor Innervation of Newborn Kitten Muscle Spindles.- Developmental Aspects of Muscle Stretch Receptor Function in the Rat and the Cat.- Functional Maturation of Muscle Spindles in the Tenuissimus Muscles of Kittens.- The Dynamic Sensitivity of Muscle Spindles in the Kitten.- Postnatal Development and Aging of Muscle Spindles in the Mouse Masseter Muscle and Effects of a Fine-Grained Diet on Them.- Postnatal Development of Muscle Spindles and Extrafusal Muscle Fibers in the Mouse Temporal Muscle and Dietary Effect.- Age Related Changes of Muscle Spindles of Rat Soleus Muscle.- Regeneration and Grafting.- Significance of the Extracellular Matrix for the Regeneration of Sensory Corpuscles, with Special Reference to Pacinian Corpuscles.- Reinnervation of Grafted Pacinian Corpuscles by Dorsal Root and Dorsal Column Axons.- Evidence for Transdifferentiation of Alpha Motoneuron Terminals during Reinnervation of Muscle Spindles.- Regeneration of Muscle Spindles in Grafted Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle of the Rat.- Muscle-Spindle Recovery in Orthotopic Grafts of Cat Muscles.- Investigation of Mechanoreceptors in the Skeletal Muscles of Rats under Different Experimental Conditions.- Sensory Nerve Endings in Minced Muscle of Young and Old Rats.- Mechanoreceptors in Irradiated Traumatized Skeletal Muscle under Stimulated Regeneration.- Reinnervation.- Loss of Sensory and Motor Neurons After Nerve Injury in Young and Adult Rats.- Sensory Innervation of Atypical Spindles After Nerve Crush in Newborn Rats.- Functional Properties of Atypical Muscle Spindles After Nerve Crush in Newborn Rats.- Late Effects of Early Hind-Limb Denervation and Reinnervation in Rats: An EMG Study.- Branching of Myelinated and Unmyelinated Fibers During Nerve Regeneration.- Abnormalities of Cutaneous Sensory Receptors Following Peripheral Nerve Regeneration.- Reinnervation of Cutaneous Mechanoreceptors.- Hyperinnervation of Rat Pacinian Corpuscles in a Toxic Distal Axonopathy.- The Effect of Opioid Peptides on the Functional Recovery of Damaged Neuronal Structures.- Intrinsic Mechanisms of Mechanoreceptor Function.- Dense Cored Vesicles in SAI Merkel Cells and Their Role in Mechano-Electric Transduction.- Electrophysiological Studies on Merkel Cells Isolated from Rat Vibrissal Mechanoreceptors.- Effects of Intracellular Ca2+ on the Frog Muscle Spindle in Relation to Cyclic AMP Action.- Transduction Mechanisms in Pacinian Corpuscles.- The Role of Cytoskeleton in Mechanoreceptor Activity of Pacinian Corpuscles.- Structure and Function of Mature Muscle Receptors.- Stroboscopic Cinematographic and Videorecording of Dynamic Bag1 Fibres During Rapid Stretching of Isolated Cat Muscle Spindles.- Fusimotor Endings Responsible for Chain Fibre 'Driving' of Primary Sensory Endings in Cat Muscle Spindles.- Long-Chain Fibres in Spindles of Cat Superficial Lumbrical Muscles.- Fusimotor Induced Phase Differences Between Responses of Primary and Secondary Endings from the Same Muscle Spindle.- Neural Control of ACh Sensitivity of Muscle Spindles in Cats.- Fluorescent Labelling of Nerve Terminals in the Living Isolated Mammalian Muscle Spindle.- Scanning Electron Microscopic Identification of Motor and Sensory Endings on Teased Intrafusal Muscle Fibers.- Sensory 'Cross-Terminals' Between Dymamic and Static Intrafusal Fibers in Rat Muscle Spindles.- Ultrastructure of Attachments of Human Intrafusal Fibers.- The Capsular Sleeve of Muscle Spindles in Mouse and Man with Special Reference to the Cytoskeleton.- Quantitative Studies on Mammalian Muscle Spindles and their Sensory Innervation.- Three-Dimensional Distribution of Muscle Spindles and Golgi Tendon Organs in the Human Abductor Pollicis Brevis.- Myofibrillar and Cytoskeletal Proteins in Human Muscle Spindles.- Immunohistochemical Demonstration of Connective Tissue Macromolecules at the Equator of Chick Muscle Spindles.- Functional Morphology of Sensory Receptors.- What is a Sensory Corpuscle?.- Classification of Sensory Nerve Formations (Endings).- The Effects of Age on Murine Pacinian Corpuscles.- Substance P- and Somatostatin-Like Immunoreactivity in Avian Encapsulated Mechanoreceptors.- Effects of Nerve Injury and Colchicine Treatment on the Recovery of Non-Specific Cholinesterase Activity in Specialized Schwann Cells of Rat Simple Lamellar Corpuscles.- Histochemical Evidence of Dipeptidylpeptidase IV Activity in the Schwann Cells Surrounding Unmyelinated Portions of Axons.- Juxtaoral Organ: Present Knowledge on the Development and Morphology of an Organ of Unknown Function.- Juxtaoral Organ: Ultrastructure and Features Indicating a Mechanoreceptive Function.- The Ultrastructure of Sensory Nerve Endings in the Penis of the Goat.- Mechanoreceptors in Human Intra-Articular Tissues.- Topography of Mechanoreceptors in the Connective Tissue of the Elbow Joint Region in Monodelphis Domestica, a Laboratory Marsupial.- Sensory Nerve Endings in the Deep Lateral Cubital Region: A Topographical and Ultrastructural Study in the Rat.- The Occurrence of Muscle Spindles in Relation to the Architecture of the Connective Tissue in the Lateral Cubital Region of the Rat.- Distribution and Structure of Mechanoreceptors in the Mandibular Joint of STR/IN-Mice.- Functional Significance of Blood Sinuses around Sense Organs in Some Mammals.- The Structure and Development of Mechanoreceptor Complexes in Anseriform Birds as Shown by SEM.- Mechanoreceptor Cells of the Lamprey Spinal Cord: Direct Connections with Identified Segmental Neurons.- Coxal Setal Organs in Archaeognatha and Zygentoma (Insecta).- Functional Significance of Proprioceptive Feed-Back.- Discharges of Tendon Organs During Unfused Muscle Contractions.- A Proposed Mechanoreceptor Role for the Small Redundant Muscles which Act in Parallel with Large Prime-Movers.- Discharge Characteristics of Joint Receptors in Relation to their Proprioceptive Role.- Effects of Mechanical Stimulation of Knee Joint Mechanoreceptors on Firing of Quadriceps Motor Units.- Analyses of Ia - Afferent Discharge in Humans during Isotonic Position Holding and Load Perturbations.- Influence of Muscle Afferents and Mechanoreceptor Cutaneous Inputs on Alpha Motor Neurons at Rest and During Voluntary Contraction.- Postural Responses Evoked by Unilateral Vibration of Lower Limb Muscles in Standing Subjects.- A Preliminary and Quantitative Reappraisal of the Wartenberg Test in Parkinsonian Patients.- The Influence of Load on the Short Latency Hit Reflex Evoked by a Mechanical Stimulus in Man.- Dynamic and Static Fusimotor Set in Various Behavioural Contexts.

ISBN: 9780306428326
ISBN-10: 0306428326
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 442
Published: 1st June 1988
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 25.4 x 17.8  x 2.5
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