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Mechanics of Materials - James M Gere

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Now in 4-color format with more illustrations than ever before, the Seventh Edition of Mechanics of Materials continues its tradition as one of the leading texts on the market. With its hallmark clarity and accuracy, this text develops student understanding along with analytical and problem-solving skills. The main topics include analysis and design of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion, bending, and more. The book includes more material than can be taught in a single course giving instructors the opportunity to select the topics they wish to cover while leaving any remaining material as a valuable student reference.

I think Professor Gere has an excellent book and today is the standard by which to measure a mechanics of materials book.

Tension, COmpression, And Shear
To Mechanics of Materials
Normal Stress and Strain
Mechanical Properties of Materials Elasticity, Plasticity, and Creep Linear
Elasticity, Hooke's Law, and Poisson's
Ratio Shear Stress and Strain. Allowable
Stresses and Allowable Loads
Design for Axial Loads and Direct Shear
Axially Loaded Members
Changes in Lengths of Axially
Loaded Members Changes in Lengths
Under Nonuniform Conditions Statically
Indeterminate Structures
Thermal Effects, Misfits, and Prestrains Stresses on Inclined
Sections Strain Energy Impact Loading
Repeated Loading and Fatigue
Stress Concentrations
Nonlinear Behavior
Elastoplastic Analysis
Torsional Deformations of a Circular Bar
Circular Bars of Linearly Elastic
Materials Nonuniform
Torsion Stresses and Strains in Pure
Shear Relationship Between Moduli of Elasticity E and G
Transmission of Power by Circular Shifts
Statically Indeterminate
Torsional Members Strain
Energy in Torsion and Pure Shear
Thin-Walled Tubes Stress
Concentrations in Torsion
Shear Forces And Bending Moments
Types of Beams, Loads, and Reactions Shear
Forces and Bending Moments
Relationships Between Loads, Shear Forces, and Bending Moments
Shear-Force and Bending-Moment Diagrams
Stresses In Beams (Basic topics)
Pure Bending and Nonuniform
Bending Curvature of a Beam Longitudinal
Strains in Beams Normal Stresses in Beams (Linearly Elastic Materials)
Design of Beams for Bending Stresses
Nonprismatic Beams Shear
Stresses in Beams of Rectangular
Cross Section Shear Stresses in Beams of Circular
Cross Section Shear Stresses in the Webs of Beams with Flanges
Built-Up Beams and Shear Flow
Beams with Axial Loads
Stress Concentrations in Bending
Stresses in Beams (Advanced Topics)
Composite Beams
Method Doubly Symmetric
Beams with Inclined Loads
Bending of Unsymmetric
Beams The Shear-Center
Concept Shear Stresses in Beams of Thin-Walled Open Cross
Sections Shear Stresses in Wide-Flange Beams
Shear Centers of Thin-Walled Open Sections
Elastoplastic Bending
Analysis of Stress and Strain
Plane Stress
Principal Stresses and Maximum
Shear Stresses Mohr's Circle for Plane Stress
Hooke's Law for Plane Stress
Triaxial Stress Plane Strain
Applications of Plane Stress (Pressure vessels, beams, and combined loadings)
Spherical Pressure
Vessels Cylindrical
Pressure Vessels
Maximum Stresses in Beams
Combined Loadings
Deflections of Beams
Differential Equations of the Deflection
Curve Deflections by Integration of the Bending-Moment Equation
Deflections by Integration of the Shear-Force and Load Equations
Method of Superposition
Moment-Area Method Nonprismatic Beams Strain
Energy of Bending Castigliano's Theorem
Deflections Produced by Impact
Temperature Effects
Statically Indeterminate Beams
Types of Statically
Indeterminate Beams
Analysis by the Differential Equations of the Deflection
Curve Method of Superposition
Temperature Effects Longitudinal
Displacements at the Ends of a Beam
Buckling and Stability
Columns with Pinned Ends
Columns with Other Support
Conditions Columns with Eccentric Axial Loads
The Secant Formula for Columns
Elastic and Inelastic
Column Behavior Inelastic Buckling
Design Formulas for Columns
Review of Centroids and Moments of Inertia
Centroids of Plane Areas
Centroids of Composite Areas
Moments of Inertia of Plane Areas
Parallel-Axis Theorem for Moments of Inertia
Polar Moments of Inertia Products of Inertia
Rotation of Axes Principal Axes and
Principal Moments of Inertia
References and Historical Notes Appendices
System of Units and Conversion Factors
Problem Solving
Mathematical Formulas
Properties of Plane Areas
Properties of Structural-Steel
Shapes Properties of Structural Lumber
Deflections and Slopes of Beams
Properties of Materials
Answers to Problems
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ISBN: 9780534553975
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Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 1022
Published: 15th April 2008
Country of Publication: US
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