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Mechanics of Laminated Composite Plates and Shells : Theory and Analysis, Second Edition - J. N. Reddy

Mechanics of Laminated Composite Plates and Shells

Theory and Analysis, Second Edition

Hardcover Published: 24th November 2003
ISBN: 9780849315923
Number Of Pages: 858

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The use of composite materials in engineering structures continues to increase dramatically, and in the seven years since the first edition of this book appeared, advances in materials modeling in general and composite materials and structures in particular have been just as significant. To reflect these developments, renowned author, educator, and researcher J.N. Reddy has thoroughly revised, updated, and enhanced his standard-setting Mechanics of Laminated Composite Plates and Shells: Theory and Analysis. New in the Second Edition: -A new chapter dedicated to the theory and analysis of laminated shells -New discussions addressing smart structures and functionally graded materials -Thorough updates to all chapters and a reorganization of chapters that improves the clarity of the presentation -Additional exercises and examples No other book is as up to date. No other book approaches the subject primarily from the finite element method. And no other book provides such full, self-contained coverage of the theories, analytical solutions, and linear and nonlinear finite element models of plate and shell laminated composite structures.

Industry Reviews

"[R]enowned author, educator, and researcher J.N. Reddy has thoroughly revised, updated, and enhanced his standard-setting [book]. Worked examples in each chapter and more than 300 figures help illustrate difficult concepts, deepen understanding, and demonstrate typical applications . Simply put, no other book is as up to date. No other book approaches the subject primarily form the finite element method, and no other book provides such full, self-contained coverage of the theories, analytical solutions, and modeling laminated composite plate and shell structures." - Apollit, Oct. 2004 "This is an authoritative text. It belongs on the shelf of every person working in composite structures, whether or not their research is in theory and analysis of composite structures It provides much needed material in the analysis of smart structures and functionally gradient materials as well as on shell structures." -Anthony J. Vizzini, Director, Composites Research Laboratory, University of Maryland--Aerospace Engineering

Preface to the Second Editionp. xix
Preface to the First Editionp. xxi
Equations of Anisotropic Elasticity, Virtual Work Principles, and Variational Methodsp. 1
Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materialsp. 1
Mathematical Preliminariesp. 3
General Commentsp. 3
Vectors and Tensorsp. 3
Equations of Anisotropic Entropyp. 12
Introductionp. 12
Strain-Displacement Equationsp. 13
Strain Compatibility Equationsp. 18
Stress Measuresp. 18
Equations of Motionp. 19
Generalized Hooke's Lawp. 22
Thermodynamic Principlesp. 34
Virtual Work Principlesp. 38
Introductionp. 38
Virtual Displacements and Virtual Workp. 38
Variational Operator and Euler Equationsp. 40
Principle of Virtual Displacementsp. 44
Variational Methodsp. 58
Introductionp. 58
The Ritz Methodp. 58
Weighted-Residual Methodsp. 64
Summaryp. 71
Problemsp. 72
References for Additional Readingp. 78
Introduction to Composite Materialsp. 81
Basic Concepts and Terminologyp. 81
Fibers and Matrixp. 81
Laminae and Laminatesp. 83
Constitutive Equations of a Laminap. 85
Generalized Hooke's Lawp. 85
Characteristics of a Unidirectional Laminap. 86
Transformation of Stresses and Strainsp. 89
Coordinate Transformationsp. 89
Transformation of Stress Componentsp. 90
Transformation of Strain Componentsp. 93
Transformation of Material Coefficientsp. 96
Plan Stress Constitutive Relationsp. 99
Problemsp. 103
References for Additional Readingp. 106
Classical and First-Order Theories of Laminated Composite Platesp. 109
Introductionp. 109
Preliminary Commentsp. 109
Classification of Structural Theoriesp. 109
An Overview of Laminated Plate Theoriesp. 110
The Classical Laminated Plate Theoryp. 112
Assumptionsp. 112
Displacements and Strainsp. 113
Lamina Constitutive Relationsp. 117
Equations of Motionp. 119
Laminate Constitutive Equationsp. 127
Equations of Motion in Terms of Displacementsp. 129
The First-Order Laminated Plate Theoryp. 132
Displacements and Strainsp. 132
Equations of Motionp. 134
Laminate Constitutive Equationsp. 137
Equations of Motion in Terms of Displacementsp. 139
Laminate Stiffnesses for Selected Laminatesp. 142
General Discussionp. 142
Single-Layer Platesp. 144
Symmetric Laminatesp. 148
Antisymmetric Laminatesp. 152
Balanced and Quasi-Isotropic Laminatesp. 156
Problemsp. 157
References for Additional Readingp. 161
One-Dimensional Analysis of Laminated Composite Platesp. 165
Introductionp. 165
Analysis of Laminated Beams Using CLPTp. 167
Governing Equationsp. 167
Bendingp. 169
Bucklingp. 176
Vibrationp. 182
Analysis of Laminated Beams Using FSDTp. 187
Governing Equationsp. 187
Bendingp. 188
Bucklingp. 192
Vibrationp. 197
Cylindrical Bending Using CLPTp. 200
Governing Equationsp. 200
Bendingp. 203
Bucklingp. 208
Vibrationp. 209
Cylindrical Bending Using FSDTp. 214
Governing Equationsp. 214
Bendingp. 215
Bucklingp. 216
Vibrationp. 219
Vibration Suppression in Beamsp. 222
Introductionp. 222
Theoretical Formulationp. 222
Analytical Solutionp. 227
Numerical Resultsp. 230
Closing Remarksp. 232
Problemsp. 232
References for Additional Readingp. 242
Analysis of Specially Orthotropic Laminates Using CLPTp. 245
Introductionp. 245
Bending of Simply Supported Rectangular Platesp. 246
Governing Equationsp. 246
The Navier Solutionp. 247
Bending of Plates with Two Opposite Edges Simply Supportedp. 255
The Levy Solution Procedurep. 255
Analytical Solutionsp. 257
Ritz Solutionp. 262
Bending of Rectangular Plates with Various Boundary Conditionsp. 265
Virtual Work Statementsp. 265
Clamped Platesp. 266
Approximation Functions for Other Boundary Conditionsp. 269
Buckling of Simply Supported Plates Under Compressive Loadsp. 271
Governing Equationsp. 271
The Navier Solutionp. 272
Biaxial Compression of a Square Laminate (k = 1)p. 273
Biaxial Loading of a Square Laminatep. 274
Uniaxial Compression of a Rectangular Laminate (k = 0)p. 274
Buckling of Rectangular Plates Under In-Plane Shear Loadp. 278
Governing Equationp. 278
Simply Supported Platesp. 278
Clamped Platesp. 280
Vibration of Simply Supported Platesp. 282
Governing Equationsp. 282
Solutionp. 282
Buckling and Vibration of Plates with Two Parallel Edges Simply Supportedp. 285
Introductionp. 285
Buckling by Direct Integrationp. 287
Vibration by Direct Integrationp. 288
Buckling and Vibration by the State-Space Approachp. 288
Transient Analysisp. 290
Preliminary Commentsp. 290
Spatial Variation of the Solutionp. 290
Time Integrationp. 292
Closurep. 293
Problemsp. 293
References for Additional Readingp. 296
Analytical Solutions of Rectangular Laminated Plates Using CLPTp. 297
Governing Equations in Terms of Displacementsp. 297
Admissible Boundary Conditions for the Navier Solutionsp. 299
Navier Solutions of Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Laminatesp. 301
Boundary Conditionsp. 301
Solutionp. 304
Bendingp. 308
Determination of Stressesp. 309
Bucklingp. 317
Vibrationp. 323
Navier Solutions of Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminatesp. 326
Boundary Conditionsp. 326
Solutionp. 328
Bendingp. 329
Determination of Stressesp. 330
Bucklingp. 335
Vibrationp. 337
The Levy Solutionsp. 339
Introductionp. 339
Solution Procedurep. 342
Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Laminatesp. 348
Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminatesp. 353
Analysis of Midplane Symmetric Laminatesp. 356
Introductionp. 356
Governing Equationsp. 356
Weak Formsp. 357
The Ritz Solutionp. 358
Simply Supported Platesp. 358
Other Boundary Conditionsp. 360
Transient Analysisp. 361
Preliminary Commentsp. 361
Equations of Motionp. 361
Numerical Time Integrationp. 362
Numerical Resultsp. 364
Summaryp. 371
Problemsp. 371
References for Additional Readingp. 375
Analytical Solutions of Rectangular Laminated Plates Using FSDTp. 377
Introductionp. 377
Simply Supported Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Laminated Platesp. 379
Solution for the General Casep. 379
Bendingp. 381
Bucklingp. 388
Vibrationp. 394
Simply Supported Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminated Platesp. 400
Boundary Conditionsp. 400
The Navier Solutionp. 402
Bendingp. 404
Bucklingp. 405
Vibrationp. 406
Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Laminates with Two Opposite Edges Simply Supportedp. 412
Introductionp. 412
The Levy Type Solutionp. 413
Numerical Examplesp. 415
Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminates with Two Opposite Edges Simply Supportedp. 421
Introductionp. 421
Governing Equationsp. 421
The Levy Solutionp. 423
Numerical Examplesp. 425
Transient Solutionsp. 430
Vibration Control of Laminated Platesp. 437
Preliminary Commentsp. 437
Theoretical Formulationp. 438
Velocity Feedback Controlp. 438
Analytical Solutionp. 439
Numerical Results and Discussionp. 441
Summaryp. 442
Problemsp. 444
References for Additional Readingp. 445
Theory and Analysis of Laminated Shellsp. 449
Introductionp. 449
Governing Equationsp. 450
Geometric Properties of the Shellp. 450
Kinetics of the Shellp. 454
Kinematics of the Shellp. 455
Equations of Motionp. 457
Laminate Constitutive Relationsp. 461
Theory of Doubly-Curved Shellsp. 462
Equations of Motionp. 462
Analytical Solutionp. 463
Vibration and Buckling of Cross-Ply Laminated Circular Cylindrical Shellsp. 473
Equations of Motionp. 473
Analytical Solution Procedurep. 475
Boundary Conditionsp. 479
Numerical Resultsp. 480
Problemsp. 483
References for Additional Readingp. 483
Linear Finite Element Analysis of Composite Plates and Shellsp. 487
Introductionp. 487
Finite Element Models of the Classical Plate Theory (CLPT)p. 488
Weak Formsp. 488
Spatial Approximationsp. 490
Semidiscrete Finite Element Modelp. 499
Fully Discretized Finite Element Modelsp. 500
Quadrilateral Elements and Numerical Integrationp. 503
Post-Computation of Stressesp. 510
Numerical Resultsp. 510
Finite Element Models of Shear Deformation Plate Theory (FSDT)p. 515
Weak Formsp. 515
Finite Element Modelp. 516
Penalty Function Formulation and Shear Lockingp. 520
Post-Computation of Stressesp. 524
Bending Analysisp. 525
Vibration Analysisp. 540
Transient Analysisp. 542
Finite Element Analysis of Shellsp. 543
Weak Formsp. 543
Finite Element Modelp. 546
Numerical Resultsp. 549
Summaryp. 558
Problemsp. 560
References for Additional Readingp. 560
Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Plates and Shellsp. 567
Introductionp. 567
Classical Plate Theoryp. 568
Governing Equationsp. 568
Virtual Work Statementp. 569
Finite Element Modelp. 572
First-Order Shear Deformation Plate Theoryp. 575
Governing Equationsp. 575
Virtual Work Statementsp. 576
Finite Element Modelp. 578
Time Approximation and the Newton-Raphson Methodp. 583
Time Approximationsp. 583
The Newton-Raphson Methodp. 584
Tangent Stiffness Coefficients for CLPTp. 586
Tangent Stiffness Coefficients for FSDTp. 590
Membrane Lockingp. 594
Numerical Examples of Platesp. 596
Preliminary Commentsp. 596
Isotropic and Orthotropic Platesp. 596
Laminated Composite Platesp. 601
Effect of Symmetry Boundary Conditions on Nonlinear Responsep. 604
Nonlinear Response Under In-Plane Compressive Loadsp. 608
Nonlinear Response of Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Laminated Plate Stripsp. 608
Transient Analysis of Composite Platesp. 612
Functionally Graded Platesp. 613
Backgroundp. 613
Theoretical Formulationp. 615
Thermomechanical Couplingp. 616
Numerical Resultsp. 617
Finite Element Models of Laminated Shell Theoryp. 621
Governing Equationsp. 621
Finite Element Modelp. 622
Numerical Examplesp. 625
Continuum Shell Finite Elementp. 627
Introductionp. 627
Incremental Equations of Motionp. 628
Continuum Finite Element Modelp. 631
Shell Finite Elementp. 633
Numerical Examplesp. 638
Closurep. 644
Postbuckling Response and Progressive Failure of Composite Panels in Compressionp. 645
Preliminary Commentsp. 645
Experimental Studyp. 645
Finite Element Modelsp. 647
Failure Analysisp. 648
Results for Panel C4p. 650
Results for Panel H4p. 655
Closurep. 658
Problemsp. 658
References for Additional Readingp. 664
Third-Order Theory of Laminated Composite Plates and Shellsp. 671
Introductionp. 671
A Third-Order Plate Theoryp. 671
Displacement Fieldp. 671
Strains and Stressesp. 674
Equations of Motionp. 674
Higher-Order Laminate Stiffness Characteristicsp. 677
Single-Layer Platesp. 678
Symmetric Laminatesp. 680
Antisymmetric Laminatesp. 681
The Navier Solutionsp. 682
Preliminary Commentsp. 682
Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Laminatesp. 684
Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminatesp. 687
Numerical Resultsp. 689
Levy Solutions of Cross-Ply Laminatesp. 699
Preliminary Commentsp. 699
Solution Procedurep. 701
Numerical Resultsp. 704
Finite Element Model of Platesp. 706
Introductionp. 706
Finite Element Modelp. 707
Numerical Resultsp. 712
Closurep. 714
Equations of Motion of the Third-Order Theory of Doubly-Curved Shellsp. 718
Problemsp. 720
References for Additional Readingp. 721
Layerwise Theory and Variable Kinematic Modelsp. 725
Introductionp. 725
Motivationp. 725
An Overview of Layerwise Theoriesp. 726
Development of the Theoryp. 730
Displacement Fieldp. 730
Strains and Stressesp. 733
Equations of Motionp. 734
Laminate Constitutive Equationsp. 736
Finite Element Modelp. 738
Layerwise Modelp. 738
Full Layerwise Model Versus 3-D Finite Element Modelp. 739
Considerations for Modeling Relatively Thin Laminatesp. 742
Bending of a Simply Supported (0/90/0) Laminatep. 746
Free Edge Stresses in a (45/-45)[subscript s] Laminatep. 753
Variable Kinematic Formulationsp. 759
Introductionp. 759
Multiple Assumed Displacement Fieldsp. 762
Incorporation of Delamination Kinematicsp. 764
Finite Element Modelp. 766
Illustrative Examplesp. 769
Application to Adaptive Structuresp. 780
Introductionp. 780
Governing Equationsp. 783
Finite Element Modelp. 785
An Examplep. 787
Layerwise Theory of Cylindrical Shellsp. 794
Introductionp. 794
Unstiffened Shellsp. 794
Stiffened Shellsp. 798
Postbuckling of Laminated Cylindersp. 806
Closurep. 812
References for Additional Readingp. 816
Subject Indexp. 821
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780849315923
ISBN-10: 0849315921
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 858
Published: 24th November 2003
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Inc
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 24.8 x 17.1  x 5.08
Weight (kg): 1.63
Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: New edition

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