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Maths Quest 10 Australian Curriculum Student Edition and EBookPLUS : Maths Quest for Aust Curriculum Series - Kylie Boucher

Maths Quest 10 Australian Curriculum Student Edition and EBookPLUS

Maths Quest for Aust Curriculum Series

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Maths Quest 10 for the Australian Curriculum provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge through the content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. The Curriculum focuses on students becoming proficient in mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Maths Quest 10 for the Australian Curriculum is specifically written and designed to meet the requirements and aspirations of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. The student textbook contains the following features:

  • clear and engaging design
  • judicious use of ICT resources
  • Individual pathways activities for every exercise
  • a Hungry brain class activity for each chapter
  • two new ProjectsPLUS activities
  • interactivities
  • eLessons
  • references to the content and proficiency strands of the new Australian Mathematics Curriculum
This title features eBookPLUS: an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available to you online at the JacarandaPLUS website (www.jacplus.com.au). Your eBookPLUS resources include:
  • ProjectsPLUS - unique ICT-based projects that provides opportunities for students to demonstrate creativity, thinking skills and teamwork
  • Hungry brain class activities that build on students' prior knowledge and curiosity
  • Individual pathways activities to create opportunities for students' to learn at their own pace
  • Interactivities to provide hands-on experience and instant feedback on many new and revisited concepts
  • eLessons to bring Mathematics alive in the real world
  • WorkSHEETS - Word documents designed for easy customisation and editing
  • SkillSHEETS to check students' readiness for the next topic
  • interactive revision tests

Introduction vii
About eBookPLUS ix
Acknowledgements x

Chapter 1 Number and algebra, patterns and algebra
Indices 1
Are you ready? 2
1A Review of index laws 3
Exercise 1A 5
1B Negative indices 7
Exercise 1B 10
1C Fractional indices 12
Exercise 1C 14
1D Combining index laws 17
Exercise 1D 20
Summary 23
Chapter review 24
eBookPLUS activities 26

Chapter 2 Number and algebra, patterns and algebra
Linear algebra 27
Are you ready? 28
2A Substitution 29
Exercise 2A 31
2B Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions 33
Exercise 2B 36
2C Multiplying and dividing algebraic fractions 37
Exercise 2C 39
2D Solving linear equations 40
Exercise 2D 43
2E Solving equations with algebraic fractions and multiple brackets 45
Exercise 2E 48
Summary 50
Chapter review 52
eBookPLUS activities 54

Chapter 3 Number and algebra, linear and non-linear relationships
Coordinate geometry 55
Are you ready? 56
3A Sketching linear graphs 57
Exercise 3A 62
3B Determining linear equations 64
Exercise 3B 67
3C The distance between two points on a straight line 68
Exercise 3C 70
3D The midpoint of a line segment 71
Exercise 3D 73
3E Parallel and perpendicular lines 74
Exercise 3E 79
Summary 83
Chapter review 85
eBookPLUS activities 88

Chapter 4 Number and algebra, linear and non-linear relationships
Simultaneous linear equations and inequations 89
Are you ready? 90
4A Graphical solution of simultaneous linear equations 91
Exercise 4A 94
4B Solving simultaneous linear equations using substitution 96
Exercise 4B 98
4C Solving simultaneous linear equations using elimination 99
Exercise 4C 101
4D Problem solving using simultaneous linear equations 103
Exercise 4D 105
4E Solving linear inequations 106
Exercise 4E 108
4F Sketching linear inequations 110
Exercise 4F 113
4G Solving simultaneous linear
inequations 116
Exercise 4G 118
Summary 123
Chapter review 125
eBookPLUS activities 130

Chapter 5 measurement and geometry,pythagoras and trigonometry
Trigonometry I 131
Are you ready? 132
5A Pythagoras? theorem 133
Exercise 5A 137
5B Pythagoras? theorem in three dimensions 140
Exercise 5B 143
5C Trigonometric ratios 145
Exercise 5C 149
5D Using trigonometry to calculate side lengths 151
Exercise 5D 154
5E Using trigonometry to calculate angle size 156
Exercise 5E 158
5F Angles of elevation and depression 161
Exercise 5F 163
5G Bearings and compass directions 165
Exercise 5G 169
5H Applications 172
Exercise 5H 173
Summary 177
Chapter review 179
eBookPLUS activities 182

Chapter 6 measurement and geometry using unitsĀ of measurement
Surface area and volume 183
Are you ready? 184
6A Area 185
Exercise 6A 189
6B Total surface area 193
Exercise 6B 199
6C Volume 203
Exercise 6C 208
Summary 213
Chapter review 214
eBookPLUS activities 218

Chapter 7 Number and algebra patterns and algebra
Quadratic expressions 219
Are you ready? 220
7A Expanding algebraic expressions 221
Exercise 7A 225
7B Factorising expressions with three terms 227
Exercise 7B 229
7C Factorising expressions with two or four terms 231
Exercise 7C 234
7D Factorising by completing the square 236
Exercise 7D 239
7E Mixed factorisation 240
Exercise 7E 240
Summary 242
Chapter review 244
eBookPLUS activities 246

Chapter 8 Number and algebra linear and non-linear relationships
Quadratic equations 247
Are you ready? 248
8A Solving quadratic equations 249
Exercise 8A 253
8B The quadratic formula 255
Exercise 8B 257
8C Solving quadratic equations by inspecting graphs 258
Exercise 8C 261
8D Finding solutions to quadratic equations by interpolation and using the discriminant 263
Exercise 8D 267
8E Solving a quadratic equation and a linear equation simultaneously 269
Exercise 8E 272
Summary 274
Chapter review 276
eBookPLUS activities 278

Chapter 9 Number and algebra linear and non-linear relationships
Functions 279
Are you ready? 280
9A Plotting parabolas 281
Exercise 9A 284
9B Sketching parabolas using the basic graph of y = x2 287
Exercise 9B 291
9C Sketching parabolas in turning point form 292
Exercise 9C 296
9D Sketching parabolas of the form y = ax2 + bx + c 298
Exercise 9D 302
9E Exponential functions and their graphs 306
Exercise 9E 309
9F The hyperbola 312
Exercise 9F 314
9G The circle 315
Exercise 9G 317
Summary 319
Chapter review 321
eBookPLUS activities 324

Chapter 10 measurement and geometry geometric reasoning
Deductive geometry 325
Are you ready? 326
10A Congruence review 327
Exercise 10A 329
10B Similarity review 332
Exercise 10B 335
10C Congruence and proof 336
Exercise 10C 338
10D Quadrilaterals: definitions and properties 340
Exercise 10D 341
10E Quadrilaterals and proof 344
Exercise 10E 345
Summary 347
Chapter review 349
eBookPLUS activities 351
projects plus ict activity
pro-0099 Backyard flood 352

Chapter 11 problem solving
Problem solving I 355

Chapter 12 statistics and probability Chance
Probability 379
Are you ready? 380
12A Review of probability 381
Exercise 12A 392
12B Complementary and mutually exclusive events 396
Exercise 12B 400
12C Two-way tables and tree diagrams 403
Exercise 12C 410
12D Independent and dependent events 413
Exercise 12D 415
12E Conditional probability 417
Exercise 12E 419
12F Subjective probability 420
Exercise 12F 421
Summary 423
Chapter review 425
eBookPLUS activities 428

Chapter 13 statistics and probability data representation and interpretation
Univariate data 429
Are you ready? 430
13A Measures of central tendency 431
Exercise 13A 435
13B Measures of spread 439
Exercise 13B 442
13C Box-and-whisker plots 444
Exercise 13C 447
13D The standard deviation 449
Exercise 13D 451
13E Comparing data sets 454
Exercise 13E 455
13F Skewness 459
Exercise 13F 461
Summary 464
Chapter review 466
eBookPLUS activities 470

Chapter 14 statistics and probability data representation and interpretation
Bivariate data 471
Are you ready? 472
14A Identifying related pairs of variables 474
Exercise 14A 476
14B Graphing bivariate data 477
Exercise 14B 481
14C Scatterplots 483
Exercise 14C 488
Summary 491
Chapter review 492
eBookPLUS activities 496

Chapter 15 statistics and probability data representation and interpretation
Statistics in the media 497
Are you ready? 498
15A Populations and samples 499
Exercise 15A 502
15B Primary and secondary data 503
Exercise 15B 508
15C Evaluating inquiry methods and statistical reports 511
Exercise 15C 518
15D Statistical investigations 521
Exercise 15D 525
Summary 527
Chapter review 529
eBookPLUS activities 533
projects plus ict activity
pro-0100 Climate change 534

Chapter 16 Number and algebra money and financial mathematics
Financial maths 537
Are you ready? 538
16A Purchasing goods 539
Exercise 16A 540
16B Buying on terms 542
Exercise 16B 543
16C Successive discounts 546
Exercise 16C 547
16D Compound interest 549
Exercise 16D 551
16E Depreciation 553
Exercise 16E 554
16F Loan repayments 556
Exercise 16F 558
Summary 560
Chapter review 562
eBookPLUS activities 564

Chapter 17 problem solving
Problem solving II 565

Answers 589
Glossary 660
Index 672

ISBN: 9780730337751
ISBN-10: 0730337758
Series: Maths Quest for Aust Curriculum Series
Audience: Primary / High School
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 688
Published: 20th December 2011
Country of Publication: AU
Dimensions (cm): 25.5 x 19.0  x 2.0
Edition Number: 1